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User Manual of Loksatta FontFreedom 3.0 Lite - A Free Format Editor for working in Indian Languages

Thank you for purchasing Loksatta FontFreedom CD. You are now on your superhighway to computing in your own language, expressing yourself in a better way in the language you speak.

You might have felt the need to communicate in your own mother tongue many a times. However you may not have been able to do so for want of suitable software that's affordable to your pocket and yet take care of all your computing needs in your mother tongue. We at IL Infotech Pvt Ltd have understood this need and have collaborated with The Indian Express Group, to bring to you the convenience of working in your own language. Loksatta FontFreedom is a result of many man-years of R & D in the field of Indian Language Computing.

We are living in the Information Technology age. For a multi-lingual, Multi-Cultural country like India, computing solutions in Indian Languages was a must. A number of software packages in Indian Languages are now available. Indian Language computing has been popular since years now. So what's new about Loksatta FontFreedom? Is it just another of those many word processors available in the market today? Is it just like those many packages like iLeap, Ankur, Sandesh and many more?

Well, Loksatta FontFreedom differs from those packages in many ways. Loksatta FontFreedom is a Free Format Editor for working in Indian Languages.

Unlike those other packages where you are allowed to type in particular fonts supplied by the developer, Loksatta FontFreedom offers you as many as 12 beautifully designed fonts of it's own and also facilitates you to use over 300 different fonts from different other vendors such as C-DAC, Akruti, BharatBhasha etc. This means, now you can even edit a document you have received in AkrutiDev series font, even if you don't have Akruti Software with you. This also means, you can now edit a document composed in C-DACs DV-TT font, even if you don't have that package installed. All you need is the font in which the document is composed.

Loksatta FontFreedom facilitates you to edit your documents in Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Bengali & Punjabi. It also facilitates you to transliterate your document from one language to another. Thus you can make use of a number of fonts in Devnagari. The list of these is given in the technical specifications.

Loksatta FontFreedom allows you to format your document with attributes like Bold, Italic, Color etc.

We have included a few essentials with Loksatta FontFreedom. These include a standalone Web Browser that allows you to search Marathi web sites on the Internet and an E-mail client for sending your mails in your language. It has the capability to convert documents from one font format to another, something that was missing since the commencement of Indian Language Computing about a decade back. We have integrated the capability of converting any document in any devnagari font format to another, like, from C-DAC to ShreeLipi, Akruti to C-DAC and so on. This feature will prove to be a boon for Indian Language computing.

Loksatta FontFreedom allows you to surf the web through its integrated browser. It also allows you to send your e-mail in the language of your choice. It allows you to search the web for Marathi and Hindi web sites on the Internet, through it's integrated search engine.

In short, Loksatta FontFreedom is a unique, cost effective, simple to use, multi keyboard, Multi font, Multi Format Indian Language software that teaches your personal computer to do great things for you. You can write letters, send e-mails, make databases, compose books, design greeting cards, all at the convenience of a click of your own mouse on your own computer in your home !

Technical Specifications

Name of Software : Loksatta FontFreedom – Free Format Editor for Indian Languages
Version : 3.0 Lite
Date of Release : October 14th, 2001.
No of Formats : 5 Devnagari, 1 Gujarati, 1 Punjabi and 1 Bengali
Names of Formats : Millennium Series ( 12 Fonts )
ILDV Series ( More than 100 Fonts )
C-DACs DV-TT Series ( More than 100 Fonts )
AkrutiDev Series ( More than 100 Fonts )
Akruti's AKLite Series ( 4 Fonts )
Lscape Series ( 3 Fonts )
Langscape Series ( 3 Fonts Bilingual )
BharatBhasha ( 4 Devnagari Fonts )
BharatBhasha ( 1 Punjabi Font )
BharatBhasha ( 1 Gujarati Font )
BharatBhasha ( 1 Bengali Font )

Keyboards Supported English Phonetic
Devnagari Phonetic 86
Devnagari Phonetic 88
TypeWriter ( Only for ILDV, Millennium, LscapeRegDev, AkrutiDev and AKLite
Series ).
DOE Typewriter ( Only for ILDV, Millennium, Lscape & AKLite Series )
BharatBhasha (Shivaji and Shusha fonts)

Who can use Loksatta FontFreedom?

Loksatta FontFreedom is mainly aimed at Home computer users, willing to write in their own mother tongue. It is also very useful tool for Small offices, newspapers, large organisations, publishing houses and many others.

