How Shanti became popular in class?

This story is about a new girl in class who is quiet yet becomes popular due to her genuine intelligence. Her intelligence is recognized when she answers all the questions accurately imposed by the inspector. Then the view of all the pupils about her changes.

Shanti enters into a new school when she is studying in her 6th grade. She becomes shy and introvert when she is experiencing a totally new atmosphere around her. All the students of the class began swindling her and poking fun of her. She never dare to talk to anyone in the class easily and hence she was never considered for any special event in class.

Announcement for inspection

One day during assembly an important announcement was made by the principal. She said that inspection would be conducted within two days and the inspector would arrive in class anytime. So, all the teachers began to keep their things neatly and also instructed the students to keep their books neat and tidy. The teachers also called the sweepers of the school and ordered them to keep the class clean. They rigorously started preparing students for the inspection by conducting tests.

Arrival of the inspector

In Shanti's class', an inspector finally arrived and he was a lean man with spectacles on eyes. He did not seem to be robust and manly as students had imagined. But, he seemed to be looking around the class inquisitively and checked the register, chalks, pencils, pens and drawers of teacher. All the pupils in the class felt something funny about the situation and they giggled in their places. Then he left the classroom and within ten minutes, he instructed the whole class to gather in the conference room. So,all the students gathered in the room as instructed by the teachers. They all were told to sit on the chairs and each student was given a piece of paper and a pen in hand. In front side of the students, a large blackboard was hanged. They were astonished to view some questions inscribed by the students on the board. The questions were as follows.

Q 1. How many window panes are built in your classroom?
Ans. Most of the students in the class answered it as 'two'. But only the quiet Shanti wrote the right answer 'three'' One of the windows was not visible to the eyes and it stood behind the cupboard of the classroom. The other two windows was built at the main entrance on both the sides of the doors. Shanti was so observant that she was only the one to deliver the right answer.

Q2. How many students are there in your class?
Ans. Most of the students wrote the answer as 60 but the right answer was 59 and it was written by again the quite Shanti. One of the student left the class, but the roll numbers of other students had not changed. When teacher took attendance, she cried the last roll number as ''60'. Although, Shanti was a new girl, she keenly observed and retained in mind, when only once the teacher had said that Roll number '30' has left the school and she kept it in mind.

Q3. How many books are there in the cupboard?
Ans. Most of the students were blank. Some students answered in the wrong way. But only Shanti was clever again to deliver the answer. She made an equation 59 + 59 = 118 because only drawing books and activity book was retained in the cupboard. All the other books were distributed to the students as examinations were fast approaching.

Q4. What is the full name of your teacher?
Ans. All the students expect Shanti wrote it as Mary Fernandez. Although their answers were correct, Shanti's answer was even more arousing. She wrote it as Mary R. Fernandez. She clearly remembered her teachers signature according to her initials as MRF.

Q5. How many pages are there in your English textbook?
Ans. Most of them remembered the last page number and wrote the answer as 100. But Shanti clearly wrote it as 104 stating that in first two pages, book details were mentioned and in the second page a message of the author is inscribed.

The inspector was profoundly delighted by the answers delivered by the quite little girl Shanti. Even the teacher was astonished to know that Shanti is such an intelligent girl. So, the inspector lectured the teacher that they should not be taught only about subject chapters, but also their other skills should be developed. He said that the class was remarked as a bright class only due to the answers delivered by the smart girl. So, he instructed the teacher to give a lot of scope to the smart girl and provide personal attention to her to make her even more smarter. So, when the inspector left, the teacher clearly lectured the other pupils of the class to stop poking fun at Shanti. She said that whoever pokes fun at Shanti will be punished.

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Author: Jagdish Patro06 Jun 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

A very simple story with an inherent message to the students and teachers. Teachers are expected to explore the capabilities of the pupils and train them in such a way that close observation and thinking with a deep sense to provide apt and accurate answers even in the examinations. Their role is not confined to classroom work but the teaching orientation should be towards extracurricular activities also. The should be acquainted with the general awareness of their surroundings. This can be developed through a process of continual activities and Shanti in the story is a better example for the spontaneous reactions and all students should learn a bit from her.

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