How To Diagnose and Prevent Dengue Fever

This article tells about the expressions of Dengue fever and how to understand if a person is suffering from Dengue fever. Also read further to know about the investigations for Dengue Fever and treatment for Dengue fever.

Dengue fever is just like all viral fevers, but sadly it can quickly turn into a deadly disease as the complications occurs very fast.

It is caused by a virus and mode of transmission is a mosquito Aedes aegypti which mainly breed in fresh water stored in uncovered container. It inhabitats dwelling and bite during the day.

Though it can occur in all seasons but incidence increases in hot rainy season(August to October)

Types of Dengue Fever

There are three types of Dengue fever
a) Classical Dengue
b) Dengue haemorrhagic fever
c) Dengue shock syndrome

Classical dengue presents with fever, headache, backache with severe myalgia so it is also called BREAK BONE FEVER. Fever last for a week and some maculo papular rash can occur begining from the trunk. Epistaxis can also be a feature.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever is the start of complication and as the name suggests there is internal bleeding leading to fall in blood pressure and shock, platelet count is reduced and ultimately lead to shock causing Dengue shock syndrome.

How to diagnose Dengue Fever

Any fever leading to pain in bones and muscles with abdominal pain, Dengue should be suspected, and if there is any rash or bleeding, an urgent attention is required.
Generally it is diagnosed serologically by detecting Dengue IgM for acute infection which usually appears on 4th day of fever and chronic infection by Dengue IgG.
Platelet count is must and reduced platelet count is very much suggestive of Dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Treatment for Dengue Fever

As in other viral fever treatment here too is supprtive which includes rest, plenty of fluid and close observation. If during observation any sort of bleeding is noticed from gums, nose or under skin or black stool or if the skin is cold and clammy, immediate platelet count should be done and patient should be admitted.
Blood transfusion and Fresh frozen plasma or sometimes Platelet transfusion is required. Ionotripic agents may be given in shock status.

How to prevent Dengue Fever

This is the most important part and is mainly done by prevention of mosquito bites. We generally use mosquito coils or net during night but Aedes as I mentioned above bite during day time. So babies or old aged person who usually rest at night may be cautious of mosquito bites and should take adequate measure for that.

Usually we think that only dirty place and dirty water is the inhabitat of mosquitoes but it is of Anopheles mosquitoes which is vector for malaria. Mosquitoes spreading Dengeu as I mentioned breed in fresh uncovered water in containers, so we must keep the collected water always covered.

I think my article may be helpful for readers and may take precautions and prevent such a deadly disease.


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Author: Tara04 Nov 2008 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1


Thankyou for your information on How to diagnose and prevent Dengue fever. Hope everyone reads this article get familiar with the symptoms of fever, so that it can be diagnised at the early stages. As you said it can turn out to be a deadly disease.


Author: Sunil04 Nov 2008 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

In recent times there has been too many deaths due to dengue fever and some simple precautions can prevent this as per the article, its really a nice and informative article.

Author: m.v. subba raju04 Nov 2008 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hi Sandy,

Really it is very helpful article. Though we see in papers about dengue fever we will not care much. But you have given the details in simple english and all the important information has been provided by you. Not only ISC members but also I wish general public also should know about this.

Subba Raju, MV
Member, ISC

Author: Viswa04 Nov 2008 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


Really a good article, and this is the time to know symptoms and prevention of such fevers.

And the point "Mosquitoes spreading Dengue as I mentioned breed in fresh uncovered water in containers, so we must keep the collected water always covered." has to be followed by all - at least by the ISC and in term ISC members have to make awareness about this to their neighbours, friends and others.

Prevention of mosquito bites is another way of preventing disease. This can be achieved either by personal protection or by using mosquito nets/ bats.

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