What are different types of transmission modes used in communication devices

Are you interested to know different types of transmission modes used in communication devices? This article will provide the information about the various transmission mode devices used in real time. A pictorial representation flow of signals between sender and receiver in the transmission modes of simplex,half duplex, full duplex is also provided.

We know the term transmission in correspondence systems administration where it is utilized to send some signal between a sender to a beneficiary or various recipients. There are mostly three sorts of transmission modes available. So this article will explain what are the diverse sorts of transmission modes, which electronic device supports what sort of transmission mode and their utilization in various situations.

The three fundamental transmission modes are 1) Simplex 2) Half duplex 3) Full duplex.

Simplex transmission mode or one way transmission mode

The transmission mode "simplex" as the word itself proposes, is straightforward in sending the message/signal from sender to one or various recipient it won't stress over accepting back any message from the beneficiary. This is also called one way of sending message/signal to the recipient.

Examples of Simplex transmission mode electronic devices

A radio is one example of a simplex transmission mode electronic device where we can hear the programs. A television is one more simplex transmission mode device - we can hear and watch the programs which signals are passed from one sender to different or many receivers. A one way pager is one such electronic device which can send messages to the receiver and it will follow simplex transmission mode.

Half duplex transmission mode

In Half duplex transmission mode a sender can send a message to the receiver and it can also receive a signal/message from the receiver, but not at the same time. That is, a sender sends a signal/message to the receiver and after the complete successful sending signals or message to the receiver then only the receiver can send messages.

Examples of Half duplex transmission mode electronic devices

a)A Walkie-Talkie is such a device which works on a half duplex transmission mode, which is used in internal communication in a building like central police department, traffic police, army camps etc...

b)Child monitors or baby monitors are used as baby alarms, a radio system used to remotely listen to sounds made by an infant and also making visible what the infant is doing.

Full Duplex transmission mode

In Full Duplex transmission mode a sender can send a message to a single receiver or multiple receivers and in turn can also send the message/signal at a time, unlike half duplex transmission mode - this is called two way communication. In full duplex mode, both sender and receive can communicate simultaneously.

Examples of Full Duplex electronic devices and its use

a)A Telephone is an electronic device which follows a duplex transmission mode and it is a two way transmission.

b)A Smart phone or cell phone is an electronic device which follows a duplex transmission mode and it is a two way transmission.

c) A wifi device is a full duplex device which allows to communicate simultaneously.

d) A Local Area Network and Wide area network can be full duplex transmission mode.


  • Simplex (169449-1-Simplex.bmp)
  • Half duplex (169449-2-Half-duplex.bmp)
  • Full duplex (169449-3-Full-duplex.bmp)
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