How to do second hand car business in India

Indian economy is improving rapidly and this improvement is directly connected to automobile industry in India. If you are planning to start the business of buying and selling cars then, this can be a very good idea. Here is the information, which will help you to gather some knowledge on how to buy and sell used cars, how to do second hand car business in India.

It is not possible for everyone to purchase a new car and this is the reason why used cars are much in demand. Buying and selling used cars is a very good business in this modern era. Those who can afford new cars are interested in selling their old ones and many others are ready to purchase them in good rate. There is no doubt on your profit with in a short period of time, If you choose the buy and sell of second hand car business in India.

How to start a car merchant business

Generally, it is considered that if you want to start a car merchant business, you need a huge capital to invest. But that is not true, you don't have to invest a very big amount to step into the business. Perfect business plan and market knowledge is sufficient for starting the business. Along with that truthfulness and promotion skills are also equally important. This business needs a complete reliability to capture good market. You can take a view of online car dealers to get clear idea about the business. There you can also find the ratio of buying and selling the cars in your country. The most important factor here is the Trust, which can give you a very good stand in the market. Before starting the business you have to clear all legal procedures to avoid troubles. Here are some basic tips for starting the business of buying and selling the used cars.

Dealer license

Getting dealer's license is the most important thing for starting the business. Each state demands for a different requirement to obtain the license. Few courses have to be done and license exam has to be cleared for the license. The dealer's license gives you the legal permission to operate the business of buying and selling the used cars. Today many non licensed dealers are available in the market, along with them sales people and middlemen are also dealing in this business but they don't hold any market value as the risk factor can be very high while dealing with them. If you are a licensed dealer, you can be considered as trustworthy to sell and buy cars from.

Location of the business

After getting the license, the next most important thing is to find a suitable location for your business. You need a space which is big enough to display the used cars kept for sell. This is the strategy to attract more and more customers to your shop. If you don't have enough space to display your cars, then initially you can start your business online. You can take few pictures of used cars and display them on your site for the interested customers. This can give you freedom from storing the cars safely.

Keep a watch on the market

If you really wish to be a successful car dealer, then you need to be market alert all the time. The customer's demands are always changing and you have to be present to fulfill them successfully. While purchasing a car, you need to check the functionality of it along with its market demand. By taking the help of internet and books, you can know about the latest trend and demands in the market of cars. The types and brands, which are in highly demand, should be available with you to satisfy your buyers. Searching for the particular brand of car after getting demand from your customer can be risky for your business sometimes.

Make your catalog

Getting business license and searching for suitable location for business and studying market demands are the basic necessities of this business. Along with this you need to make your own car catalog to attract the buyers. If you are a licensed dealer, you can easily purchase used cars in wholesale prices. You can also attend the private auctions of automobiles to get the variety of cars in very low price compare to the market price. You can get a proper knowledge about the auction as well as the bidding process through internet. This can be a very good business opportunity for you. Along with that you can also bid your cars in the auction. This facility is given to the licensed dealers only. By attending the auctions and purchasing the cars from the auctions can prove very profitable as you can resell these cars by getting huge profits.

Use a perfect marketing strategy

Now when your all set –up is ready you can step into the market as a car dealer. Now you have to concentrate upon advertising your business. There are various sources of advertising and you can use them all or few of them as per your choice. Posting the advertisement online can be free of cost and you can reach many people at a time. Other than that you can print your business cards and brochures to distribute, you can also give an advertisement in the news papers or you can take help of billboards and hoardings too. It is not important that how much you spend to advertise your business but it is important that how you make yourself popular in the car dealership market. Give the best to your buyers and they will do your publicity among others.

Finally I can say that if you are honest enough in your business and know about the buyer's demand perfectly then the car dealership business can earn a huge profit for you. All you need to do is be careful about the quality of the cars you provide to your buyers and fulfill their all service needs instantly. Your buyers are the best source of publicity and fame for your business!

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Author: K Mohan23 Jul 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

I really appreciate the author for giving a new way of hope for the aspiring persons who wants to have their try by doing second hand car business. It is indeed a good idea and great business probabilities are there. But please note that many people are already doing this business and we can find at least two or three such second hand car dealers in main market area. By the way one should not worry about the competition in the business and what one need is the regular procuring of used cars. For that one has to have tie up with new car show rooms where in the old cars are exchanged for the new. Now a days branded car shows rooms are having their own marketing strategy to convince the old car customer to buy a new car under easy installment and with good offer price for the old car. So in this circumstances having own sales force to procure used cars must be done in a more professional way. People may want to dispose their old car, but they postpone for various reasons. If the enterprising second hand car dealer approach such customers surely the business is going to be there. Moreover one should have the best knowledge about the cars and their prevailing second hand prices.

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