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Paper 1.1 - Introduction to Journalism

Definition, Nature and Scope of Journalism - Qualifications, Duties and Responsibilities of Journalists - Journalism as a profession - Media and Society. Characteristics of Mass Media: Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, TV, Cinema, Folk Media.

Journalistic Terminologies - Four theories of press - professional organizations; ABC, INS, AFWF, AINEC, Karnataka Media Academy.

Journalistic writing, characteristics and types - news, features, articles, editorials, columns, letters to the editors & review.

Introduction to Specialization in Journalism - Business Journalism - Magazine Journalism - Film Journalism - Community Journalism - Tabloid Journalism, On-line Journalism.

Code of ethics for media - brief introduction to recent trends in mass media; Cultural imperialism, Infotainment, media activism, agenda setting, gate keeping, page 3 journalism.

Books for References:

Beyond Those Headlines - Ed. By M. V. Desai and Seventi Ninan, Media Foundation, Allied Publishers Ltd.

Mass Communication and Journalism in India - D S Mehta

Mass Communication - A Critical analysis - Keval J Kumar

Indian Journalism - B. G. Varghese

Professional Journalism - M. V. Kamat

Mass Communication in India - Kevak J Kumar

Theory and Practice of Journalism - B. N. Ahuja

Professional Journalist - John Hohenberg

Advanced Journalism - Adardh Kumar Verma

Exploring Journalism - Wolseley and Campbell

Mass Communication - Wilbur Schram

Understanding Media - Mardhall Mc luhan

Theories of Mass Communication - Uma Narula

Folk Media for Development - N. Usha Rani

15. Theory & Practice of Journalism - B M Ahuja

Paper 1.2 (a) - Comparative Journalism (Optional)

Development of Newspaper and Periodicals in USA - Milestones in the history of American Journalism; Development of British Newspapers and Magazines - Milestones in the history of British journalism.

History of Journalism in India - Early Newspapers; Contribution of English Language Press to Freedom Struggle; Regional Language Press and Freedom Struggle.

Profile of Newspapers; Indian Express, Statesmen, The Hindu, Hindustan times, Times of India, Free Press Journal, National Herald, Anand Bazar Patrika, Amrita Bazar Patrika, The Tribune.

History of Kannada Journalism - Kannada Press in Pre - Independent India; Profile of Prominent Newspapers of Kannada.

Small Newspapers - Problems and Prospects; Press Commissions and Press Committees.

Books for Reference:

Indian Journalism - Nadig Krishnamurthy

History of Indian journalism - S. Natarajan

A History of the Press in India - S. Natarajan

Journalism in India - Rangaswami - Bhargava

American Journalism - Frank Luther Mott

The Press in America - Edwin Emery

March of Journalism - Harold Herd

Role of the Press Laws and Communication - B. N. Ahuja

History of Press, Press Laws and Communication - B. N. Ahuja

The World's Greatest Dailies - Merill and Fishes

Freedom Movement and the Press - The Role of Hindi Newspaper - M. Gopal

History of Indian Press: Growth of newspapers in India - B. N. Ahuja

Paper 1.2 (b) - Folk Media Communication (Optional)

Origin and meaning of the concept ` folk media' - characteristics of folk media - relevance of folk media in modern society.

Classification of folk media forms, important folk media forms in India - Folk songs, Folk dances, Folk theatre, Folk tales, Folk games and street plays.

Popular folks arts in Karnataka and their use in development communication: Yakshagana, Harikathe, Puppetry, Gee Gee & religious folk songs Dollu kunitha, Veeragase, Kamsale.

Popular folk media forms of Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharastra, Punjab.

Integrated use of Folk Media and Mass Media - role of government agencies like Song and Drama Division, Information and Publicity Department, Yakshagana Academy, prominent folk artists.

Books for References:

1. Folk Media For Development - Dr. N. Usha Rani

2. Folk Media & Communication - Ranganath H.K.

3. Traditional Folk Songs - Shyam Parmar

4. Folk Arts And Social Communication - Durgadas Mukhopadhya

5. Role Of Traditional Folk Media In Rural India - N. Vijaya

6. Folk Theatre In India - Gargi Balawant

7. The Indian Theatre - Mulk Raj Anand

8. Complete Book On Puppetry In India - Curre D.

9. The Passing Of Traditional Society - Daniel Lerner

10. Traditional Folk Media In India - Shyam Parmar

Paper 1.2 (c) - Survey of Kannada Journalism (Optional)

Genesis of Kannada press - Role of Kannada press in the freedom movement - Role of the Kannada press in the formation of Karnataka - Kannada press after independence.

