Sub Code: 08MBA26 IA Marks: 50
No. of Lecture Hour/Week: 04 Exam Hours: 3 Hours
Total No. of Lecture Hours: 56 Exam Marks: 100
MODULE 1 (6 Hours)
Research – Meaning, types, criteria of good research, marketing research,
scientific approach to research in physical and management science,
limitations of applying scientific methods in business research problems,
ethical issues in business research.
MODULE 2 (4 Hours)
Business Research: An overview - Research process, problem formulation,
management problem v/s. research problem, Steps involved in preparing
business research plan/proposal
MODULE 3 (8 Hours)
Business Research Design: Exploratory, Descriptive, & Causal research
Exploratory research: Meaning, suitability, collection, hypothesis
Descriptive research: Meaning, types of descriptive studies, data collection
Causal research: Meaning, various types of experimental designs, types of
errors affecting research design.
MODULE 4 (8 Hours)
Data collection: Primary and Secondary data – Sources –
Data collection Methods – Observations, Survey, Interview and
Questionnaire design, Qualitative Techniques of data collection.
Measurement & Scaling Techniques: Nominal Scale, Ordinal Scale,
Interval Scale, Rating Scale, Criteria for good measurement, attitude
measurement – Likert’s Scale, Semantic Differential Scale, Thurstone-equal
appearing interval scale, MDS – Multi Dimensional Scaling.
MODULE 5 (7 Hours)
Hypothesis: Meaning, Types, characteristics, sources, Formulation of
Hypothesis, Errors in hypothesis testing, Parametric and Nonparametric test:
T-test, Z-test, F-test, U-test, Rank-Sum test, K-W test. (Theory only).
MODULE 6 (6 Hours)
Sampling: Meaning, Steps in Sampling process, Types of Sampling -
Probability and non probability Sampling Techniques, Errors in sampling.
MODULE 7 (8 Hours)
Data Analysis: Editing, Coding, Classification, Tabulation, Analysis, &
Statistical Analysis of Business Research: Bivariate Analysis (Chi-square
only), Multivariate Analysis - Factor Analysis, Discriminant Analysis,
Cluster Analysis, Conjoint Analysis,
ANOVA – One-way & Two-way classification (Theory only).
MODULE 8 (5 Hours)
Research report: Oral report, Written reports, Types &
Advantages/Disadvantages of oral and written reports, Components of
written research report.
Case studies in Indian context only (4 Hours)

1. Marketing Research – Naresh K Malhotra – Pearson Education
2. Business Research Methods- S.N.Murthy/U.Bhojanna- Excel
3. Business Research Methods–Donald R. Cooper & Pamela S
4. Marketing research: Text and cases- Rajendra Nargundkar – TMH
2/e, 2004.
5. Business Research Methods – Alan Bryman & Emma Bell,

1. Research Methodology- C R Kothari- Vishwa Prakashan, 2002
2. Business Research Methods – William G Zikmund- Thomson,
3. Research Methods – William M C Trochim-Biztantra,2/e, 2007
4. Marketing Research – A Parasuraman, Dhruv Grewal – Biztantra,
5. Business Research Projects – Jimme Keizer, Piet Kempen, 2006
6. Methodology of Research in Social Sciences – O R Krishnaswami,
M Ranganatham, HPH, 2007

Reference: http://www.vtu.ac.in/

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