Best ways to cope up with failures

Failure is a thing that everyone experiences in life and we have to cope up with it in a positive way. There is no need of getting discouraged from the failures and one has to again prepare oneself with full zeal and determination for the next endeavour.This article is about coping with failures in best of ways.

Failures are inevitable things in our life. Some people are discouraged with failure and stop doing their efforts. In this article we will try to understand what failure is and how to cope up with this.

Understanding failures

Failures are unavoidable events in our life. Everyone has it at some time or other. When we do efforts to achieve something we may get success in our endeavour or we may not get the anticipated success. Sometimes we fail in our efforts we do not analyse the reasons behind it and rather start blaming and accusing various entities some of which are at all not connected with our failures. This attitude is responsible sometimes for failing in subsequent attempts as the real reasons of failure were not analyzed. In fact failure does not affect a person as much as the harm done by the negative feeling generated by the failure. This negative feeling blocks the path of further attempts.

In fact failure is only one particular event in our life like any other event and it is not the end of life. Once we understand this philosophy we can face the failures in a normal and calm way. Understanding failures in true spirit of life is very essential for remedial course of action.

Fear of society

Most of the time we are not afraid of our failures as much as we are afraid of the society, our friends and our family. We are always worried about the comments of our friends and society on our failures.This fear of society engulfs the individual so much that his confidence is shattered and he is not in a position to stand up and again start his struggle.

Is it a myth that successful people never failed

Most of the people believe that successful people never failed and always remained successful in each and every attempt in there lives.

It is not like that. If we read the life and history of successful people we will find that most of them or rather say all of them had many many failures in their lives. They took the failures in their stride and learned from their mistakes and analyzed the reasons and did new efforts in various fields and finally defeated the failures and became famous in their respective areas. There are many such examples in history and even in our own surroundings.

How to cope up with failures

Failures are to be handled in the same way as we handle other events in the life. Pursuing our goals repeatedly with determination and strength is the prerequisite for coping up with the failures. The example of spider building his web will be apt in this context. The spider during building of the web falls down many many times only to go up and complete its job.

Failures should not be seen as causative to discouragement rather to be accepted as the beginning point of next attempt. After each failure we have to introspect and analyse the reasons of our failure. If we are not able to find reasons we have to approach our teachers or mentors and experts and take there opinion.

Coping up with failures in a patient and logical ways is the only path to success.

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Author: Gaurav21 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

A very good piece of information in the form of article. Some more methods to cope up with failures could be added.
First I would like to comment on the fact that successful people also fail. We all know the great inventor Edison. He failed almost 1000 times when he was trying to invent light bulb. But he never gave up. In an interview, he was asked whether he had ever felt like quitting when he failed so many times in his attempt. His reply is an epic. He replied that he never failed any single time. He said, 'When you think I failed, I think I succeeded, I learned that those 1000 methods cannot be used to make a bulb'. So, we should learn from our failures as the author has suggested above.

Now, coming on to the second point, to cope up with failures you can read motivational and inspirational stories and books. Reading biography of great personalities can also help in coming out of depression caused by failures. In this technology rich world, one can take help of YouTube where tons of motivational speeches and videos are available which are very effective to cope up with failures. Those videos and speech will fill you with new energy and enthusiasm to strike back with more power.

Author: Nomita Mitra22 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Success and failure are the two sides of a coin. If we try to do something new, we will face either of the two.
It is well said that 'Failures are the pillars of Success.' How should one fail if he doesn't try to do anything new? So failures can be attributed as a quality of the doer who never gives up.
If someone is really serious to do something new, he should never be ashamed of failure but try harder to achieve success. In order to turn failure to success, one should keep in mind the following:

Don't get disappointed. Stay cool under all circumstances.
Analyse the reason for failure and try to amend it in the next attempt.
Take help from those who have gone through similar experience in life.
Be confident that once succeeded, it would wipe out all failures.

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