Eminent personalities of Kannada press - Harman Moghley, Venkata Krishnaiah. D.V.Gundappa, P.R. Ramaiah, Siddavanahalli Krishna Sharma, Mohare Hanumantha Rao, Agaram Rangaiah, Kadengodlu Shankarabhatt, Nanjangudu Tirumalamba, T.T. Sharma, T.S.Ramachandra Rao, Khadri Shamanna, YNKrishnamurthy, P. Lankesh.

History of leading Kannada newspapers and magazines - Prajavani, Kannadaprabha, Samyuktha Karnataka, Udayavani, Vijayakarnataka, Sudha, Karmaveera, Taranga, Mayura, Kasturi, Mallige, Prapancha, Kannadamma.

Special Interest Magazines in Kannada - Women, Children's, Humour, Art & Culture, Literature and Film.

Contemporary issues in Kannada journalism - price war, tabloid journalism, e-papers, small newspaper committees, Kannada web journals, Kannada news agencies - future of Kannada journalism.

Books for Reference:

History of Indian Press - Growth of Newspaper in India, Surjith Publications, New Delhi (1988) - Ahuja B. N.

Role of Press in the Freedom Movement, Reliance, New Delhi (1987) - Motilal Bhargava

The Press in India, National Book Trust, New Delhi (1974) - Chalapati Rao M.

Indian Journalism, Prasaranga, Mysore University, Mysore (1966) - Nadig Krishnamurthy

Freedom Movement and The Press, Criterion Publications, New Delhi (1990) - Madan Gopal

`Kannadadalli Kale Sahityaka Patrikegalu' - Niranjana Vanalli

`Karnataka Patrika Ethihasa' (History of Karnataka Press) Vol. I, II, III, IV - Karnataka Press Academy

Paper 1.3 - Reporting

Meaning and Nature of Reporting - Qualifications & duties of a Reporter, Basics of Reporting - Process of Accreditation from Central and State Governments - Privileges given to Reporters by the Government.

News; Definition, Elements, Sources and Types - Structure of News - Format of News Writing; Lead and Body - Types of Lead.

Techniques of Reporting - Tools of News Gathering - Interview - Types and Techniques

Reporting Crime - Speech - Sports - Foreign - Accidents - Budget - Development; Reporting Executive - Legislature - Judiciary; Investigative Reporting - History - Case Studies - Techniques - Problems.

Objectivity in Reporting - Advocacy Reporting; Community Reporting - Panchayat Raj Reporting - Reporting for Local Newspapers

Books for Reference:

News Reporting - B. N. Ahuja and S. S. Chhabra

News Writing and Reporting - Mames M Neal and Suzanne S Brown

Investigative Reporting and Editing - P. N. Williams

Reporting for the Print Media - F. Fedler

Reporting - Mitchell V Charnley

Depth Reporting - Neal Copple

Interpretive Reporting - D. D. Mach Dougal

Writing for the Mass Media - James Glen Stevall

Journalism - G. K. Puri

Journalists Hand Book - M. V. Kanath

Professional Journalism =- M. V. Kamath

Reporting India 1973, 1974, 1976 - G. G. Mirchandani

Dateline Bhopal: A Newsman's Dairy of the Gas Disaster - A. Chishti

News Reporting and Editing - K. M. Srivastava

Paper 1.4 - Editing

Newsroom Organization - Small, Medium, and Big Daily - Editorial Staff Pattern; Role and Functions of the Editor, Chief Sub-Editor, Sub-Editors, News Editors and Staff.

Principles of Editing - Rewriting different copies - Computer Editing - Style Sheet.

Techniques of Headline Writing - News and Feature Headlines - types and Functions of Headlines.

Editorials - Function, Principles, Types; Letters to the Editor.

Newspaper Design and Layout - Design of inside pages; Forms of Design, Latest trends of Layout; Picture Editing and Caption Writing; Comparative study of Newspaper Makeup, Computer Page Makeup; Principle & Techniques of Page Makeup - Practicals.

Books for Reference:

News Editing - Bruce II Westley

The Art of Editing - P.K. Baskette and Jiz Sissors

The Sub-Editor's Companion - Michael Hides

The Simple Sub's Book - Lealie Sellers

The Techniques of Clear Writing - Robert Gunning

Handling Newspaper Text - Harold Evans

Newspaper Design - Harold Evans

News Headlines - Harold Evans

Elements of Newspaper Design - Ames

News Reporting and Editing - K. M. Srivastava

Paper 1.5 - Practicals (Papers 1.3 and 1.4)

Practical syllabus for Paper 1.3 - Reporting (Marks 40+10)

Provide content for preparing news reports on various topics viz., crime, sports, accidents, and politics.

