Miraculous benefits of coconut water

This article explains various miraculous health benefits obtained by drinking coconut water. It is good for our eye health, improves working efficiency of digestive system, helps to fight against sickness and is even safe to be given during pregnancy and lactation period.


Coconut palm bears coconut fruit. Both tree and fruit are considered to be miraculous in nature. This is the reason that coconut water contained within coconut too becomes miraculous in nature and carries enough amount of nutrients which help us to restore and bring back the lost health. There are numerous health benefits and beauty benefits of drinking coconut water. Merely drinking water of 1-2 coconuts on every day basis can boost our energy levels and helps us to reap great health benefits. Some people consider it to be a natural miraculous wonder because of the miraculous benefits it creates on our mind and body.

Treatment of headaches, stress and depression

Headaches and migraines are usually caused due to dehydration. Instead of taking pain killers to treat them, need of the hour is to boost hydration. Coconut water is the best remedy to treat and prevent headaches as well as migraines as it keeps body well hydrated and supplies essential electrolytes to it. Low levels of magnesium in the body can also trigger migraine attacks and coconut water since it is rich in magnesium helps greatly to relieve discomfort caused during migraine attacks as well as prevents them. Stress and tension levels can be reduced greatly if body is refreshed by drinking fresh coconut water. Vitamins present in it triggers serotonin to get released in body. This hormone is known as mood-boosting hormone which relieves stress as well as tension and creates a pleasurable feeling. Rich magnesium level also fights signs and symptoms of depression and creates stability and mental balance.

Creates a balance in pH levels

Acidic pH levels in body are very well associated with low energy. Decreased level of energy in body will prevent adequate and complete absorption of vitamins and essential minerals from the foods we eat. Fast foods which we consume, particularly processed ones, our acidic diet and our increased stress levels which we often develop, all will cause rise of acidic pH levels in body. Acidic pH results in high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, deficiency in immune system of the body and many such related problems. Coconut water restores a healthy pH as it has alkalizing properties. This is the reason that it is even helpful to relieve acidity, gastritis as well as heart burn.

Promotes proper digestion

Coconut water contains lauric acid which will help to get rid of intestinal gas as well as heal and relax digestive tract. It is of great help to heal a leaky gut and also ensures better health of stomach. It neutralizes acid in stomach and thus is of great help in individuals suffering from GERD and gastritis. It tends to sooth pain which is formed in various stomach related diseases and disorders. In Crohn's disease, patients loses lots of body fluids due to diarrhea. In ulcerative colitis which is a digestive disorder, mucous membrane of colon and rectum gets inflamed resulting in swelling. Regular consumption of coconut water provides relief in both these conditions as it replenishes back lost fluids and nutrients in body as well as has healing properties and provides calming or soothing effect on the existing pain.

Effect on central nervous system

Glutamic acid which is an amino acid is related with good memory. This amino acid is present in abundant amount in coconut water. Regular consumption of coconut water improves memory and recalling ability. It also contains a neurotransmitter GABA which is an anti-convulsant and has anti-anxiety property. Drinking coconut water before bed time will induce good sleep and relaxation. Cytokinin present in coconut water prevents brain cell damage, treats impaired memory and thus is very helpful in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Coconut water is good for eye health

Vitamin B1 present in coconut water improves eye health by strengthening its muscles. It also enables better vision during night. Coconut water decreases pressure within eye for approximately 2 hours and thus can be used as a natural remedy in individuals suffering form glaucoma. Blood vessels as well as optic nerve gets damaged in individuals suffering form glaucoma and this occurs due to elevated pressure levels in the eye. Coconut water blocks adrenaline-like substances and as a result formation of aqueous humor in eye gets decreased greatly. One who wants to naturally cure glaucoma or relieve its discomfort should regularly consume coconut water.

Helps in hypothyroidism

Coconut water ensures that thyroid glands are functioning properly as it is a natural diuretic. Also it is rich source of healthy fats which boosts metabolism. It increases energy levels and thus is of great help in treatment of hypothyroidism.

Coconut water helps to fight against daily sickness

Coconut water naturally reduces body temperature which elevates in the form of fever and also helps to get rid of burning sensations. All this is possible because of its cooling and calming effects. Coconut water is rich in potassium and magnesium and thus acts as an electrolyte content which is of great help in case of those individuals who are suffering from cholera. Antioxidants present in coconut water decrease toxin activity taking place in the liver. This will increase its working efficiency, prevents sickness and promotes overall health. Cytokinin gibberellins present in it has anti-tumor properties. Antioxidants present in it kill free radicals which cause harm to various organs of body. These free radicals are so dangerous that if not controlled or killed may initiate a chain reaction by controlling electrons and ultimately leading to cell death. Coconut water increases libido. It decreases pain and discomfort caused after postmenopausal phase. After chemotherapy lots of damage is done to body and regular intake of coconut water makes sure that recovery is done at fast pace. It oxygenates the blood due to its high electrolyte content and restores back hemoglobin, WBC, ANC and platelet count.

Health benefits of coconut water during pregnancy and lactation

Coconut water is safe both in case of pregnancy as well as during lactation period. Discomforts like fatigue, muscle spasms, nausea, morning sickness, dehydration which are caused during pregnancy will be very well addressed. Lauric acid which is found in breast milk is also present in coconut water and thus breast feeding mothers should consume it daily. It should even be given to babies to treat gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting, ulcers etc. Coconut water can be given to babies once they start feeding on solid foods.


Coconut water has become massively popular and is available in almost all the countries. It is known for the miraculous benefits it imparts on both physical and mental health. It is the healthiest detoxifying water in the whole universe and so safe that it can be even given to pregnant, lactating mothers as well as to babies who have started feeding on solid foods. It helps us to fight against daily sickness and exerts miraculous benefits on our digestive system, central nervous system as well as on overall health. It treats our headache and brings us out of our stress and tension. We cannot ignore and look away from the numerous benefits it imparts on our mind and our body and thus we should make it a point to include it in our daily routine to reap best benefits out of it.


Guest Author: T.M.Sankaran05 Oct 2017

Tender coconut water is taken during hot days. It is a very healthy and nutritious drink. During summer months it is a common sight on the roadsides in Kerala and Tamilnadu people selling tender coconuts. People passing through these temporary shops stop there and proceed after drinking the coconut water. This water intake simply refreshes the traveller. This water is taken from within the coconut after cutting open the skin of the coconut. This is done in front of the traveller
Hence the pure nature and quality of the water is guaranteed. No pollution or adultration.

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