Few tips to uplift shy people in collective community

This article is about the shy individuals in the community who are affected by collective culture prevailing in the family and society. Such individuals should be supported by families and communities both and should be given chance to change. They also should be determined to change their behavior.

Usually in collective nations people do not talk in a direct manner. They speak using formal slang or expressions. Whenever they want to express their opinion about others or any aspect, they do not use phrases like ' I think it is xxx' or ' According to my opinion xxx' etc. They often use phrases like according to the scripts, holy books or as mentioned in our tradition etc. In collective nations, people focus much upon mannerism or respect to others and so people develop the habit of speaking in a respectable tone. When some families or communities emphasize overly upon mannerism or respect to others, they are so accustomed to modest speaking, that some people even become shy. When they mingle in the community or group of people who are purely individualist, they appear to be shy. They remain even shy when they live with people with collective mentality. Such people should be taught the language of direct expression when necessary so that they can become successful in the future.

What the community can do to uplift the personality of a shy person from collective community

People from individualist society should understand such suppressed individual who is oppressed by the people of fundamentalists. Usually the open minded society laughs at such individuals and even tries to rag them. They are subjected to swindling and such individuals even feel insecure. They should learn to appreciate the modesty of such individuals which is really difficult to practice. Due to modesty, they can drastically save their cost and reduce expenditure. For a steady flow of income in the family, the head of the family should be modest. They should realize the importance of being modest and these people actually teach us how to respect an individual and society.

The collective community should change their views and give scope to the people in their community. If they continue to oppress the individuals of their society, then they are suppressing the hidden talent of the individuals who can contribute meaningfully to the society. Such people should broaden their views towards life and realize the positive aspects of giving liberty to the community. Suppression of an individual can lead to growth of social evils in the society. Even Adolf Hitler was severely suppressed in his childhood and one day he turned to be a greatest social menace.

Steps a shy individual can undertake to reduce shyness and become bold

Such individuals should not rely upon others to change their behavior. They should be willing to leap four steps ahead and change their personality drastically. To change drastically within a shorter time, one should be willing to undergo transformation in life and face criticisms and opposition boldly. The individual should first realize that the root cause for their shyness and yet not blame for the situation. If they find out that due to their stringent family background, they are shy, they should not blame their parents and yet only determine to change by exploring world. Such individuals should make friends with collective communities and individualistic communities both in the society and learn the positive aspects of both. They can learn to implement both the type of behaviors by observing them.

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