Stories for children: A toy that saved a boy

Interested about children's stories? Stories will enhance children's Intelligence, some stories tell how to tackle difficult situations. Moreover, children are fond of reading stories and it is a good time as this is the summer vacation. This story is all about how a toy saved a boy when he was in a difficult situation.

In a city there was on a couple name called Raghu and Radha and they're having a young's name called Raj who is eight years of age. Raghu is a traffic police officer, he is having a walkie - talkie and through his walkie - talkie gadget he chats with his partners and knows the traffic movement in that city. As Raj continually sees his fathers walkie - talkie gadget and development love on that. Radha saw that as her kid likes the walkie - talkie toy she requested her husband to present it as a gift on Raj's birthday so Raghu sanctions to purchase the walkie - talkie toy as a present for Raj's birthday.

On Raj birthday his dad brings a birthday cake and Raj called every one of his companions for the birthday festivities as he got a few presents from his companions and precious ones . Around evening time, Raj's mother and father gave him a gift and Raj was astonished on seeing that it is a walkie - talkie toy and this toy had a higher extension that permits it to convey signals & through a kiss to his dad and mom he expressed his happiness .

Raj took his handset of walkie - talkie with him whenever he went outside. One day Raj's mother told that they are heading off to the granddad's home, which is in another village. Raj put his walkie - talkie in his mother's purse. On reaching granddad's home, Raj meets a couple of companions of his age who live in the surrounding areas, plays with them and enjoys his summer vacation .

One day Raj, without informing to his mom had gone to play at his friend's school play area. His friend tell Raj that they have some other spot to visit and ask whether he will accompany them or not. However, as Raj didn't tell his mom, he told his companions he will go back home. He doesn't know the precise course, though, on how to go to granddad's home. So as he was going along the street he overlooked the best approach to reach his granddad's home, while his mom is in the house restlessly waiting for Raj. All of a sudden Raj has a thought that he can use his walkie - talkie & he sends a sound message to his mother who hears the beep sound in the purse,as it is a sound message from the walkie - talkie and about which Raj had taught her how it words. So then she is able to understand where he is waiting lost so then the mother went to that specific place and finds her son there. Thus, the walkie - talkie toy help the kid to meet his mom and return home securely.

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Author: Bhushan12 May 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

It's actually happened to me in my childhood (at that time there were no cell phones, smart phones and heard about walkie-talkie but never saw it in real time). I added walkie-talkie toy ,birthday gift , e.t.c. to make it an interesting story. As I discovered my granddad's home with no assistance. The concept of walkie-talkie toy came when I went to the toy shop to purchase a toy for my daughter there I saw walkie-talkie toy and asked the details of the toy and even further research on online e-commerce websites to know the features and how it works.

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