Contrasting characteristics between town life and village life

Town and village have their own set of beauty and features which differentiate one from the other. They have their own merits and demerits. Check out this article to know how town and village life are different.


People wish to stay in a serene world of greenery under blue azure sky with fresh air to breathe.But at the same time they want to get facilitated by mobile,technology and multiplexes. Here comes a sharp line of demarcation between town life and village life. There lie huge multi storey buildings at one place while fresh air, flora and fauna engulf the other.

Facilities of Town Life

When we talk about town life, firstly the picture of modernization flashes into our mind. Life reels with fast living and advancement. People have really no time to stand and stare. Town is the burning example of Technological development. We observe well maintained wide roads with numerous cars. Growth of industrial sectors result in huge rate of employment. Educational hubs are brewing up everywhere. So the number of literate people are more. Improvement is there in medicine and hospital providing fast recovery of people. Huge buildings, restaurants and multiplexes are a source of each and every thing that one can need at an affordable price. 24 hours electricity and high speed Internet connectivity make life more easier. Just by few clicks of index finger,multiple options pop up resulting in fast living.

Difficulties of Town Life

Even though, town life is having lots of advantages, there are certain negative issues as well. The vegetables and fruits that we consume are contaminated causing harm to us. In severe cases it may cause cancer. Tremendous traffic causes frequent road accidents. Pollution is a major problem in town life. Obnoxious gases emitted from cars, cutting down of trees, remnants from industries cause pollution which leads to depletion of Ozone Layer in the atmosphere.Direct UV rays from Sun causes huge damage and destruction to mankind. People fall ill frequently affected by harmful diseases like pneumonia, typhoid, dengue, tuberculosis and many more. Water and noise pollution are also quite common. So healthy living is hampered to some extent as far as town life is concerned.

Facilities of Village Life

Now, let's come to the world of greens, fresh air and water. There is a term which we call for all this good qualities. If you do not know, I will mention that term here. This is what we call as villages. Standing in the middle, anywhere we ponder over, there lie lushes of green and yellow vegetation. Villages are being noted for the practice of agricultural works. Cereals, pulses are seen to grow everywhere to meet our huge demand. Little huts are seen here and there accompanied by plantations . Business of people is less observed. Village offers a pollution free region where though technology is not that developed but it's a source of pure and fresh fruits and vegetables. In a nutshell, village offers pleasant scenic beauty which is a source of pure and fresh food.

Difficulties of Village Life

Difficulties are more likely there. Lack of proper education is the main cause of concern. As a result people are unaware of sanitation and hygiene health. Hospitals and clinics are not much developed. So suffering of people is more. Scarcity of proper school is also a major problem. Unemployment and poverty are the major problems there as percentage of literate people is very less. Even there are parts of villages which are deprived of the electrical facilities.


Both of these town and village lives come with their own set of benefits and difficulties. However the Government is grossly concerned with the problems faced in either of the lives and is taking prompt action to curb such situations.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao21 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

These days even in villages also we have internet facility, mobile facility, cable connection facility and movie theatres also. So there is no problem for time pass. A very calm and free roads , good air, good greenery are the advantages of villages. Only problem which is making people to run away from villages is employment potential. Many villages don’t have any chance of employment creation. As the villages are mainly agriculture based. If the employment avenues can be created near villages, staying in a village is always a pleasure.

The author has made a very good attempt to bring the comparison between Village and town and he is successful in doing that. A good article.

Author: Natarajan21 Oct 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

I agree with the author that for the sake of a city dweller tag or staying in cities for work or better facilities, we pay a huge price in terms of air and noise pollution, increased crime and cost of living. If life is fast paced in the cities, it's at a leisurely pace in the villages. For good health care, people have to travel long distances. Employment opportunities are not as good as in the cities. I agree with Dr.Rao, the face of the Indian villages are changing, they have better phone and internet access. The youngsters are certainly driving the good two wheeler bikes and slowly the evils of the city life are percolating into the village life too.

One parting thought - people from villagers want to come to the towns and metros, stressed people from cities dream of the peaceful village life. The grass always looks greener on the other side.

Author: Srijita Dey21 Oct 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Very well said Nataranjan. Living in the fast moving world, we sometimes feel like standing or sitting still amidst the greens. Life becomes monotonous at times even in such business. On the other hand, village dwellers dream to stay in large houses with several facilities. Thanks to you for your valuable contribution and please do add inputs to these articles so that they can be more helpful towards readers.

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