How to select a best school for your child

One of the most irritating situation for parents is selecting a best suitable school for their child or ward. In this article I have given some good tips and suggestions which can be considered by parents to select a good school for their child. Parents have to do some thorough research on the following aspects discussed below to choose a good school for their wards.

Present education is becoming a big business where parents have to buy education for their child with huge money. Now a days every street of a city or town are crowded with more and more educational institutions. Out of these large number of educational institutions a very few of them stand on principals and provide good and quality education for the children. Sometimes parents get deceived by the bombarding advertisements given by the school and the outward appearance of the school. Here some of the important things on which the parents have to do some research before joining their child into the school are discussed.

  1. En-quire about the status of the school

    The first thing you have to look into while you are joining your ward into the school is whether the school is recognized by the State or Central Government or by any recognized board. Never admit your ward in any circumstances in an unregistered or unrecognized school, which may cause problems in the future to join in for higher education. The next thing we have to check is whether the school has got proper amenities like a school building, infrastructure, furniture, playground, lab facilities, Smart boards, hostel facilities etc.

  2. Standard of School

    Standard of school play a very important role in the proper development and progress of your child. The various program-mes and extracurricular activities carried out along with the academics will shape the future of your child. First, you have to en-quire about the standard of the school, standard of teachers, the results they are getting at higher class in public exams. One more thing one has to check is whether the teaching staff in the school was qualified and experienced or not. Many of the school managements at present in order to reduce their economic burden are recruiting unqualified teachers which will seriously affect the standard of teaching. Efficient teaching is one of the tools where school managements will overlook which will affect the students in the long run in their progress and accomplishments.

  3. Fee structure

    One of the things that parents have to take care is the fee structure of the school. Parents while joining their wards into the school have to do a lot of research regarding fee structure of the school. Most of the schools at present by keeping some smart words before their school's name like Olympiad, e-Techno, Concept, International etc. are charging heavy fees-es without providing any specialty to the courses. Many of the Corporate and Private schools charging heavy donations, admission fee, building fee, caution deposit, transport facility fee, stationary fee, books fee, etc. So parents have to compare fees structure of various schools and also the standards as well as the quality of education they provide in order to choose a better school for their wards.

  4. Pay attention to curriculum

    In India various recognized boards are there which provide different type of curricula. The various state boards, CICSE Board, CBSE Board are the recognized type of boards in India. The student can choose any of these curricula without any hesitation. Even though any of the certificate obtained from these boards is equal to its value, but the various curricula of education provided by these boards will vary in difficulty level to the student. In CICSE, topics will be dealt at a greater depth and also the evaluation pattern is tough in nature. To score well in this evaluation system, students have to understand the topic not in parts, but the topic as a whole and the student must develop good analyzing capabilities to do well with this curriculum. The standard of English language is very high in CICSE system when compared to the other curricula, but which fetches a lot the student at higher studies or in job selections. In CBSE pattern, comparing the difficulty level is somewhat lower when compared to CICSE but concept learning will be given more importance in it. At present most of the State Boards are re-modifying their syllabi equal to the standards of CBSE syllabus, but still various state boards syllabi are the easiest of all curricula in India. So parents basing on the IQ standards of their children have to choose a better curriculum which is suitable to their wards and have to stick on to the same curriculum till the end of their school education. Changing the curriculum in between will not allow the students to equip well to the development of skills in understanding, learning and answering capabilities. Parents who have the probability of transfer issues because of their jobs have to choose CICSE or CBSE curricula for their wards.

  5. Medium of Instruction

    In this globalized world most of the parents at present are selecting English as a medium of instruction. School authorities and teachers must strictly adhere to this medium of instruction in the teaching and learning activities otherwise there is no use in parents joining their wards in English medium schools. School authorities should strictly implement the culture of English speaking in the campus by every one. In most of the private schools except very few schools teachers teach their students in vernacular language and they do not implement speaking of English in the campus. So parents should en-quire about this particular aspect before joining their wards into the school.

  6. Importance to extracurricular activities

    Giving importance to extracurricular activities like sports, games, cultural events, Quiz competitions, fine arts like dance, drawing, debating etc. will help to develop life skills in addition to the academics. In the present day world developing life skills and all round development of an individual is very much needed for an individual to accomplish well in this competitive world. So parents have to see whether the school is having good playground and trained teachers to coach in various extracurricular activities or not.

  7. Activity based learning

    Gone are the days where students used to learn topics by hear-ting and learn topics through rote memory. In the present day education evaluation system has so much changed, students have to fully understand the concepts and the content of the topics to answer object oriented questions to fare well in the exams. For this activity based learning, i.e. learning by doing is necessary in the approach of learning. For this, along with excellent teaching, teachers should motivate the children do exercise works through practice, doing projects and assignment works related to topics, preparing charts and models by student themselves are very essential for proper understanding of the concepts. So parents also should en-quire this aspect while joining their ward into the school.

