Medicinal values of Neem

Neem is a evergreen tree that grows very fast and is a native to India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Nepal. There are many uses of Neem and it has many benefits for our health. Though very bitter, one can never deny it's properties and benefits, which are highlighted in this aritcle.

When people hear anything about a Neem or a Neem tree, they often have a frown on their faces because of its bitterness. When we stand near the Neem tree itself we can smell the bitterness. The Neem tree can be grown anywhere and its branches can be spread very widely and it is suitable to grow on any type of soil. Though very bitter, it has many advantages. The tablet that we take when we are not well is also bitter but it has the ability to bring down the temperature. Similarly even Neem has several benefits.

I remember as a child, when one had chickenpox, the whole body was rubbed with Neem leaves and that itself gave a kind of soothing effect and with this we can understand the power of Neem. Also when I was a child, my mom would place the Neem leaves beneath the clothes in the wardrobe to prevent insects and cockroaches and it would work effectively.

Neem has a significant value in Hindu festival called Ugadi which is a Hindu new year. During this festival, Neem is consumed with jaggery which indicates that both happiness and sorrow are common in life and we should deal with it happily.

Some of the medicinal values of Neem are mentioned below

  • Increases immunity:

    Neem leaves are said to increase one's immunity system. Everyday crush some Neem leaves and consume with water to have a good immunity.

  • Good for skin:

    Neem is said to be very good in treating skin disorders like itching, ring worms, cuts etc. For this, make a paste of Neem leaves, mix with tumeric and apply on the affected areas of the skin. If you have any wound, apply this paste on the wound 2-3 times a day. It is even good for mosquitoe bite or any insect bite.

  • Helps in reducing Eye irritation:

    Neem is very good for eyes and helps to reduce eye irritation like swollen eyes, redness. Wash your eyes with water boiled with Neem leaves twice a day.

  • Reduces Dandruff:

    Dandruff is the most common people face today and even find it difficult to get rid of this drandruff. Not many people know that Neem is a very good solution to get rid of it. Boil neem leaves in water and let it cool. Shampoo your hair and wash off and then wash off your hair with Neem water. You can also make a paste of Neem leaves, apply to your hair and wash off after 20-30 minutes.

As a Neem leaf, even Neem flowers has its own benefits and properties. Neem flowers were also used widely by ancient people because of its medicinal value. It is mainly used in cooking in various receipes

Benefits of Neem flowers

  • Eyesight can be improved with Neem flowers. It can be used in a dry form in different receipes
  • Consuming Neem flower will help improve the digestive system
  • Neem flowers are also good for skin disorders, helps to treat blood problems.

Conclusion: Though one may stay away from using Neem or its flowers because of its bitterness but it has its own significance in treating various issues. It is always better to use Neem to treat various problems before rushing to the doctor.


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