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Excel Model Question Paper

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MAY 20 2007 Model Question Paper

I. Answer the following:

1. Custom lists sub option is present in _________ option in ______ menu.
2. Status bar is available at the bottom of the window (T/F)
3. __________ is the extension of excel files.
4. _________ sub option is available in fill option in edit menu.
5. Maximum number of Characters in sheet name is _______.
6. Fill option has _______ number of sub options.
7. ___________ is the shortcut key to go to next worksheet.
8. Ctrl+1 is used to _________.
9. Subtotal option is available in tools menu (T/F)
10. Clear option can has ________ number of sub option.
11. ________ is a shortcut key used to edit a cell.
12. Char (65) will return _______.
13. Mid(“Welcome to CSC”, 4, 4) will return __________
14. ________ is the last cell name in a worksheet.
15. Paste special and Paste hyperlink are same (T/F).
16. We can not create a style in user (T/F)
17. _________ is the shortcut key used suddenly move to the last row in a worksheet.
18. _______ and _______ number of rows and columns are there in a worksheet.
19. Auto format and Conditional format are same (T/F).
20. _________ is used to open a already existing workbook.
21. Text to column is present in _________ menu.
22. To navigate from one sheet to another _______ shortcut key is used.
23. __________ is the shortcut key for Spell Check.
24. round (78.748,2) will return _______.
25. We can change cell name (T/F).
26. __________ is the default view in MS-Excel.
27. =if(10<5,”small”,”big”) will return _______.
28. Ctrl+B is used to _________.
29. We can sort with maximum of 3 fields (T/F).
30. All formulas and functions will present using _________ symbol.
31. Split and Freeze pane are same (T/F).
32. ______ and _____ is the shortcut key used to hide and unhide a selected row.
33. Maximum number of worksheet in a workbook is _________.
34. The maximum ZOOM percentage is _________.
35. We can attach notes in more than one cell at a time. (T/F)
36. _______ is the shortcut key to insert a chart sheet.
37. Group and Outline are present in _______.
38. We can’t hide a workbook (T/F).
39. Roman (7). it will return _________.
40. Auditing option is present in _______ menu.
41. Proper (“world wide web”). it will return __________.
42. _________ Key is used to hyperlink the text.
43. ABS (-45676). It will return _______.
44. In Excel column ranges from _______ to _______.
45. ________ Option in _________ menu is used to adjust one cell at a time in worksheet.
46. _________ is the shortcut for REDO.
47. To close a Workbook _________ is used.
48. Across work sheet sub option is present in ________ option in ________ menu.
49. Today ( ) returns _______.
50. ______ is the shortcut key for replace command.
51. The left side of the formula bar is called as __________.
52. Chart and PivotChart are same (T/F).
53. Copy con cut the text using after ________ the information.
54. _________ and ________ are two types of chart type.
55. Form option is present in _______ menu.
56. Move or copy sheet option is present in __________ menu.
57. Pre-defined functions present in _____ menu.
58. _________ is the shortcut key used for paste command.
59. To display system date and time using __________ function.
60. _______ option and _______ menu is used to reporting a chart.
61. Text are _______ aligned and numbers are _______ aligned in excel.
62. Auditing option has _______ number of sub options.
63. Set of worksheets are called _________.

Answer any Five of the following:

1. Write all the option in view menu.
2. Explain Fill option in EDIT MENU.
3. Write a macro program to find the given string is a palindrome or not.
4. Write short notes on track changes with all option.
5. Explain form, text to columns.
6. Write about consolidate. How to work with consolidate.
7. Explain fill option.
8. Differentiate the following.
a) Save b)Save As c)Save As workspace d)Print e)Print preview.
9. Explain page setup option.
10. Explain the following
a) Protect worksheet
b) Protect workbook
c) Unprotect a range
11. Explain about consolidate and Validation.
12. Explain clear option in edit menu.
13. Explain Format menu.
14. Write a program to find biggest of 3 numbers.
15. Write the steps in creating a chart.
16. Explain goal seek and Auditing command.
17. Explain any 5 numeric functions.
18. What is the use of arrange option explain it.
19. Explain different views in your workbook.
20. Write a step to create pivot table chart report.
21. Explain the following.
a) Protect worksheet.
b) Protect workbook.
c) Unprotect a range.

22. Write the macro to find whether a given string is a palindrome or not.
23. Explain any five Data function.
24. Explain goal seek and auditing command.
25. Explain any 5 numeric functions.
26. Explain clear Option in edit menu.
27. Explain format menu.
28. Write a program to find Biggest of 3 numbers.
29. Explain any five data functions.
30. Difference between:
a). save and save as.
b). cut past, copy past
31. Short notes on sub total and table.
32. Explain about Filter command.

Answer any Two of the following
1. Explain the following category and any five function with syntax.
a). Logical function.
b). Database function.
c). Text (or) String function.
2. Write short notes on below the details.
a). Save workspace
b). Header & footer
c). Delete
d). Cells
e). Form
3. Answer the following.
a) How to work with scenarios explain it,.
b) Write a program to print the given string in Reverse order
using loops.
4. Write all the options in data menu.
5. Explain insert menu.
6. Explain any five date and string function.
7. Explain the following.
a) Write about record macro.
b) Explain format menu with all options.
8. Explain the following.
a) Write a step to create a chart.
9. Write about data menu.
10. Explain group and outline, past Special.
11. Explain any five data and string function.
12. Write about chart and its types, also the steps the

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