Preparing Budget Report.

Writing Obituary.

Interview personalities and prepare reports.

Prepare list of questions for interview.

Practical syllabus for Paper 1.4 - Editing (Marks 40+10)

Headline writing.

Rewriting stories.

Translation of News reports.

Newspaper page-makeup.

Style sheet.

Computer page makeup.


Paper 2.1 - Feature Journalism

Feature: Definition and Characteristics - Feature Styles - Structure of a Feature - Story, Types of Feature.

Writing Feature - Sources of Ideas - Collection of materials; Presentations; Market for features; Feature Syndicates.

Freelancing - Illustrations - Illustrating the write-ups with photographs, drawings, maps, caricatures.

Review: Definition, Types of reviews - Book review, Film review, Drama review -Difference between review and criticism, Columns: Characteristics, Techniques of Writing Columns, Types of Column, Columnists.

Magazine Journalism: Nature, Importance, Functions, Techniques - Specialized Publication, Types of Magazine - Writing for women and children, Writing on Industry, Science and Technology, Sports, Agriculture, Films. Typography; Layout and Design of Features, Trends, Future of Magazines.

Books for Reference:

How to Criticize books- O Hinkle and J Henry

Effective Feature Writing - C A Sheenfeld

Modern Feature Writing - H F Harrington and Elme Scott Watson

Writing Feature Articles - A Practical Guide to methods and Markets - hennessy

Before My Eyes: Film Criticism and Comment - Kauffmann

Beyond the Facts - A Guide to the Art of Feature Writing

Freelancing - R K Murthy

Suddiyashte Alla - Niranjana Vanalli

Paper 2.2 (a) - Advertising (Optional)

Origin and Development of Advertising in the World and in India - Advertising, Definition, Nature and Scope, Advertising and Society, Types of Advertising.

Advertising and Propaganda, Publicity and PR - Advertising Agency; History, Structure, Organization, Functions, Commission System.

Ad. Copy, Visualization, Layout, Principles, Characteristics, Types and Strategies, Advertising media, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, TV, Outdoor, Direct Mail Order.

Brand Positioning - Media Planning, USP, Selection of Time and Space in Print and Electronic Media - Scheduling Advertisements - Ad. Campaign, Process, Strategies, Concepts and Principles of Marketing.

Economic, Social, Cultural, Psychological and Ethical aspects of Advertising - Ad. Research; Techniques of pre-test and Post-test, Consumer behaviour, Process of Market research.

Books for Reference:

Essential of Advertising - Chandan Singh and Malhan

Advertising Procedure - Otto Kleppner

Ogilvy in Advertising - David Ogilvy

Advertising Principles and Practice - Sethia and Chunawalla

Brand Positioning - Sengupta Subroto, Tata Mac Graw Hill Publishing Company

Advertising - Ahuja and Chhabra

Ad. Worlds - Brand Media and Audiences - Meyers, Greg

Broadcast Advertising - Sheriyl K Ziegler and Herbert H Howard

Paper 2.2 (b) - Corporate Communications (Optional)

Corporate Communication; Concept, Definition, Nature, Scope - Functions of PR - Role of PR as an effective means of organizational and social communication - Historical perspective of PR - Differentiation between Corporate Communication and Publicity, Propaganda, Advertising and Lobbying.

Corporate Communication Publics; Internal and External, Corporate Communication Process; Four stages of Corporate Communication - Corporate Communication Consultancy and Counseling.

Tools of Corporate Communication; House Journals, Press Release, Press Conference, Planned Tours, Brochures, Posters, Open House, Exhibitions, Audio-Visual Aid, TV, Film, Radio, Video and Demonstrations.

Corporate Communication and Management; Employee Relations, Financial Relations, Consumer Relations, Media Relations, Corporate Communication in Crisis Management, Case Studies.

Govt. Corporate Communication - Indian Information Service; Ministry of Information and Broadcasting; Genesis and Growth of media units in Central Govt. - Corporate Communication Research and Evaluation of Corporate Communication Programmes. Event Management - Process & Techniques.

Books for Reference:

Handbook of PR in India - D S Mehta

Public Relations - Ahuja and Chhabra

Public Relations in India - J M Kaul

The Challenge of PR - C K Sardana

Practical Public Relations - Sam Black

Lectures on Applied Public Relations - K R Balan

PR - A Scientific Approach - Baldeo Sahai

PR - What Research Tells Us - John Pavlik

The Practical Handbook of PR - Robert S Cole

Effective Public Relations - Cutlip & Centre

Handbook of Public Relations - Ravindran

Public Relations - Ahuja & Chandra

Handbook of PR in India - D S Mehta

Public Relations - Strategies & Tactics

Public Relations in India - Kaul J M

Paper 2.2 (c) - Photo Journalism (Optional)

Photo Journalism: History of Photography and Photo Journalism.

