Medicinal values of garama Masala_part 1-Cloves

Cloves are one of the spices belonging to the genre of "garam masala". It is a very well known spice used everyday in the kitchen. It is even used in fried rice. It is but obvious that if a consumable item is so much important in regular cooking, it must have some health benefits too. Let us know more about them.


Clove is a very important spice in the everyday kitchen. Cloves are one of the spices belonging to the category of "garam masala". The other spices belonging to this category are cardamom, cumin, bay leaves, mace, cinnamon and pepper. Cloves can also be used in powder form in the dishes. Mostly cloves are used in recipes of chicken or mutton. Fish recipes or recipes involving vegetables doesn't require cloves. But the most important use of cloves is in biriyani or fried rice. Can you imagine mutton biriyani without black cardamom or cloves? Now someone might think that it is enough that cloves are good for cooking, why bother about its health benefits? It is helpful to know about the medicinal benefits of cloves, as you might be suffering through a problem, whose solution lies in cloves.

Few important facts

Here are few biological and non biological facts about cloves. Cloves are basically the bud area of their flowers. When the flower bud is pink that is, when it has not even bloomed properly, that pink bud is kept in the factory. In the factory they are artificially dried and we get the brown cloves. If you closely look into the brown clove, you will see the bud like structure with the middle portion swollen and the wing like structures all around the middle portion. This spice is hugely found in India due to its culinary importance, especially in portions of South India. It is in fact exported from South India to other parts of the world. This spice is also cultivated in Sri Lanka, mainly because of its medicinal value. Speaking of medicinal values let us discuss the medicinal benefits of cloves.

Medicinal values of Cloves

  1. I guess the first medicinal benefit is known to all. Cloves are very good for tooth decay. Like that of onions chewing cloves helps in killing the bacteria in your mouth. Cloves are crushed in the factory to get a particular oil. If you apply this oil on your tooth and gums you will tet relief from the pain it is causing.
  2. It has a lot of antioxidants. Chewing cloves help in improving your skin and making it more supple due to their antioxidant elements.
  3. Due to the above property cloves help in speeding up the metabolism process and hence it helps maintaining a healthy immune system.
  4. Did you know cloves help in repelling mosquitoes? It is the most useful home remedy against mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can't stand the smell of cloves, just like that of neem oil.
  5. Suffering from inflammations in your body? Cloves are anti-inflammatory agents. Do consult your doctor before consuming cloves. At times of inflammation of the organs you are supposed to be on medication which is made using cloves.
  6. Cloves are the key ingredients of anti-diabetic medicines. It has very low calorie content and hence it is useful for treating diabetic patients.
  7. Did you know cloves are good for the eyes? Yes, they have a high level of beta carotene,. You must have heard of this term. This is also present in carrots and are thus good for the eyes.
  8. Cloves are anti-pathogens. That means, they can kill pathogen bacteria within the body.


When you cooked a chicken biriyani at home, due you ever think that the clove you are using in it would have so many health benefits? Well, now you know. In fact, you can try cloves to drive away mosquitoes. DO tell me how quick you got rid of the mosquitoes after using cloves. Also find out about the little known health benefits of peppers.


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