A Light Heart Lives Long - how to be stress free

A light heart is one which is not only free from misery and pain but also free from stress and tension. When one travels with light heart, journey of life seems quite easy as it helps one to travel a long distance i.e., light heart blesses an individual with long life span.


Life is meant to be lived happily and happiness comes if life is free of stress and tension, free of diseases and disorders, free from miseries and heartaches and free of regrets and grudges. If we take life seriously then it will drive us crazy. Once we throw out all these non essential entities from our lives, journey will become more lively and free. Heart as well becomes light and we start living in moment and enjoying better health. One will be blessed with peaceful mind and healthy body and when everything is so perfect then how can a person not enjoy a long, healthy, prosperous life. A happy person enjoys life to the fullest and thus is also rewarded to enjoy long life.

Light Heart Versus Heavy Heart

Heavy heart is one which is filled with sadness and thus it is depressed. Light heart is one which is filled with happiness and thus it is not depressed. Heavy heart makes an individual to lose hope as soon as upsetting circumstance arrive in font of him. Heavy heart individual is not able to sustain very long in an uncomfortable situation and emotions gets very best of him. Individuals with light heart are able to handle situations very well in both comfortable and uncomfortable situations. They always remain calm and peaceful which definitely reflects from within. They do not get stressed out easily as they know how to live in the moment.

A Light Heart Helps to Live Long Life Span

How long we live is directly proportional to how we live. If we live a life which is free of stress and tension then definitely it will have an effect on our health too. We will enjoy good health if we remove all the non essentials from our lives and thus our lives consequently will be set free from diseases and disorders. These diseases as well as disorders which develop in body itself are responsible to decrease life span. If we can keep ourselves as healthy as possible then definitely as a reward we will get to enjoy long life span. Moreover, all the diseases and disorders developed in body are result of psycho somatic illnesses which means primary cause of their occurrence is stress and tension. If we live with light heart which is free of stress and tension then definitely we will enjoy a long life span.

Meaning of Light Heart

Light heart is one which is free from stress and tension. It is free of grudges. It does not hold on to something in the past. Irrespective of how good or bad others have behaved with us or how favorable or unfavorable situations we have dealt with but our heart will always remain happy if it is light. It never differentiates good or evil and always maintains evenness and uniformity. It accepts everything i.e., people for who they are and circumstances the way they arrive. It never aims to take revenge as it never holds on to grudges. Miseries and heartaches have no room in it as it does not lives in past and doesn't thinks about future. All that matters to it is present. It lives in a moment and enjoys everything that gets showered on it.


Light heart is kind and courageous and thus it is liked by everyone since it is always nice and giving. It is easy and always better to carry out journey of life with a light heart. It will help us to find bliss everyday irrespective of kind of people we meet and kind of circumstances we need to go through. Light heart helps us to live in the moment i..e, in present and thus helps us enjoy everything that comes in our way. When we travel light, we definitely find traveling more easy as well as convenient and thus are able to cover a long distance. Thus, a light heart lives long life.

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Author: Swati Sarnobat18 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

To be stress free, one should always control his or her mind and do not recall the necessary past incidences. Different techniques of meditation and breathing exercises should be practiced. Let the thoughts come and vanish.

Author: Reena Upadhya18 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Living in the moment is a key to a light heart. If we allow thoughts from the past to bother us or else instead of living in present if we allow thoughts regarding future to linger in our minds then carrying out journey of life with such heavy heart does become difficult. There are various ways which helps us to keep ourselves stress free and yes meditation and breathing exercises which we call as pranayama come to our rescue. Less stress and tension take away the heaviness from heart and the of life becomes quite easy.

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