Photo Journalism: Definition, Nature, Scope and Functions of Photo Journalism - Qualification and Responsibilities of Photo Journalists, News Photographers and News Value, Types and Sources.

Selection, Criteria for News Photographs - Channels of News Pictures - viz., Wire, Satellite, Agency, Stock, Picture Library, Freelancer, Photo Editing, Caption Writing, Photo - presentation.

Legal and Ethical aspects of Photography - Professional Organizations - Camera - Components and Types of Camera, Types of Lens, Types of Films, Types of Filters - Importance of Light and Lighting Equipments - Camera Accessories - Picture appreciation.

Digital Camera - Digital Technology and its future - Darkroom Infrastructure - Film developing and Printing.

Books for Reference:

Basic Photography - Newnes

The Hanlyn Basic Guide to Photography - Hamlyn

Hamlyn Encyclopedia of Photography - Hamyln

History of Photography - Cyernshem G R

Photo Journalism - Rothsteline

Techniques of Photo Journalism - Milten Feinberg

Photo Journalism Manual - Bergin

Picture Editing - Stanley E Kalish and Clifton C Edom

News Photography - Jack Price

1000 Ideas for better News Picture - High Sidley and Rodney Fox

Press Photography - Rnede and Mc Cal

The Story of Photography - Longford

Pictures on a Page: Photo Journalism, Graphic and Picture Editing - Evans

Photo Journalism: The Professional's Approach - Kebre

Newspaper Photography: A Professional View of Photo Journalism today - John

Freelance Photographer's Handbook - Bedin

Practical Composition in Photography - Bruck

Photographic Color Printing: Theory and Technique - Current

A Short History of Press Photography - Tausk

Paper 2.3 - Principles of Communication

Communication; Definition, Nature and Scope of Communication - Sociological and Psychological aspects of Communication - Kinds of Communication; Intra-personal, Inter-personal, Group and Mass Communication, Verbal and Non - verbal Communication.

Diffusion process; One step, Two step, Multi step flow of Communication.

Communication models; Definition, Scope and Purpose of Models; Shannon and Weaver, Lasswell, Cagood and Schramm, Dance's Helical Model, Spiral Model, Reley and Riley Model, New Comb's ABX Model and Gerbner's Model, Diffusion of Innovation Model.

Communication Theories; Cognitive Dissonance, Selective Exposure, Perception and Retention, Uses and Gratification Approach, Cultivation Approach, Marxist and Neo-Marxist Approaches.

Traditional Media; Definition, Nature and Scope - Characteristics of Folk Media - Types of Folk Media; Folk Songs, Folk Dances, Folk Theatre - Improvisation of Folk form of Communication.

Books for References:

Mass Media and National Development - Wilbur Schramm

Passing of Traditional Society - Daniel Lerner

Communication and Development; A Critical Perspective - Evert M Rogers

Communication Theories, Origin, Methods, Uses - Werner Severin J and James W Tankard Jr., Longman Publications, 1988

Communication models for the study of Mass Communication - Denis Mc Quail and S. Ven Windah, Longman, Singapore Publications, 1981

Theories of Mass Communication - Melvin L Defluer and Sandra J Ball, Longman Publications

Communication for Development in the Third World - Srinivas R Melkote, Sage Publications, New Delhi, 1991

Diffusion of innovations - Evert M Rogers

Theories of Mass Communication - Uma Narula

Folk Media for Development - N Usha Rani

Mc Quali's Mass Communication Theory - Denis Mc Quail, Sage Publications

Mass Communicaiton Theory - Stanley J Baran & Dennis K Davis

Speech Communicaiton - William D Brooks

Paper 2.4 - Newspaper Business Management

Management Concept and its Application in Newspaper Organization - Organization Setup of a Newspaper.

Newspaper Registration, Types of Ownership Patterns and Operation, Merits and Demerits - Small Newspaper - Problems and Prospects.

Factors Affecting Newspaper Production - Newspaper Economics: Finance, Revenue, Expenditure, Raw Materials, Purchase of Machinery.

Circulation, Management, Promotion and Problems of Circulation, Status and Working Conditions of Newspaper Employees.

Housing & Arranging the Newspaper Production Plant - Problems, Financial & Legal Issues.

