Medicinal values of Papaya

Papaya is a well known fruit and is widely found in the tropical countries around the globe. Although it found in every season, it is mostly found in the summer season. Ripe and raw papaya has a great taste and it is rich in lots of medicinal properties.

Papaya is popular due lots of medicinal values. It has enormous characteristics which are really good for the human body. So here is a list for you why Papaya is important for us.

8 Awesome medicinal values of Papaya

  • Great Source of Vitamins and Minerals
  • : Papaya is rich in Vitamin A which is very much important for good eyesight and good skin health. Raw and ripe papaya is full of vitamin A so you can include it in your fruit salad to consume it in an easy way. Regular intake of this miracle fruit not only provides you good vision but also improves eyesight. Another vitamins present in Papaya are vitamin B, C, folic acid, pantothenic acid etc. It is also rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium etc. and it contains good amount of flavonoids in it.
  • Good for healthy skin
  • : Papaya has low sodium quantity thus it helps your skin to keep its natural water balance which results in keeping your skin hydrated. Do you know that papaya is rich in Antioxidants? Antioxidants are very important for our skin. Actually free radical damages make age signs on our skin which is known as "Premature Aging of Skin". Antioxidants remove harmful effect of free radical damage in our body which slows down the aging process of our skin. Thus you got a healthy youthful skin in a natural way.
  • Rich in Beta Carotene
  • : Ripe papaya has a great yellow color which is caused by a natural coloring agent called Beta Carotene. Beta Carotene is good for our eyes which is present in any yellow colored fruit. Actually this natural ingredient plays an important role in building the "Rod Cell" s in our Retina which is so important for healthy vision. Thus consume Papaya every day to get healthy eyes.
  • Contains Anti Inflammatory properties:
  • Papaya a great fruit contains certain kind of natural chemical properties in it which has anti inflammatory property. This property is helpful in any kind of joint pain in your body.
  • Rich in Dietary fiber
  • : Papaya is rich in dietary fiber. Basically dietary fiber is so much helpful in the problem of Constipation. Thus if any body who are suffering from such kind of problem they can easily try it to get rid from constipation. Papaya is rich in water content also which is beneficial for any kind of digestive problems. It contains a special type of enzyme called "Papain" which plays an effective role in any kind of digestive disorder and if you consume it daily it results in a healthy digestive system. Try this awesome fruit in your salad or in your smoothie to get the benefit most.
  • Anti aging properties of Papaya
  • : Papaya is naturally enriched with anti aging properties. It has amazing anti aging properties which delays or slows down aging process of our body and regular consumption of this miracle fruit provides you a very youthful looks.
  • Contains cancer preventive compounds
  • : According to the modern medical science Papaya contains anti carcinogenic properties in it. It is good to eat Papaya everyday in raw form to prevent Cancer in your body. It actually stops or slows down excessive cell growth in a particular area which is the symptom of cancer.
  • Good for Arthritis
  • : Do you know Papaya is good for the patients those who are suffering from Arthritis? According to medical science Papaya is enriched with certain type of ingredients called "Chymopapain", which is basically one type of enzyme present in Papaya, is very much effective for the problems like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.


    Author: K Mohan21 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

    The author has shared some great reasons as to why we must add Papaya in our diet as it contains great medicinal values. I am having Papaya tree and it gives great yield every year. What I like is the curry prepared from the raw papaya. The taste would be very great and even the children like the taste. Instead of eating papaya fruit, I like to have papaya juice. During summer having papaya gives not only great relief but also relief to our hunger when the food is getting ready. Children like papaya salad with added pepper taste and it will give a good digestion appetite too.

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