How to get up early in the morning

Most of us getting habituated of hitting the snooze button ten times to will yourself out of bed. If you are committed to getting up with right mindset, then follow these simple steps and you will never have to stop the snooze button again.


Getting up late in the morning, not only is this wasting your time and making you late, also it make you feel uninspired to start your day. If you want to change your daily routine, then you have to execute a concrete plan for success that starts the night before.

Start preparation from night before

Eat healthy food

Eating the wrong food at the wrong time can give you an upset stomach or left your body to fall into a restful sleep at daytime as well. You should eat a healthy food, a glass of milk with honey is also helpful for a good night sleep. You can also see the related article: Tips for a good night sleep If you want continuous sleep, you need to avoid the following foods:

Alcoholic beverages You may believe that a glass of wine or whiskey is healthy and helps you to sleep well, but actually it can have opposite effect. It's true that alcohol can help you fall asleep faster, but it is more likely to make you wake up throughout the night, or wake up earlier.
Coffee Some people can't leave without it, but try not to make coffee a part of your daily life. You can allow a cup or two now or then when you really need it, just like you have to get up much earlier than you you normally do, or after nights when you went to bed much later than your normal routine.
Spicy foods Spicy snacks or food are high in fat are always avoidable.
Chocolates Sugar snacks, sweets and chocolates can increase your blood sugar and can make it harder for you to stay asleep. Try to eat dinner few hours before you go to bed. Otherwise you won't have time to digest your food and will feel unpleasant throughout the night. Banana or handful of almonds can be helpful as a night snack before bed. These can help you fall asleep faster.

Practice more

If you really desperate to get up in the morning, this is a good trick. Put on track pants, set your room to sleeping conditions, and turn on alarm. Lie on bed for couple of minute and visualize what you will do when the alarm goes off. Then stop the alarm clock immediately and act like you are going to start your day. If you do this 10 times or so, your body will slowly begin to be trained to get up as soon as your alarm goes off.

Set an alarm

Initially your alarm may be the most important part of your plan to get up. You should set your alarm multiple time to go off just in case you are worried you will sleep through it. If you really want extra motivation, you can even set multiple alarms to make it even more difficult for you to stay asleep. Few useful tips:
  • Put your alarm clock across the room, which will make it difficult to fall back asleep
  • Put your alarm clock in hard to reach position. You may place it high on a bookshelf or under your bed
  • you should get a new alarm clock with new sound. New sound will give your system the shock it may need
  • If you have an iPhone, you may set a message with your alarm, "Get up for your morning jog! you can do it!". It must motivate you and even make you happy

Few small steps for easier wake up

Lay out your clothes for the next day. St up your coffee make in advance. If you are a tea drinker, make sure your kettle is full of water. You can place a tea bag in an empty cup. Place a glass of water beside your bed. If you wake up in the middle of the night, a glass of water will also be helpful.

Keep a right mindset

You must go to bed feeling tension free, happy with yourself and people around you. Few tips will help you to fall asleep in a peaceful way.
  • Do not go to bed when you angry. If you had a fight with your friend or your spouse, try to resolve before you rest your head on the pillow
  • No texting, no loud music/sound, no internet. Read a relaxing book or listen to a light music
  • Create a plan before wake up. This will make you feel more confident, more productive and excited about the task ahead

Early to bed

Sleeping well does not mean sleeping whenever you can. Consistency is vital. Calculate how much sleep you actually need, which is usually six to eight hours. You should go to bed and wake up at almost the same time every night. Go to bed when you are tired. If you are used to bed an hour later, make an exception and just go to bed. You will surely feel much better for the next day.

Getting up

Go for morning rituals

Stop your alarm clock. Take a deep breath, stretch a deeply to wake up, stand up firmly, smile to yourself will make you feel more positive about starting your day. Step outside on your balcony or front door and take a few breaths of morning air.

Go to the bathroom to refresh

Going to the bathroom will help you feel refreshed and can help you get in your morning routine. Splash cold water on your face. If you want, you should shower in the morning.

