Applications and Implications of Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is rapidly gaining attention from Start-Ups, Large Scale Enterprises and even Governments across the globe but what will it mean for the general public? Here are some major implications and applications of Quantum Computing.

Quantum computing is the next stage of evolution in Computer Science and it will be here sooner than we all think. Though the general public has a very limited understanding of this revolutionary leap in the world of computing and its applications in the real world, it will not take much effort for anyone to adapt to it just as it was with Smart Phones and Tablets. Only a few decades ago, a computer was as big as an average living room and today, we carry it in our pockets. Similarly, today a Quantum Computer is 20 Feet tall but futurists predict it will be small and handy in a few years. With the help of Cloud Technology, Quantum Computation will be made available to the general public on their Laptops and Smart Phones.

For the general public, Quantum Computing is something that will benefit only Large-Scale Corporations to generate more profits by decreasing human interference, which will eventually result in higher unemployment rates as a single Quantum Computer will be able to do more in 1 hour than an average worker can do in a month. To some extent, this may be true but if we look at the larger picture, Quantum Computing has applications that will make the world better, smarter and far more efficient for nearly every aspect of human life. So let's look at some of the areas of our everyday lives that will be significantly improved by Quantum Computing.

Advertising And Marketing

Every business regardless of its size and industry strives to attract a maximum number of customers for earning highest profits. Advertising their products or services to the most potential customer drastically reduces costs and increases revenue. Quantum Computing can analyze User behaviour, patterns and buying trends instantly, allowing companies to focus their marketing efforts only on customers most likely to engage with them. Even the customers are spared from viewing commercials of products or services they are least interested in buying.


Today, most farmers depend on traditional and time-consuming methods for testing soil fertility to determine it's composition and decide which crops to grow and despite detailed planning, the crops can be destroyed due to unforeseen circumstances like weather changes. A Quantum Computer can simultaneously compile weather data compiled by a satellite over a decade, analyze soil fertility and predict which crops have the chances of yielding best results in a fraction of a second.


Self-driving cars are already in store for the general population but manufacturers are still struggling to make them more intelligent to avoid accidents occurring due to heavy traffic in cities around the world. Quantum Computing is the ultimate answer to this problem. Not only will it allow the Self-driving cars to avoid accidents, it will help them decide the shortest and quickest routes by analyzing traffic data collected over large periods of time even before you get in the vehicle.

Banking And Finance

One of the largest industries that require hundreds of thousands of calculations per minute is Banking. These calculations consume an extraordinary amount of computing power flooding the servers with requests. Quantum Computing will reduce this power requirement by a thousand folds. Banking institutions will be able to verify transactions, check customer credit history and accurately calculate potential risk while extending loans to customers in no time. Customers with good credit histories will be able to get instant approvals for Credit Cards and Loans without having to meet the Bank staff or submit any paper-work for manual reviews.


Since Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, the defense is now categorised into physical defense and cyber defense. Quantum Computing has applications for both aspects. Governments and Intelligence Agencies are eager to implement this future tech to their mission-critical software to improve battle outcomes and early threat detection. For Cyber Security, Quantum Computing can create complex encryptions to secure sensitive information from Cyber attacks.


The power of quantum computation will allow product development companies to create smarter solutions for customers by identifying key problems and best solutions for them. It will also be easier to discover new and efficient ways to create clean energy leading to more productivity at lower costs.


With the help of Quantum Computation, Doctors will be able to detect fatal diseases like Cancer and AIDS at a very early stage. Far more effective drugs can be developed with a better understanding of how these diseases affect the human body and how to best reverse those effects. Drug manufacturers will be able to find most suitable chemical combinations and best methods to produce newly developed drugs making them easily available to masses at lower costs.

There are endless possibilities on what Quantum Computing can do for the general public and technologists predict that it will be available the masses commercially by 2025 and D Wave has already launched its first Quantum Computer priced at $15 Million per unit.

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