Secret tips for professional success

In this article, I have mentioned about the secret tips for acquiring professional success and the reasons for failure in career. Even the parents play an important role in advising them about their career.

I just met a boy some days back who was studying first year of arts in a reputed college. He said that his percentage in tenth was 96%, but yet he opted to join arts because of his keen interest. His father is a civil engineer and his mother a music teacher, finance is not a constraint. But yet, he said that he was not interested in mathematics and physics right from his childhood although he scored 100 marks in mathematics and above 90 in science. Also, he mentioned that history was his favorite subject from his childhood. He said that in history we study the facts and time of wars, but he was always curious to know the root causes for the war. Always, he wanted to study about human civilization and the role of mankind from the past. So, he said that he wanted to opt for arts and serve the tourism department. Such a young boy has such a clear vision of his goal. Many people fail in their profession or career because they cannot identify their true characteristics and attributes. Most of them are topper from school or colleges, but ultimately do not earn high salary. They do not successfully choose a career that is right for them and hence become confused in life at some point of time.

Tips for choosing a right career path for you

Do not follow only your score

Anybody can score well in the well provided they should produce the same as inscribed in text books. You may score well in a particular subject because your mentor is an expert. Score does not necessarily indicate that you are skilled in the subject. For eg. if you score well in mathematics in tenth, does not mean that you can score well in eleventh if you choose science field in the same subject. The syllabus for tenth may be easier for you, but the syllabus changes in eleventh. Analyze if you are really interested in the subject that you can independently learn the subject with keen interest.

Discover your inner interests

You can discover your inner interests by participating in maximum interests and by realizing your tendencies. When you discover your inner interests, you can choose a particular field of your subject of interest.

Do not choose particularly by profession or trends in the market

Right from your childhood, you may fix a career for you by just looking at the trends in the society and market. Many people or children look at the wealthy or lavish-living people in the society and would desire to become like them. Most of them choose a career that specifically brings prestige to them. But ultimately, they cannot successfully pass examinations or become very successful in their career. For eg. a student who is aiming to acquire electronic branch in engineering but fails to gain it due to low score, finally plans to choose other branches such as computer science or information technology because they want to acquire an engineering degree. Such students instead can choose careers such as with electronics or Bachelor of Electronics, etc. Computer science or information technology are two different branches and the students do not realize that.

Think practically about your interests

After discovering your interest, you analyze how well you can benefit the community and your family in the future. In the future, you should use your skills and talents to serve the community and earn good income to the family. For eg, if you are interested in drawing, then you can develop your skills and develop a systematic approach for drawing. You can study the objects and draw according using skills and logic. In this way, you can apply for engineering and study architecture.

Role of parents in shaping child's' future and deciding career path

The parents should provide open space to their children to discover their interest. They should not force their children to choose any field to bring prestige to the family and society. They should not fill the concept of money to build a career, then the child gets misguided and loses the track of choosing a career. After discovering and realizing their interest, then they can advice them to choose a right career path. They should allow their children to build their career independently.

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Author: K Mohan19 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

When you are on the threshold of a good qualification, certainly the mind would start roaming as to which profession would be best and what should persuaded. During this time there would be scores of interference and advice from family and friends. But no one would come or sail with you in the long run. Parents are your best friends and best bet in this task, so please talk to them openly and say your preference of future profession. It is the parents who are going to finance your task of further studies. But also understand the plight of the family. That means how the parents would cope up the financial burden of your further studies. At one point of time or the other a child must come out and help the parents to get rid of all their debts and problems faced during their course of education. So whatever profession one decides, it must have the total consensus of the family and that would have a larger effect on everyone.

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