With the widespread use of computers in the home sector, the need of computing in one's own language is much felt. With the availability of some of the editing tools, people have started using languages on their desktop PCs. However, there always has been a limitation on the use of such software. Most of the software titles are heavily priced, which burdens the user pockets. The so-called Lite versions of these software are often supplied with many important features disabled or with a time limit. Again there is a limitation on the use of the number of fonts supplied. In most of the cases there are only 3 to 5 fonts supplied with such software.

Another angle to this issue is the use of different software at different locations. This causes problems in inter-exchangeability of the documents composed by various people. As an example, a file composed in a government office in one city may not be viewable in the office in another city. This is purely because of lack of standardisation.

Loksatta FontFreedom comes in as a handy solution to people looking out for simple to use, cost effective and versatile solution for computing in Indian Languages.

Loksatta FontFreedom makes use of the phonetic typing style. This means, one has to type just as if he would have been talking. Most of the characters in Devnagari are mapped with similarly sounding characters in English. Thus ' vç ' is mapped to 'n' and ' Hç ' is mapped to 'p'. You can read more about this in the appropriate section of this manual. The significance of this feature is that it facilitates the user to start typing in the language in just a few minutes of understanding of the keyboard. Anyone knowing normal English keyboard can start typing in Marathi or Hindi or Gujarati.

With the new age culture of studying in English medium schools, lot many youngsters are not at all aware of their own mother tongue. This generation can surely benefit from the use of Loksatta FontFreedom.

Loksatta FontFreedom is a great tool for non-resident Indians who want to write to their families and friends back home as also for those of you wishing to write to your friends and relatives staying in nooks and corners of the world.

There are many business users of Loksatta FontFreedom. These include Newspapers, Book Publishers, DTP Houses, Journalists, Individuals and of course Government Organisations.

Since Loksatta FontFreedom supports typing in different font formats, people find it easy to edit documents received from others and send them back to the original writer.

Loksatta FontFreedom, along with FontSuvidha-Devnagari Font Converter, makes it a perfect combination for working seamlessly in Devnagari. Almost all the sections of the society are benefiting from this duo.

System requirements

For effective use of Loksatta FontFreedom, the following hardware and software requirements must be met.

Pre-requisites to download and install Loksatta FontFreedom Fonts

Processor : Any Pentium class PC. The program may work on a 486 also but this can not be guaranteed.
Monitor : VGA
RAM : Minimum 16 MB. However for better performance 32 MB is recommended.
Hard Disk Space : Minimum 20 MB. However for additional fonts and clip arts, you may need more space.
Operating System : MS Windows 97 / 98 / ME. The program may work on Windows 2000 system but this can not be guaranteed. If you wish to use Loksatta FontFreedom on Windows 95 machine, you will need to install Internet Explorer 5.5 from this CD.
Other : Internet Explorer 4.0 or above. (If this is not installed on your system, you will not be able to install and use Loksatta FontFreedom. You can install Internet Exporer 5.5 from the CD. It is available in the browsers\IE directory.

All the above pre-requisites are an absolute must for you to install and use Loksatta FontFreedom

Limitation - This program may not work properly with Windows NT, Windows 2000 and other servers.

Installation - Loksatta FontFreedom is very easy to install. It has an interactive installation procedure. This is explained in the Quick Installation Guide distributed with the CD.

Items Available In The Program Menu

CilpBoard Converter-Formatted Text - More Information Available in FontSuvidha Manual

CilpBoard Converter-UnFormatted Text - More Information Available in FontSuvidha Manual

Explore CD - You can view the content of the CD

Font Samples - You can view the font samples

FontFreedom Basic - Invoke (Start) the FontFreedom Basic Program

FontFreedom MultiFont
Invoke (Start) the FontFreedom MultiFont Program

FontFreedom User Manual - This File (Printing is highly recommended for instant reference)

FontSuvidha User Manual - Manual of FontSuvidha (Printing is highly recommended for instant reference)

Keyboard Help - Help File for English Phonetic Keyboard

MS-Word Doc Converter - More Information Available in FontSuvidha Manual

MS-Word Quick Converter - More Information Available in FontSuvidha Manual

Online Help - Help in HTML Format

Presentation - Presentations available on the CD

Sample File - Sample file for demo of conversion programs

Working with Loksatta FontFreedom

Using Loksatta FontFreedom on your desktop is very easy. It uses the standard windows interface as with any other software. The menus are all self explanatory.

You can make use of all the supported font Families mentioned in the list above. An important thing to remember here is that we are NOT distributing third party fonts with Loksatta FontFreedom. If you have these fonts, you can very well make use of them with Loksatta FontFreedom. We have included the fonts of Millennium, ILDV & BharatBhasha Series.

