Part time jobs for teens in hot summer

Bored with holidays? Do you want to improve yourself? Do you want to utilize your holidays? Wanna more productive? Then why are you waiting for? Here you can find various part time jobs where you can earn money and by gaining experience you can be a start-up.


Teens are in the hunt for part-time jobs for the summer comes. They can earn money through part-time jobs and work experience too. Thus, the various part-time jobs during the summer and let us know about...
Due to part-time jobs, teens learn to act independently in economic and financial matters. It seems timelines. They learn to save the money and know the value of time. Sometimes the work may be fun too. They can enjoy by doing like this. They came into contact with socially. They will acquire the knowledge on society and know how to handle different situations. Teens can make good foundation for the future by doing part-time jobs.

Benefit for career

Various part-time jobs are available for teens and in that I want to start with babysitting job especially helpful for girls.

Baby sitting

Teens who likes to spend their valuable time with children's they can choose this type of job. They can earn a lot of money. In future, they can found their career in this field, chances are more to earn profit and you can go higher positions by tuning it as a business. During this period, the children of parents are doing jobs and so babysitting is required and this business will develop soon. You can earn money by sitting in the home and if the children of parent like your job then they may give you incentives. It's a good career opportunity for young people, especially girls. They can build a part-time job experience and helps to move forward in this type of business.

Prior Experience

You can get prior experience by working as a part time in the following fields and which helps you to become socialize.
  1. Coffee-shops: Now-a-days, we can get an offer in coffee shops too to do part-time job. The climate will be better in coffee shops. They can do the work very calm. The customers who are coming to the coffee shops will be more the tips will be more. You can use this experience to build a coffee shop in future.
  2. Retail clerk: Retail clerk is also part-time job. You can earn money for your additional needs.
  3. Beautician and Mechanic:Those who have the passion in fashion, make-up, electronics etc. they can use this time to become better at work as they can be the future of business in those fields.
  4. Others: And they can get jobs in store, supermarket, call centre etc.

Increasing responsibility

You will feel responsible only when you start work for others. If you want to help others, If you want to become socialize and earn name, fame and money these are the better jobs for you.
  • Pet-grooming: They would like to choose part-time work in Pet Grooming zoo. The works in this field are make a bath for pet and clean it and doing things like take it for walking for some time.
  • Restaurant jobs: Restaurant jobs: They can also work for Restaurants. Those who can communicate easily with others, they defiantly like this type of job. In the Restaurants; cashier, hostess, server, food runner, dishwasher, cook assistants can be part-time jobs. In food industry, Restaurants are following significant trends in order to attract customers. Special diners are also available in the restaurants. We can see good social working environment. You can know how to behave with the quads, if you work in food industry. You can learn to cope with self-esteem. You can behave responsible. You can be socializing. With the experience they gained, they can start business in food industry in future.

Expertise on the profession

Do you have in-depth subject knowledge? Would you like to teach something to others either subject, skill or language? Do you want to become a teacher in future? Then the below part-time jobs helps you to get more skilled.
  1. Tutor: In summer, many teens uses this opportunity. Those who like to spend their time with kids they enjoy this job very well. They can earn more money that goes to the little kids' home and tutoring. The demand is more for the subjects who teach English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Foreign Languages etc. This experience will be helpful in teaching.
  2. Sports Instructor: As well as a sports instructor also can be part-time job. This work is always a fun and keeps you active and healthy. You will greatly increase confidence.
  3. Internships: Apart from this, the youth do internships in professional organizations in their related fields in the summer. That their professional skills and knowledge advancement. However, in many places, they don't give money to the persons who do internships. But the experience they have gain through internship will be beneficial in future. They also help to make the journey in the right direction in terms of career internships.

Depends on tastes:

There are other types of part-time jobs which is related to your tastes like if you want to mingle with nature then park jobs, if you want to make a own product and want to sell, if you want to work in organizations then many charitable trusts are there to work. Here, you can do voluntary work too. Here are the varous jobs:
  1. Park job: You can work in parks also that means state and national parks. Some of these jobs are seasonal and some are un-paid jobs. If you work in the park, you can learn about the environment. You can work happily and peacefully in the beautiful surroundings.
  2. Retail sales person: Retail sales person also be part-time job. Being a retail sales person, you should provide better services to customers. They should speak ingenuity to sale a product for those who come to the shop. They should sale the product to cynical customers also.
  3. Non-profit charity fund raisers: This part of the job will get more money. They take up the non-profit, affiliated fund-raising activities. So that they should speak to the people widely.
  4. Social media assistant: another best part time job is social media assistant. They are able to maintain good relationships with social media channels. In addition to this, they work for the companies in content marketing.
  5. Online researcher: Online researcher is also another part time job. If you own computer and internet connectivity to that then it will be best for you and no need to go anywhere. By sitting in the home itself you can work as an online researcher. They should have the ability to study and they should search and take out good quality content. They should have a basic understanding of business.
  6. Content editor: Content editor is also a good part time job. The persons who work in this field can get more money. They must have the skill to write well. They should have editing capability. They can work as a freelancer too.
  7. Circulation clerks: They act as helpers to the master library. They can earn a good salary. This is one type of good part-time job. They need to be aware of customer service. Basic office knowledge is important to them. They should show positive effect to the library visitors.
  8. Guest-service co-coordinator: They have opportunities in travel, tourism and in many different industries. Mainly, this job depends on providing better customer service. Through this part-time experience you can get number of opportunities as a guest service co-coordinator.

Like this there are several types of part-time jobs available. Boys & Girls…. Why are you waiting for? Go and search for a part time job in this summer and earn money in addition to your skills and knowledge.

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Author: K Mohan28 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

While the author has given wide information to the teens who are interested in part time jobs, there are some more avenues through which such jobs can be got. For example delivery boys for fast food is very much in need. Like wise distribution executives for the online portals are some other way to earn money. The delivery boys jobs are purely part time and one can leave the same with before hand permission. Whereas the distribution of things on line portals are some times permanent and they may insist for bond. So students trying for higher studies should not sign bonds and thus they must clearly say that they are available for hiring for short period.

Author: Jyothirmayi28 Apr 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Generally, many of the restaurants or companies advertise jobs for delivery boys. Once, the teen goes there for job then they look for whether he/she has bike or not. If bike is of his/her own then they will provide petrol cost too. I think the teen who can afford money for a bike need not search for this kind of job. Keeping in mind that bike should be one’s own, I didn’t include that part time job.

Last line of this article says that only. There are plenty of part time jobs available in the market.

Author: K Mohan29 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 0

The author is wrong. For example there is a Pizza joint near my house which has the fleet of two wheeler stationed in front of the shop and they are owned by the company. In fact I have seen their banner informing about walk in interview for the delivery boys. The only condition they prescribed was that pleasing personality with good knowledge of local areas and lanes. So it is expressly understood that those who are without vehicles can also contact for such jobs which are supposed to be part time earning ones.

Author: Jyothirmayi29 Apr 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0


Did you read my response? What I said in my response is: Starting itself says that many of the companies (Not all companies) preferred bike holders. Are you getting my point what I am saying? Hope your query clarified.

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