Tips to Success : Efficient Time Management

Most essential thing in the life of any individual is time. Each and everyone is part of a clock which takes no excuses and ticks by. Success comes to those who are able to make the most of it and the only secret to do so is efficient time management. If a few points regarding the same are kept in mind one can easily chalk out every difficulty that comes their way. In here we would be pondering over these golden rules of life.

More than once we all have come across the particular feeling that why a day does not have more than 24 hours. Amidst the busy schedule we often feel the shortage of time and end up either affecting our health or performance. The only solution to have an balance between both is a planned life which can be achieved by efficient time management. Here one would find the essential steps required for the same.

Task List

This is one of the most important works of the complete process because if a certain task is left behind then it would create trouble in the later phases. Hence it is important to have a cool and relaxed mind while jotting down the tasks that need to be completed in one's daily life. It is essential that even the most negligible task is noted be it feeding the pets or reading newspaper. It is so because if such things are missed out, two problems may arise, either one would forget about them or they would start hampering the other tasks and the time allotted.


This can be stated as the most important part of the entire process because in here one needs to efficiently prioritize the list of tasks based on the importance they have in the individual's lifestyle. One needs to weigh all the tasks against each other and based on the result list down the points in descending order of their priority.

Allocate Time Duration

As it is evident from the heading that one now needs to allocate the time duration that might be needed for a particular job to be done. The duration must be decided based on the priority factor as decided in the previous step. One should necessarily keep in mind that at no cost lesser time than required is allotted to any of the tasks. Moreover time must be decided based on requirement daily, weekly or monthly.

Partitioning the Day

Each an everyone of us have certain traits which determine how active we are in different parts of the day. One needs considerable amount of time to correctly determine these and hence division the day adequately. This certainly does not call off sufficient amount of sleep needed by the body.

Filling in Tasks

First and foremost the meals must be filled in since they are the most important and should never be compromised with. Next one ought to figure in the best time for workout. Now before one fills in the tasks one by one, its very important to keep aside a minimum of 30 minutes a day for recreational tasks because that is what extracts out all the tiredness and keeps one afresh in order to make them ready to accept all challenges offered by life. Last but not the least comes in the actual work of putting in tasks in the daily routine based on their priority, duration required and the energy required per task.


Once designed its essential for the individual to check for flaws. Once the person is satisfied with the plan they should try their best to stick to it. Whenever one is unable to fix to this regime they should keep a note of the same as well as the reason for it. After one week of execution, proper reviewing should be done, in order to chalk out those points where there have been regular fallacies. Based on these one should remodel the plan by following the above steps from where they feel they went wrong.

New Tasks

Addition of new responsibilities is the very indication that the person is nearing success. Hence whenever there is a new task, at no cost the individual should try to manipulate the previous table by pushing in the new task. Rather it is a good practice to follow all the steps, but for sure it would require much lesser time since a lot has already been sorted.

One should always remember that 'Time and Tide Wait for None', hence efficient time management is the actual secret to success in life of any individual.

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