Investment schemes and options in 2017 in India

We are almost at the end of this year and 2017 just a month away. If you want to achieve financial security, it is important to invest your savings in right schemes. Read this article for more information regarding investment schemes like bank deposit schemes, recurring deposits and mutual funds.

More and more people are becoming aware about the different investment schemes and options. However, still there are many people in India who are still not aware about the better investment options like mutual funds and gold investment schemes. Though the share market and mutual fund schemes appear to have better returns than conventional investments, there are risks involved too. Similarly, the rate of interest on fixed deposits is also quite low and these rates also keep fluctuating. Again, the investment on real estate is also associated with uncertainties and other problems. Thus, in this post we will discuss the useful investment schemes in 2017 in India and how to maximize their returns.

Diversification of investment schemes

The most important thing for an investor is to diversify his investment. This minimizes the overall risks associated with whole investment process. For instance, one should not only depend on fixed deposits. Instead, one should also invest in stocks or share market depending on the income and the interest. An important thing to remember here is that most us fear to invest in share market just because it is new to us. No doubt, it is a wise decision that you should first acquire more and more knowledge about how the market works and how to pick good shares. But finally, you have to take action at some point. There is no point in watching business channels for days or months and then still not investing at all in mutual funds or shares. Having diversified investments also offer you a lot of flexibility to fight against the ups and downs in the market of financial condition in your country.

Bank Deposit Schemes

The most conventional investment option in India is bank deposits. All of us love to keep the money in the bank. There are two types of accounts in Banks-fixed deposit and current deposit. The fixed deposit provides you higher interest rates but you have to commit for certain period. Do not forget to compare the interest rates on fixed deposits in different banks before choosing this investment option. So far as the saving deposits are concerned, generally you should not keep a lot of money in those accounts. This investment option may not provide higher returns like shares or real state, but they provide you safety and mental peace.

Recurring deposit

Recurring deposits provide quite good interest rates and you can easily avail this investment option in your bank. You are required to deposit a certain sum of money in the bank every month and you get the fixed interest rate on the deposited amount. This investment option is quite popular among the salaried class who can easily deposit a share of their monthly salary in this deposit.

Share market

You must have heard about people making good profits in the share market. There cannot be two opinions that one can earn a lot of profit by investing properly in the share market. However, I strongly suggest you to learn the basics first. You should read the magazines about the share market and watch the business channels. Also before buying any share, you should analyze its past records in detail. Finally, I also advise you not to spend the entire savings in share market. In fact, you should invest only that the surplus money that you possess.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are also gaining a lot of popularity these days. When you invest in these funds, you can see a higher profit in comparison to traditional investments like banks. Moreover, since the money is used in different companies, the risk is also minimized. There are two types of mutual funds-equity funds and debt funds.

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Author: Partha Kansabanik10 Dec 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

A very informative article. However, I would like to mention two points:-

(i) Presently the interest rate of Recurring Deposits in banks is very low. In PSU banks, the current interest rate for RD is less than 7% p.a. This is certainly not a lucrative rate. But, many investors consider the safety of capitals. Those investors may be interested in Recurring Deposit Accounts.

(ii) The author is silent about Company FDs. These company FDs are little bit more risky than Bank FDs, but the rate of return is attractive. Company FDs are deposits placed by the investors with different companies for a fixed tenure and prescribed interest rates. These deposits are governed by Companies Act 1967. These FDs are rated by ICRA/Fitch/Crisil etc. Investors purchase Company FDs based upon these ratings and the pre-fixed rate of return.

Author: Cacey Taylor14 Dec 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

The tips and information provided within the article provides unique insight into the realm of investing smartly.

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