How to start your own summer camp at home?

Vacations are going on and everyone is thinking about new entertainment activity without spending much amount. Why don't you think of starting your own summer camp at home? Here are some easy tips and tricks which will help you to start and organize your own summer camp during these holidays.

Starting your own summer camp at home can be a best way to get a lot of entertainment and enjoy your long summer day. Starting your own summer camp can not only keep your own kid busy at home but also can save your amount you were planning to spend on summer activities outside.

Plan your structure

The first thing you need to do is to plan a perfect structure of your activity. First you need to see that how many kids you can gather for your summer activity. The friends of your children and your neighboring kids can participate in your interesting summer activities. Before declaring your summer camp plan to children and their parents, fix the time structure for the same. Time structure includes the time span of the camp and the daily timings. Instead of recruiting campers from outside to teach or guide children, you can take help of other parents for the same. Initially I would suggest you to plan for an eight days summer camp in which few parents can help you in different activities. If you have sufficient helping hands with you then you can think about a long period summer camp too.

Taking help of parents

When you are gathering children for your camp, make sure that you are not including very small kids in your camp. Kids below six or seven years can be messy and can give you a lot of trouble instead of mingling with other kids. While taking help from other parents make sure that all of them know each other very well so that they will be comfortable with you and the others. Ask them to help you in the activity about which they have sufficient knowledge. You and your co workers should be able to mingle and entertain the kids well and help them to enjoy their holidays. Working parents might not be able to participate in your activity but then also it is better to take their opinion, if they want to be a part of the camp.

Make some helpful rules

If your camp includes indoor and outdoor activities then you have to be sure about certain rules and precautions. If you are planning to take children for the park or ground for outdoor activities then carrying necessary things like medical kit, sufficient water and food is necessary. You have to be always ready to manage the camp if any camper is absent for that day. You yourself need to be very much ready with some innovative ideas and trick to entertain kids in such cases. Before starting camp take complete address and phone numbers of both parents of the kids so that you can contact them easily if necessary. Also ask the parents to mention clearly if the kid is allergic to something, especially food item.

what is your duty as a host?

Normally in summer camps, children bring their own lunch boxes as per their tastes and likes. As a host you can provide some snacks for the kids. You have to arrange for the water if needed by kids. When every kid brings its own lunch box, you can tell all the kids to share their food with each other and enjoy their food together. On the last day of the camp you can arrange a food party for kids with some food items, juice, ice cream etc.

Keep your activities ready

Before starting summer camp you need to declare about the activities you are going to take during camp. You need to make a perfect plan about them. Take help of other parents to do this most important work. Select the activities which you know very well. Trying new things may not work properly in front of children. Usually children are interested in drawing, painting, craft and musical activities. You can also include some drama activities in your camp by arranging some costumes too. Think about teaching new group games to the kids which will be loved by them a lot. Encourage kids to create new things with paper or clay, which will improve their creativity.

Planning a day

When you have selected enough activities for every day of the camp, schedule a time according to that. It will be great to select a different theme for every different day. Try to keep the children away from TV, computer or other electronic gadgets. Also avoid giving them toys with which they will play separately and alone. During summer camp the kids should be together and enjoy with others. Teaching them something new can keep them busy and give them satisfaction of learning and creating. You can also try to teach them few words of new language too. Creating items with bids, rubber bands, ice cream sticks, straws are very entertaining for all the kids. You can also think about including some yoga and exercise activities in your camp schedule.

Some precautions

As a host you are responsible for the safety of each child. Some kids are very shy while some are little aggressive. You have to be very attentive when you are with them. Be sure that the children have done cut their nails and they are not carrying any sharp or harmful thing with them. If you are taking them for outdoor activities then you have to be extra alert every moment. During lunch time you need to pay attention to every kid whether they are taking their food properly or not. Following some simple tips and provision you can arrange a great summer camp for your kid as well as the other kids. You can also enjoy a very good period along with all the other children and parents. So try out for one during these holidays!

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Author: K Mohan30 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

In fact it is very easy to start a summer camp on our own provided we have our own premises and space so that we can accommodate more students taking part. It is not possible to start a summer camp in rented premises as the owner would object. Since we are well known in the colony or the area, it is easy for us to approach the parents and possible students to join for summer camp. We can start with drawing, cursive writing, word building, vocabulary expansion, paragraph writing, making sentences on words given. These are the activities which does involve much spending from our side and at the same time it will be interesting to the children.

Author: Kailash Kumar01 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Some of the other activities which can be thought of during such day time only summer camps, may be as follows -
1. The children should be exposed to basic yoga, meditation and pranayam activities.
2. Chanting slokas and mantras.
3. Exposure to and exercise of Vedic mathematics.
4. Learning to play musical instruments.
Local visits to indoor premises like museums, planetariums, art galleries etc. can also be planned as outdoor visits during scorching heat of the summers is not advisable.
A certain fee should also be charged so as to provide for the necessary supplies and connecting the activity with accountability and professionalism.

Author: Swati Sarnobat19 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

The location should be decided. Which room in the house should be allocated for summer camp? Plan a time-table and write down the schedule for each activity. Find out the interests of majority students in your locality. If you are planning for outdoor trips, then prepare beforehand or see if you need to book hotels for that purpose.

Author: Venkiteswaran26 May 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

By reading the title itself I was ported to my young days when my own home was really a summer camp, but not in the way the author envisaged it.

We were almost a dozen cousins. Once the summer vacation begins, we will all come to one place, mostly it is my home as it had sufficient space then. All my maternal cousins will come to my home and from then we had it really as a camp only.

We used to get up early (never did so during classes), take breakfast and then we are off to the front yard and back yard. We used to play hide and seek, take role as mother, father and children or teacher and students. Then we used to wander around the pocket roads (no vehicles then), picking up the fallen mangoes from ground. We used to visit the neighbours yard and pluck the cashew fruit and nuts and throw stones at the squirrel and ask him to drop ripe mangoes. We used to go to the nearby irrigation canal and take a dip and frolic in the water.

Our parents used to yell at us if we are making noise or we are late in returning. But they were very caring and used to make us bathe and give food and snacks whenever we needed or they felt that we are hungry. They gave us some small errands like minding the crow when they sun-dried the groceries or made papads and put them to dry etc.

Those were real summer camps without the conscious rigid planning but as equal or more effective. The pattern can be tried even now.

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