Things to learn from your Grand Parents in summer vacations

Planning for summer? Are you in dilemma on how to enjoy summer holidays? Here is the best way - stay in a village and spend these two to three months of summer time with your Grandparents. Feeling Great? Yes, of course. In addition to this you can learn lot of things from them. Follow this article to know what are they.


Generally, what will we do during summer holidays? Either we have a plan to go for summer tour or go to the grandparents home. Generally, Grandparents live in villages where we can get fresh air and by eating a mangofruit (And of course, we can make many recipes with it) we can enjoy a lot of fun like this. In the evening time, you can sit in Grandpa's lap and listen to stories. These all are not only magical moments but great memories too.


Greatest Memories may not available to today's generation but such amazing experiences that go beyond the experience of the previous generation were there. There are many people who say "This is the best learning experience of their life in vacations through this summer!"

Today's generation needs to learn lot of things like affiliation, affection, love for nature, responsibility for nature etc and we can also learn lessons from Grandparents and villages that it will help us to lead life in a better way to our entire life. It is the chance for today's generation to learn about the bonds of pure relationships and in assessing the need for a family, everyone says it's the best time.

What more we can learn from our Grandparents

Through the above line we knew that we can learn many things from our grandparents. However, village atmosphere will change you lot and it will bring more happiness in your life. Go through the things that we can learn from Grandparents one by one.

To be good

"Think Good, Be Good". Have you heard about this? Yes. Every thought we think, every word that we talk, every idea that came into our mind should be good. If so, everybody will respect you. It is also good for you. This is good for you. Grandfather or grandmother - they are always good and if you are with them then you feel like that you are in safe hands. They don't make quarrels with anyone and we can learn this from them.

Be yourself

Your grandparents will not emulate anyone else. They consider being themselves. So, what is the evidence to find out much larger than – Be Yourself? They not only are being confident of their status but are comfortable with anything.


Forgive, Forget and go forward is with their magic.

They believe in that – the every minute that we experience here will give happiness in life and they know that life is a matter of seconds of time and we are here to enjoy its fullest.

Smile and make smile on other faces

You might meet any number of persons but the complete happiness will come from your Grandparents only. They make that many jokes that made you laugh. Till you will see that, any one teases you even in part, as well as humor. If you are struggling or take tension for school homework, they will help you to do it in a simple way without having any stress. You will thus be glad to be here to enjoy every moment of your life.


Grand Parents have seen a lot of ups and downs throughout their life. Their desires are limited. Estimations are also in the same manner. No matter how the life is: they want to enjoy despite the difficulties. They tried to combat them. You can learn how to have patience in hard times.

Two put together four

They try to be mingling with others. Don't look at them in a compromising manner for being like that. Every case they will not see the same trend. However, we can learn another thing is that - where we have to express our opinions strictly and where to mingle with all. Anyone who calls you in the hometown or village, we should go and meet them at least for respect. This is the indication for how social we are.

Developing the art of Giving

Grandparents never let you go out at their home with empty hands. They are always sending you out after putting something in your hand. That may be anything like money or any number of eateries. In villages, grandparents will give you their valuable time as long as you are there and they like to spend their valuable time with you as much as possible. It reveals the Joy of Giving.

Who are the defenders? You yourself!

Grandparents love is disinterested love. They already know your needs. They show genuine love on you. They feel like: your responsibility is theirs, as long as you are near with them and their attitude throughout the life caring for others; we should be much more specific in that.

Inspiration providers

We no need to search for another person for inspiration. Put the experiences of our grandparents..! Ever inspiring from our Grandparents is: Selflessly working towards their children's development requirements and their affection towards life.

They are the evidence of this, for one can learn more and more from our experience and knowledge brings you maturity. In any case, before coming to a decision, considering all things into account they said their opinion in any matter. This suggests that the change in the sense that we see the problem.

So, Children...... Still waiting/thinking for what? Go and enjoy this summer vacation with your grandparents and learn lot of things for your bright future!

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Author: Kailash Kumar14 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

One can learn many things from the grand parents in the villages, which are perhaps not possible otherwise. The children can know about their own fathers childhood stories, where and what they used to play, how hard working they were in studies and how they made progress in their life. The children can learn as to how agricultural activities are carried out and can see various types of plants, trees, insects and animals. The grand parents can tell about the family tree, the outstanding achievements of the forefathers and the other family members and relatives etc. The children can learn from their grand parents that the life is passed on from one generation to other and the elders should be accorded due respect.

Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman15 May 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

In our period, the relatives such as Grand parents, Mother's sisters, Father's sisters are used to visit our house frequently. In spite of this, my parents sent us to villages and to their houses for vacation. We during those days totally sacrifice cinema, magazines, radio (no television in those days - during 1970's)and enjoyed the total village life and food items. We have enjoyed the life with different type of people with different languages. The love and affection showed by them is very difficult to narrate in ink. It is real requirement of present youngsters sending to their Grandparents' houses as they can learn many things. But the pity here is many grand parents are Old Age Homes!

Author: Jyothirmayi16 May 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Yes. Many times I too feel like this. Even when I am preparing this article, I feel same like you. All this is happened because of technological advancement. Even I too don't find TV in those days, mainly in rural areas. I found that rural area people took rest in warandah. Such a good atmosphere it is.

Wind from trees in the evening times, seeing flying birds in the sky, returning from work, sounds from animals etc... All those things make us different. Even now, I can see them when we visit rural areas. In rural area, all families are like only one family. But now-a-day's rooms are big enough but we fail to give the value of good relationships (from our grandparents whom we have) to this generation. Total culture is becoming different.

Sometimes, I feel like we are not able to balance the things. We are thinking that present generation is good and knowledgeable persons. To be frank, the older generation persons are the real talented persons who can balance all the things in various conditions.

Author: K Mohan02 Jan 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Grand parents are the great motivators and teachers and the grand children can hugely benefit from their wide experience in every matter. A grand mother not only tells interesting and arresting stories during the bed time, but also gives the opportunity to learn many things flawlessly. Many children does not know how to put Rangoli or Kolam in front of the home. Grand mothers are well versed in this art and they can teach the children with dots put on the paper and then join the lines. That way children learn different patterns of Rangoli or Kolams. Even the children at young age would learn the art of cooking during their summer leisure time and that would very useful.

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