My lovely dream that made me feel magical

I am writing to you about my loveliest dream that made me feel upset when I woke up. In my dream, I really felt as if I am really into a different world. In the dream, I saw many things which I did not see in my real life that were celestial.

Dreams are the feelings of mind that are exposed during sleep. Usually I dream of my routine life and the places that I usually visit. But some days back, I dreamed something unusual because I watched a lovely video on the internet. I have realized that those issues or matters that we think often in a day are viewed in our dreams.

The lovely dream that happened to me

I visit a garden nearby that is beautiful and comprises of rich flora and fauna culture. So, when I slept on my bed after my prayers, I sank into a beautiful world. I felt that it was evening time as I could experience a sense of melody from the bird's chirping. So, along with my friends I entered into the same garden and we all were ready to play. As soon as we entered the garden, we viewed that the grass had turned even greener and the lawn seemed to be so soft to the legs that we all began dancing merrily.

As we were dancing, we noticed something magical around us. With the pressure that was applied to the lawn, the flower plants suddenly stemmed out. We all seemed to be so excited that we began to touch flowers, but in reality we did not touch any flower in the garden. By touching the little flowers in the garden, we experienced even something celestial. The flowers were not actually the substances that were made from chemicals, but the petals were made of little candies. For confirmation, we put the candies into our mouth and the sweetness and fragrance was a sign of surety. Being overjoyed, we seemed to jump again and again until the little candies popped up along the plants.

We ran to play with different tools in the garden and we were again wonderstruck to see the transformation. In the place of broken wooden swing, I could see a large balloon that opened doors for us. We all sat in the large balloon where cushioned seats were available. The balloon swayed to and forth and high up into the air until we could see the clouds closer to our eyes. Then I asked the gardener about the balloon and he surprisingly said that sensory system was installed to detect men.

We looked around everywhere and we saw that every tool was battery operated in the garden. The see saw just began operating by pressing a button to our right and when it swayed it presented a music. And, I just happen to look at the right side and I found a large swimming pool with seven to eight security guards around the pool. We all just entered the pool and enjoyed splashing the cool water upon each other and it was such a delightful experience.

Then we wondered if any fairy had blessed us with these beautiful things. The watchman of that garden seemed to come to me and said that there are no fairies in the garden, but it was my fathers engineering project as my father is a reputed civil engineer. He gave me this beautiful gift on my birthday.

Then the watchman showed me one more fantastic project of the garden. He accompanied me to a pillar and showed me a panel board. On the panels, I could see different panels for chocolates, beverages, cold drinks, etc. So, I just pressed chocolates, then by the sprinkler system numerous chocolates and candies poured out. We all went home and got large vessels to collect them. We were collecting the candies, chocolates and toffees one by one, by the time the sprinkler suddenly stopped. Then I began screaming, where is the sprinkler continuously. Then I heard a sound 'what sprinkler, come on get up'. 'Get up' what 'get'up, who is this? I felt someone holding my hand and I suddenly woke up. When I found that I did not have single toffee or candy left, I began crying.

Then I told my parents about the wonderful dream. So, my father who is a civil engineer promised me to work for projects like that. He said that he would construct a garden, where candies and toffees are available and promised that I will get them at a very reasonable cost.


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