Is religion the root cause for drifting family life?

In this article, you will read how religion can lead to disturbance and drifting of a family. Both the parties should develop mutual understanding and cannot expect the party to behave like them. They should not become stubborn with their own ideas all the time.

Normally, in every family the members follow the traditions of their ancestors. They perform every religious task, arrange for rituals and religious occasions as per the norms and traditions of the family. The parents usually pass these norms to the children and expect them to follow the rituals and religious practices performed in the families. Some children are really sincere and they follow the instructions of the parents even without questioning them. But, some children develop several questions in mind and expect an answer for every question asked by them. The parents do not feel very happy at this point and they just try to force their children to perform the task. Some children are not willing to follow the instructions of the parents and they are bored to sit down patiently in a place and follow their parents. So, at this point of time, the parents turn really wild and hence they problem of opinion clash occurs here. As they grow older the gap of communication between parents and children even becomes wider and hence the children decide to stay away from their parents as soon as possible. Traditions and religious tasks are integral in building personal relationship with each other, but when the two parties do not agree, the relationship gets worse.

Problem even intense with daughter in-laws or wife

A newly married woman finds a lot of complexities in following the traditions and religious norms of the families and they even become more rebellious when they are forced to follow them. Usually, a woman is totally brought up in a different way in her parents house and when she finds that she is forced to follow religious norms at every point of her life, she becomes irritable. Many women today decide to separate from the family due to extreme views of the in-laws and husbands. Today, every woman is educated and brought up in a very comfortable way and hence they cannot bear any aggression laid on them. Earlier, everybody fought against the odds due to poor economy, but today everybody seeks for comfort. Most of the households are drifting due to these reasons and nobody can become a rubber stamp of another.

Learn the art of diplomacy

Both the parties should try to tackle such situations in a very delicate manner. They should realize the tenderness lying in relationships. Even if one party is not trying to understand the views of other party, then the relationships cannot grow in a stronger way. The people of this generation should understand the views of the people of older generation. They should not fully discard the views of the people of previous generations or ancestors thinking that they are illogical. Some of them consider that the religious practices are just bundle of superstitions and do not carry any relevancy in the future. Those people have considered scientific factors and art of disciplining people when they begin to inculcate rituals. Some practices may be stringent, but fighting or rebelling does not resolve such issues. The elder people already have developed a stigma in mind and they cannot change their attitude easily and the present generation cannot expect them to customize according to them.

The people of the present generation also should understand the views of the modern generation. They cannot bear obsession of any concept or practice because they are brought up very comfortably and hence cannot follow any practice in a stringent way. They cannot expect the present generation to bear the hardship that they have borne because they have not developed the hard-core resistance that they possessed. They should understand that the present generation is not exposed to many odds in life and hence cannot bear any stringent rules or norms in the house. When they enter home from work, they expect that their life in home should be very comfortable.

So, both the parties should develop good sense of communication between each other and bind together so that nobody experiences inconveniences due to the other party.

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Author: Kailash Kumar21 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Peaceful, happy and content family life basically depends on mutual trust, love and affection. Perhaps it has nothing much to do with the individual's personal faiths and beliefs. There are many examples of inter-caste and inter-religion marriages where couples live happily. One has to understand that the religion or faith is a personal matter. The other partner need not necessarily interfere in such matters. Generally it is possible to arrive at a compromise formula. One of the less discussed issue in such marriages is the funeral after the death. Generally the respective families don't have that much objections in the marriages as such, but they do object in case the funeral or cremation rites are not performed according to the religious beliefs of the respective partners. The religion to be adopted/followed by the children also becomes an issue later.

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