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Are you searching for best apps to transfer the files from one device to another? The below article represents several apps used to transfer the files. However, use its official website in order to download the apps. If your device is Smartphone then try it using Google Play store.

File sharing between devices like PC to PC, Smartphone to PC, Smartphone to a laptop, Smartphone-to-Smartphone etc. become needed in day to day life. Bluetooth is sufficient to share the files between mobile phones. However, in order to share large files, apps have taken big role.


To transfer any file to any device, these apps are very useful to transfer. These apps are useful in many ways like: to share your photos to your friends, to transfer files either to colleagues or any other person, get the data from Smartphone to PC etc. Never mind about the space it occupies. It may be of a GB data or TB data. There are number of file sharing apps available in order to share your files and you can do it with offline also and the features are:


ShareIt is one of the best apps to share files based on mobile data and mostly available in all Smartphone's. This is the best among all and I would like to use this app only when I want to share large amount of data.
Using ShareIt app you can transfer files follows:
  • Phone-to-Phone
  • PC-to-phone
  • Phone-to PC
  • PC to PC
  • PC – Tablet

You can share the files as follows:
  • Music
  • Video
  • Photos
  • Documents

In this, the file size does not matter. Yet, no matter how large the file, you can send it very easily and it takes less time. Compared to Bluetooth you can send up to 200 times faster. To share a file, simply select the content from a phone to another phone and it is enough to share. The receiver is sufficient to select a file to be sent to others in order to receive and it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.


Infinite, it will be possible to send a file that is 30 times faster than the way you use. In this they use Bank level encryption in order to share files so the files are completely safe. Within 5 seconds you can any file from desktop or mobile device with a single click. You can do file transfer as very easy if your transferring file capacity is of below 10GB. You can invite two friends you might offered Infinite Plus version and 50 GB size limit will be available for you but storage capacity is 3 GB.


It is the best option to select Bit-Torrent if you want to share the files without the difficulties of the Cloud Security. It will be useful to transfer the files in a bypass way but the issue is with cloud security. However, you can transfer the files of capacity GB, TB. It is also very faster. In order to transfer files between the two devices, there is no other way to go beyond Bit-Torrent. Don't bother about file size. You can also share folders. It will synchronize between various operating systems and multiple platforms.


The specialty of Push-Bullet app is to share photos, screenshots, notes etc.
With the help of this app you can turn your all devices as a single device. You can share a quick message as you are not near a computer. In a nutshell it works like chat-app. It will be very easy to share files if your friends also using this app.


Dropbox is the best option, if you want to share files anytime, anywhere or to on any device After the app is installed on the PC any file that can be saved in Dropbox, automatically it will be save in all PC's, Android device and Dropbox's website. Any file can be obtained with the help of the App in any device.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer, another popular file-sharing app which works on the Android platform. It will support up to 18 languages. This Super App will automatically detect phones and computers. It will works as a user interface. It is very easy through this app to transfer files, Copying files, creating files, deleting files, opening files etc.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the official file-sharing app, which works on the Android platform. With the help of this app, you can do the following to this app.
  • Creation
  • Editing
  • Uploading
  • Sharing


Box, is another online file-sharing service Android app. You'll get 5 GB of space once you go through the process like sign up and create an account. These documents can be uploaded and shared online. It will be available to Android Smartphone's and tablets'. This app is very useful to quickly transfer large size files.

Fast File Transfer

Fast File Transfer is the best app in Wi-Fi file sharing apps. It will be very useful when you want to share large amount of files or multiple files simultaneously between Android devices. 1 GB file can be transferred in four minutes. The app works in offline mode too. The special feature in this app is QR code. The display of QR code is for fast transfer of data to the app.


Gscender is another app, which is based on the work of Wi-Fi transfer. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Files can be shared with multiple Android devices to be connected simultaneously. I think it is a funny app. Have you ever heard about sharing files through shaking? No? But, it is related to this category. Using Swipe N-Share feature, you can share the file by selecting and shaking the device.

Send! File Transfer

This app is exclusive for Android devices. It is the best platform to share files offline. With the help of the QR code it is possible to connect devices. Pair devices list will be saved. You can pair the device with the help of NFC. Received files can be easily accessed.


I think is easy to send files when Internet is working but is it not possible to send files without the Internet? That shows super-beam solution. You can easily transfer files between the Android devices without internet connection. SuperBeam send the data using Wi-Fi Direct technology. The two devices are connected with the help of the QR code. If not, the device may be connected to the camera via entering the sharing key. File transfer speed is usually 20 to 40 MBPS using this app.
You can transfer using this app anything like:
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Music files
  • Apps
  • Folders

Multiple files can be shared with a single click. You can share everything the above said, no matter what the format. This can be downloaded for free using Google play store.

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