Educational Thought and Laws of life according to Swami Vivekanand

Swami Vivekananda was a great saint. Check out this article to know Swamiji's educational thought and laws of life which are considered to be the torch light for our lives.


Swami Vivekanand was an educationist as well as a social- former. He was born in Calcutta in 1983. His great contribution is in the educational field. His educational thoughts are considered to have a great significance today. Swamiji died in the year 1902 at a very young age. He wrote more than thousands of books. His books are the guide of the new generation. His vision and missions are torch light for our light. Here lets see what were the aims of education according to Swamiji.

Aims of Education

According to Swamiji following are the aims of education:
  • Freedom of Growth - According to Swami Vivekanand, freedom is necessary for a child to grow. So a child should be given freedom. Too much discipline in the home and at school is not helpful for a child
  • Character Formation - Teachers should present high ideals before the students. The students imitate the characters of teachers according to their capacities. Teachers should share the stories of persons of high ideals in the classrooms. The impact of these moral stories is too much in the lives of students
  • Fulfillment of Swadharma - Swamiji used to say," everyone has to grow like himself. No one has to copy others. In his opinion, true development is Self- development
  • Self Development- According to Vivekananda Self Development is necessary for students. A teacher's job is to uncover knowledge, which is in student's mind

Means of Education

In Swamiji opinion following are the means of education:
  • Guidance- Guidance is necessary for education.The teacher should teach the students to concentrate the attention on the study. The greater the attention the more the result
  • Concentration- According to him, students, who concentrate much on the study they can give good results
  • Brahmacharya- Vivekanand emphasized on the need of Brahmacharya. It transforms sex-drive into a Spiritual force
  • Help- The teachers can guide the students because he himself has the experience of treading on this path and knows how to face its difficulties
  • Love- The best means of education is love. Education should be based on love

Laws of Life according to Swami Vivekanand

Swamiji had given the Laws of life. Following are the laws of life according to him:
  • Learn Every Day - The infinite knowledge is in our mind. No knowledge comes from outside, it is all inside. The man who discovers a lot knows a lot. Our souls and minds are the power houses of knowledge
  • Nothing is impossible- Swamiji used to say nothing is impossible in the world. He believed, our thinking make us weak or strong.It is sin to say, that I am weak
  • We have the Powers - All the powers are ours. If we don't realize and act according to our strength and power, we become weak
  • Listen to our Souls- We are teachers of our own soul. None can teach us and make us Spiritual. Our own souls are our teachers
  • Stick to ideas - We should encourage everyone to stick to his own highest idea
  • Never play the Blame Game- We should never play the Blame Game. We should help others
  • Feel like a Christ- The feeling makes the life. It gives us strength. By that we reach God
  • Our Outlook that matters- It is our own mental attitude that makes the world what it is.Our thoughts make things beautiful and ugly. The whole world is in our minds
  • Life is beautiful- First, we should believe in the world, that everything in the world is good and beautiful. It is created by God for some reason
  • Learning through mistakes - We learn from our mistakes. Learning through mistakes provide real knowledge to us

Conclusion: The educational thoughts of Vivekanand and Laws of life are very useful for human being.


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