  8. Student-Teacher ratio

    One of the most important factors to be considered by the parents in the school is to verify proper student-teacher ratio maintained or not. This factor will decide the quality education your ward gets from the school. Overloaded classes will not provide scope for proper interaction between the teacher and student and the teacher cannot monitor the progress of your child properly. Present scientific research on education system, elucidate one teacher to thirty students is the ideal class room ratio, which will provide ample scope for the best teaching-learning process.

  9. Special care facilities

    Some of the students in the classroom will have some learning disorders. To overcome these disorders, whether the school is providing any special care and plans implemented to be en-quire before joining.

  10. Feed back from school

    Most of the schools, usually send progress card showing marks of the unit tests and term exams. But this type of evaluation does not provide any information regarding the overall development or personality development of the student. Parents have to join their wards in schools where information regarding behavioral aspects in the classroom, playground and development of personality traits were provided and informed regularly. School management also should conduct parents-teachers meeting on a regular basis to assess and to take necessary action to monitor the progress of the child from time to time.


The foundation for higher education of a child depends upon the standard and quality of education he or she got at school level. So parents should not neglect school education and so proper care should be taken in the above aspects to provide a strong foundation in your child's education.

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Author: Partha K.21 Sep 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

In this article the author has mentioned various criteria to choose a good school for children. At the outset, I would like to remind that getting admission to a chosen school may not be entirely in the hands of the guardians. Various other factors like the distance of the school from the residence, educational level of the guardians, any sibling of the child is attending the same school, paying capacity of the guardians etc. are to be taken into consideration at the time of selection of school for admission.

The guardians should also check whether NCC facility is available in the school, or not. The students with NCC 'C' Certificate can have relatively easy entry in NDA/IMA/OTA in future.

The guardians should also check whether there is facility of teaching foreign languages in the school. If the students learn at least one foreign language in addition to Hindi/Mother language and English, they would have tremendous advantage in future.

The guardians should also check whether proper security arrangements are available inside the school. After the recent mishaps in various parts of the country, there is no need to elaborate on this issue.

The transport facilities available in the school is another important factor for short-listing good schools.

The number of subject-combinations available at X+II level is very important for students of higher classes. If different subjects are available, only then the students can choose their combinations at X+II properly.

The guardians should check whether the creative abilities of the students are encouraged or discouraged in the school.

Finally the satisfaction level of the teachers is also important. There are many private schools which pay poorly to the teachers. Poorly-paid teachers are not expected to pay good attention to the students. I have seen many such poorly-paid teachers paying more attention to private tuition and getting better job opportunities. They can't be blamed for that.

Concluding my response, I would reiterate that it is not possible for most of the guardians to admit their children in the 'best' schools. Various factors play decisive role in this regard. So, the guardians should convince themselves and their children accordingly and get the best out of the available options.

Author: Ramakrishna Kambhampati21 Sep 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Mr. Partha, Throughout our country, for schooling, there are lot of opportunities with varied facilities in the form of Central government schools, State government schools, Missionary Public schools, Memorial schools and very large number Corporate private schools. Some of the Schools maintained by Central and State governments provide education at nominal fees but they are maintaining high standards. A very large number Christian missionary and other religious minority schools are providing education to all communities in their schools with reasonable fees. Big and medium Corporate schools are also blooming through out the country from big cities to small villages which are providing reasonably good education. Especially in South India this revolution of schools is much when compared North India. In Hyderabad city a very large number of schools are there and one has to choose which will be good and suit best to their budget. Because of this excessive number of schools there is lot of competition among the schools to admit students.

Another point raised by you is the educational level of the parent. I think no where in India parent educational level will effect student's education. In AP and South Indian States farmers and other daily wage worker's children are becoming doctors, IAS officers, engineers etc.

Most of the Corporate and Private schools have their own transport facilities and so there is no much problem for parents sending their wards to the school that they think best.
So choosing the best among the best available opportunities is a common phenomena among the parents.

Author: Partha K.21 Sep 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

I reiterate what I stated earlier. It is not always in the hands of parents to admit their children to the school which they want. There are various factors involved. Those criteria which I mentioned have been formulated by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) as per the directions of various higher Courts. Even the private schools are nowadays following these CBSE-determined criteria at the time of admission of new students. Educational level of parents, distance of school from residence and whether the siblings are studying in the same school are three major criteria for admission in a school all over the country. North India and South India are not differentiated by the Courts.

I expected that the criteria of choosing a good school would be debated, but I am sadly mistaken.

Author: Natarajan22 Sep 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Nice article about school selection as its a difficult task for parents to give the best for their children and get the best out of the money they pay as fees, donations, building funds etc.

Some time ago, in Bangalore there was a report of parents queuing up the previous evening, spending the night to collect the admission forms from a prestigious school.

Many parents are impressed by the shiny new vans, colorful play area, appealing smart uniforms and voluminous project work given through the year. Apart from what has been mentioned above, I think parents should insist on background/criminal check of all the staff including teachers, support staff, van drivers and security staff because even in the well-known schools with a huge fee structure the unthinkable happens.

Parents should be very proactive and alert when enrolling their kids in LKG or playschools that are franchise options. These franchise options are nothing but selling a valuable brand for monetary gain.

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