"Manners maketh a man"

This article explains the importance of manners in our daily life. A person should follow some regular manners when they meet someone. You are often remembered by your behavior and mannerisms. By being well-mannered, you can easily secure help.

A person who has imbibed good habits and manners is only a true human being. By learning different subjects in school, a student can gain knowledge and can attain good marks. But, even by scoring good marks in class, if a person has not learned the values of life, then he cannot be appreciated by the people around him. If a person is not able to create a self-image, then he is always looked down by people.

People need well-mannered people in society

A man can require help from others anytime. But, a person who is loved by the public or people around him can easily secure help. Those people who are not liked by many people feel lonely during their difficulties. Normally, a person who reveals his good habits and manners easily impresses the people around him. Lack of mannerism means arrogance to people.

Whenever somebody visits your house, you must greet them and welcome them. Then you must tell them to be seated. So, the guest is obviously impressed with your behavior and before leaving the house, he or she will obviously say that they will help you whenever you need them.

I can illustrate the importance of mannerism in daily life with my own example. One day when I was waiting for the bus after finishing my swimming class, I met a young woman who was wearing a watch. As I was not wearing a watch, I wanted to know what the time was because my parents told me that if I did not get a bus on time, I should hire a rickshaw. Then I asked the lady ' What is the time', she did not reply. Then I was shocked that why did she not tell just a time. Then I remembered that in the first chapter of my moral science, I was taught the importance of 'Please'. Then again I asked her 'Please tell me the time, aunty'. She looked at me, but yet she did not reply. I was taken aback and I thought for a while. Then again I remembered my father telling me that instead of saying others 'give me', 'do this for me', you must say ' Can be you me'. Then I went to her and said 'Please aunty, Please can you tell me the time'. Then she looked at me, faintly smiled and told me the time. Then it was just 6.30 in the evening and I knew that bus would arrive after five minutes. She told me 'sorry' for worrying me and told me that she was disturbed since she had a bad day in office. Then, I learned the importance of manners in difficult circumstances. Then we began speaking to each other about ourselves and the bus arrived.

So, whenever you need help from somebody, you must speak in a requesting tone and should use requesting words. Do not speak in such a way that you are ordering someone. Whenever you meet any elderly person in school or at home, you should always wish them 'Good morning or 'good evening'. When your teacher enters the class, you must daily wish her or him 'good morning' and not sit down unless they tell you. If you are angry with someone, do not shout or scream, but speak them in a normal tone stating that you are not impressed with them.


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