How to become a Yoga instructor in India

With every passing day, Yoga is becoming more and more popular. Indian people are now very interested in learning Yoga. So, the demand for qualified Yoga instructors is increasing in the country. In this article, the author has discussed the career prospects of a qualified Yoga instructor. Read to know more.

With every passing day, Yoga is becoming more and more popular. Indian people are now very interested in learning Yoga. So, the demand for qualified Yoga instructors is increasing in the country. In this article, the author has discussed the career prospects of a qualified Yoga instructor. Read to know more.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: "Yoga is not just about fitness or exercise; it is about changing one's lifestyle." With the passage of time, people are becoming more and more health conscious. Simultaneously, Yoga is becoming more and more popular not only in our country but also all over the world. Even the UN has declared 21st June as the International Yoga Day. Yoga not only cures various ailments of our body, it gives immense strength to our mind also. In every urban locality of the country, people are becoming more and more attracted towards Yoga. However, it is very difficult to find qualified Yoga instructors in our country. So, becoming a Yoga instructor is a lucrative profession nowadays. In this article, we are going to discuss how an aspirant can become a Yoga instructor in India.

Learn and practise Yoga

Yoga is based upon practical demonstrations. It has to be performed and demonstrated. So, a person who aspires to become a Yoga teacher must practice the asanas on his/her own. He/She must understand the benefits of the asanas and must prepare himself/herself in such a manner that the students can properly understand the techniques. At the same time, the aspiring instructor must understand the basic philosophy of Yoga. In a nutshell, an aspiring instructor must be proficient enough to make the (future) students understand the philosophy, techniques and the benefits of particular postures to the students.

Find a reliable Yoga teacher

Every aspiring Yoga instructor must learn the postures and more importantly the inherent philosophy of Yoga from a reputed institute. He/She must undergo a long-time training/course on Yoga. If it is not possible to attend any course, the aspirants must find a reliable and qualified Yoga teacher. In all possibilities, the teacher must be knowledgeable and trustworthy. A future instructor will have to work with the guide until he/she gets a grip on the philosophy and technicalities of Yoga. It is extremely important to learn carefully the inhaling and the exhaling processes. Probably these are the most complex processes and need a lot of concentration and serious effort. There are various schools of Yoga, like Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Patanjali system, Vinyasa system, Iyengar school of Yoga, etc. A future instructor should be proficient in at east one type of Yogas.

Future instructors must attend workshops

Nowadays many NGOs, RWAs, and private organizations are taking interest in yoga. These organizations, associations and even some instructors (in their personal capacity) organize workshops, especially in urban areas of the country. This is done to make Yoga more popular. It may also have some commercial motives. Some workshops are specially organized for teachers only. The people who aspire to become Yoga instructors in future must attend as many workshops as possible. Attending workshops would help them to correct their own technique/postures and delve further in Yogic philosophy. Not only that, these aspiring instructors can also learn the method of teaching Yoga and presentation skills from these workshops. In short, these short sessions immensely help the future instructors to hone their skill.

Need to decide the future course of action

How an aspiring instructor intends to use the knowledge influences the future course of action. There are basically three alternatives available for a new Yoga instructor. He/She can start own institute when he/she is fully confident of imparting the acquired knowledge. The instructor can also continue working with the mentor. The third alternative is to teach Yoga to other students at a lower rate at the initial stage.

Top seven Yoga schools of India

The top seven Yoga schools of India are:
  1. Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune, Maharashtra: Founded in 1975
  2. Bihar School of Yoga: Founded in 1964
  3. Yoga Institute, Mumbai: Founded in 1918
  4. Ashtanga Institute, Mysore, Karnataka
  5. Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
  6. Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandir, Chennai: Founded in 1976
  7. Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari, Neyyardam, Kerala: Founded in 1959

Career prospect

Yoga has been transforming itself to be a new cultural movement, not only in India but also in various countries all over the world. Today Yoga is practice by lakhs of practitioners all over the world. It has developed a lucrative business opportunity. Many instructors have been earning a living by teaching it. Not only that, many corporate houses are nowadays offering lucrative salary and perks to the qualified and experienced Yoga instructors. There is no doubt that for qualified instructors, the profession is extremely lucrative.

Final words

Understanding Yogic philosophy and practicing the moves (asanas) help a student of Yoga to move towards perfection. But an aspiring instructor must also learn the techniques of passing the acquired knowledge to the students. Learning, performing, improving and mastering can be termed as the stages of becoming a successful Yoga instructor. And for a successful and knowledgeable Yoga instructor, the profession is lucrative.

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