Books for Reference:

Law and the Media - An Everyday Guide for Professionals - Crone

Newspaper Management in the New Multi-Media Age - Mehre

Managing Electronic Media - Czech Beckerman

Newspaper Organization and Management - Herbert Lee Williams

Electronic Media Management - Mocavatt and Pringle

Media and Communication Managemant - C R Rayudu

Management Principles and Practice - S B Banerjee

Management: An Integrated Approach - Edited by R S Dwivedi, Nahal Publishing House

Management Principles and Practice - Dalton E Mac Forland

Communication and Management - Nataraja Kumar, Gyan Publishing House

Paper 2.5 - Practicals (Papers 2.1 and 2.2)

Practical Syllabus for Paper 2.1 - Feature Journalism (Marks 40 + 10)

Feature Writing

Article Writing

Editorial Writing

Column Writing

Letter to the Editor


Analytical News Writing (News Analysis)

Review Writing

Film Reviews

Drama Reviews

Art Reviews

Practical Syllabus for Paper 2.2

Advertising/Corporate Communications/Photo Journalism (Marks 40 + 10)

Practical Syllabus for Paper 2.2 (a) - Advertising (Marks 40 + 10)

Market Survey of a Consumer Product.

Preparing a print Advertisement for a new product incorporating basic elements.

Analysis of Advertisements in various publications (Space, Types of Ads in various publications)

Practical Syllabus for Paper 2.2 (b) - Corporate Communications (Marks 40 + 10)

Preparing a Press handout based on Company announcements/Annual Reports/Background Materials.

Analyzing Corporate Communication Activities of various organizations (A Student would visit one organization, collect information about its PR activities and present a report).

Analysis of the content of a house journal.

Preparing the blue print of a house journal.

Preparing press kit.

Practical Syllabus for Paper 2.2 (c) - Photo Journalism (Marks 40 + 10)

Photographing News Events.

Photographing Accidents.

Photographing Cultural Events.

Photographing Human Interests Stories.

Developing the Negatives.

Printing the Negatives.


Paper 3.1 - Media Law

Indian Constitution - Salient Features of Indian Constitution, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties.

Freedom of Speech and Expression with Special Reference to Freedom of Press in India - Constitutional expectations to Freedom of the Press, Case Studies, Law of Defamation, Sedition, Obscenity.

The Censorship - The Law of Parliamentary Privileges.

Right to Information - Right to Privacy, Case Studies - The Official Secrets Act 1923, The Copyright Act, The Press-Media council, The Contempt of Court Act, The Press and Registration of Book Act, Working Journalist Act, Rules of Newspaper Registration.

Press Commission - Laws relating to Broadcasting - Telecasting and Advertisement in India.

Books for Reference:

Law and the Media - An Everyday Guide for Professionals - Crone

Media and Ethics - S K Aggarwal

Mass Media Laws and Regulations in India - K S Venkataramaiah

Press and the Law - An Grover

Press in Chains - Zamir Naizi

Freedom of the Press - Some Recent Incidents - K S Venkataramaiah

Mass Media and Freedom of Press in India - K S Padhy

Battle for Freedom of Press in India - K S Padhy

Laws of Press in India - B Basu

The Press Council - T N Trekha

Paper 3.2 - Communication Research Methods

Nature and Meaning of Research - Types of Research - Pure and Applied - Types of Communication Research - Print and Electronic Media Research.

Review of Related Literature - Defining Research Problem - Research Objectives - Hypothesis, Meaning, Characteristics and Importance - Research Design - Sampling: Meaning & Types of Sampling, Probability & Non-Probability - Types of Probability Sampling.

Types of Research- Survey Research, Content Analysis, historical Research, Experimental Research, Ratings Research, Non-Ratings Research, Field Study.

Data Collection - Questionnaire, Interview Guide, Observation Methods, Rating Scales.

Data Analysis - Statistical Analysis - Use of Pre-Programmes Computer packages for Analysis - SPSS, Writing Research Reports, Organization, Use of Graphics & Visual Material.

Books for reference:

Scientific Social Surveys and Research - Pauline V Young

Research: An Introduction - Robert Ross

Sociological Research Methods - William J Good, Paul K Gat

Research in Education - John H Best, James V Than

Experimental Design in Behavioral Research - K D Broota

Research Methodology Methods Techniques - C R Kothari

Social Statistics - Bubert M Blalock Jr.

Behavioral research - Fred N Kerlinger

TV Kheda - A Social Evaluation of SITE - Aggarwal and Malik

Mass Media and Rural development: A Study of Village Communication in Bihar - A K Singh

Research and Communication Management - V P Micheal

Communication Research for Development - The ISRO Experience - Joshi Aggarwal

Qualitative Communication Research Methods - Thomas R Linglog

Media Analysis Techniques - Arthur Asa Berger


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