Have a hot breakfast

The right breakfast will help you wake up and keep you feeling energetic throughout the day. Here are some foods you should eat:
  • Whole grain bread
  • Fruit and yogurt
  • Eggs, Ham or turkey
  • avoid grease, butter or syrup based foods

Exercise well

Exercise is the great way to get your body moving, to improve your energy level. If you do not have time for a full workout, there are few tips to get pumped for the day:
  • Go for jog. You will feel more alert when you realize how many people are also waking up
  • Take a yoga class. This will clean your mind and get you ready for the day
  • Just take a ten minute walk. Taking a walk to get there will clean your head

Some valuable tips

  • Clean your room. It will make you feel more relaxed in in the morning
  • Have a glass of water right when you get up. The coldness helps wakes up your body
  • Try wearing earplugs
  • Listening some good light music will also helpful to get up
  • Go to bed little bit earlier so that you have rested and it will be easier to get up
  • Leave your curtains open a bit
  • Make sure you have a healthy breakfast so that you will feel more awake
  • Drink a glass of water before bed time so that you will need to get up to use the bathroom in the morning

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Author: K Mohan02 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

How to get early in the morning is the most intriguing question to everyone especially the youth who have the habit of doing parties late in night and going to sleep at the odd hours. Please note that if you want to wake up early in the morning make it sure that you will do that and go to the bed with the commitment that you will get up at 4 am sharp come what may. But before taking such decision make sure that you go to the bed early in the evening. Normally 6 to eight hours of deep sleep is must for any one and if we compromise on that , then the next day will be full of fatigue and feel like drowsy without proper sleep. One thing is sure if you wake up early morning and practice the same for few days, then you will be habituated to that time and your body won't allow you to sleep further. This is my personal experience.

Author: Chitra Rana Raghav02 May 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Title made me thought Can an article be written on this! But after reading content, yes it has got content. All the tips are working tips and surely help in having a healthy lifestyle and good time management.
While preparing for this to follow a few more things can help you or encourage you more to stay awake after alarm.
1. If you do not have much physical activity in your routine, add light exercise in evening too. This will make your body ready for sound sleep.
2. Dinner on time. If one want to go on bed on time, he or she must have dinner at time like 8 or 8:30. So that after that one can have a some time before going to bed. It is not good to go to bed just after having dinner.
3. Washing you feet before sleeping will help you in having deep sleep. Before sleeping keep everything you may require during the night. Make proper arrangement before sleeping, like filling enough water in cooler, fixing fan's speed or AC's temperature. It may also be like keeping comforter, sheet, pillow or water nearby. This will not make you disturb your sleep during night.
4. Go active as soon as you wake up, if you tried waiting for a minute or a few minute you never going to get up on time. Changing your clothes can also be considered to make your mind active.
5. Students who want to wake up early for studying, must keep their table ready before going to sleep in night. they should also not start with most tough subject. They can consider revising already done chapter first. So that their mind may not feel bored before actually going active.
Students can also keep water bottle on table and that table must be far from the sight to sleeping people. Seeing others sleeping may discourage mind.
Students should also decide what and how much part they are going to cover in that particular morning so that they may use the time in more productive manner.

Author: Kailash Kumar05 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

My experience is that only will power and determination works in such matters. One has to make a promise to himself/herself to wake up early for completing the tasks. Waking up early is beneficial for individuals of all age groups. Students can perform studies related work, housewives can complete their household chorus and working people can get ready in time and start their journey to their workplace in time. However minimum hours of sleep should be completed by all concerned. As the idiom goes - the early bird catches the worm which means that if one is able to wake up and get to work early, then he/she will succeed. There is neither any role of alarm clocks in getting up early, nor any preparatory exercise for morning work is required to be done before going to sleep.

Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman07 May 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

According to me, it is just in our practice we put. We have to set up our mind accordingly. As our Guruji told, we are without any alarm getting up early when we planned to catch some flight or train but is very difficult to get in time for meditation. It is correct as we are not making up our mind so. Even for lunch also we are customized ourselves in timings as it is have been proved in one survey made in Japan. In a factory to make the survey the changed the clock timing one hour fast immediately after the factory opening hour started. The lunch hour bell rang up one hour before the regular lunch hour and the employees though they did not felt hunger or feeling to take lunch, they just mechanically moved to dining hall. As per this survey we are all doing things mainly by our practice. Similarly we can get in early morning if forcefully one or two days, it will automatically done in all days.

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