You can facelift the looks of the document with the various options offered by Loksatta FontFreedom.
Also you can take a print of the document. But you can not set the page layout. For this kind of advanced feature printing from word is recommended. That is copying the text to the word and then setting the page layout and then taking the print.

One more interesting feature of Loksatta FontFreedom is its ability to transliterate the document from one language to another. Thus, even if you don't know to type your contents in a particular language, you can type it in the language known to you and then just apply the desired language font to the content. This transliterates the selected text to the desired language.

You can use Bilingual fonts in Loksatta FontFreedom. These fonts are from the Langscape Series and are available in Fonts/bilingual folder on your CD. During installation these fonts get installed on your computer. However if you do not find these in the folder, you can install them from the CD.

Yet another interesting feature included in Loksatta FontFreedom is that it can send the document as e-mail. For sending the e-mail it is however necessary that the recipient has the fonts used by you on his desktop. If you are sure that the recipient has the fonts with him, you can just go ahead. However, if you have doubts, you can compose the document in MillenniumVarun font. The system then sends a header to the recipient about the font being used and also provides him a link for download of the font from the web site.

The integrated Web Browser allows you to search web sites in Marathi from our web site www.marathisrushti.com and also to surf the net. The browser has a search window where you can type the string you want to search for. The search engine will then display the search result in the browser window. This web site has a large collection of resources about Marathi on the World Wide Web. If you happen to know any Marathi or Maharashtra related web sites, please do let us know so that we can include these in our database.

Coupled with the exciting feature of conversion of documents from one font to another, Loksatta FontFreedom offers you the absolute freedom of working in your mother tongue.

Starting Loksatta FontFreedom

Whenever you want to work in Devnagari, you can start Loksatta FontFreedom from the Start-Program Menu of Windows. Here you will find two options.


This mode allows you to type your document using different fonts at any time. This effectively allows you to decorate your documents with different fonts. You can even use Multiple font Formats while composing your document. You can use all the text decorating tools available in the software. You can convert your documents from one font to another using selection of text. The text thus selected will be converted to the desired font.

Due to some properties & limitations of different display drivers and monitors, the Velanti and Ukar characters may not show up properly on some of the screens. Although the characters are typed properly, visually you may feel that they are not typed. If the monitor you are using shows up this way, you can overcome it by some experience. In most of the cases, increasing the font size while typing can be a better solution for this. Once your typing is done, you can restore the size. In such case even if you do not see these Velantis and Ukars, you can take it for sure that you have typed them. For advanced decoration of the document, you can safely copy-paste the typed text into MS Word and decorate it. However, if you feel you have any problems working in this mode, we suggest you to use the other mode.

The file made in this module can be saved as a .RTF (Rich Text Format) file. This can be then opened in any other windows based program including MS Word that supports Rich Text Format. A RTF file can be suitably placed in applications like Pagemaker etc.


This mode allows you to type your document in one single font only. You can decorate your document to some extent. However, you will not be able to convert the text selectively, as in the case of the MultiFont Mode. If you try to convert text from one font to another, the entire text in the file will be converted. In this mode, the editor will open with the conversion feature disabled. You can open a text file in this mode. However, if a particular document opened by you is shown up as garbage, you will have to first select a proper font in which the document was originally typed. Once you see the document properly, you can start typing in that font. Whenever you want to convert any document, you will have to enable the conversion feature from the Format menu, or by clicking the icon on the toolbar.

Selecting the right Keyboard

After you select the mode, you will be required to select the keyboard in which you want to type your document. FontFreedom gives you choice of Six popular keyboards. English phonetic keyboard, Phonetic-88, phonetic-86, Typewriter, DOE Typewriter & BharatBhasha. For those of you who are already using any Devnagari Keyboard, it will be very easy to use the same keyboard here. For those who are new to typing in Devnagari, the English Phonetic Keyboard is the best choice. Keyboard help is included with the package.

For those of you who do not have any previous typing experience in Devnagari, we suggest the use of English Phonetic Keyboard. Using the English Phonetic Keyboard is very easy and one can learn Marathi or Hindi Typing in a few minutes.

The language selector tool helps you switching between English and Devnagari when you are using Bilingual font.

Conversion Features Integrated in Loksatta FontFreedom

We have integrated some of the exciting features of our product FontSuvidha with Loksatta FontFreedom. With the help of this, you can convert documents from one format to another. As an example, if your friend has sent you a file composed in C-DAC font, and if you do not have the font, you will see it as a junk. Using the conversion features, you can just convert the text composed in C-DAC font into your desired font, say, MillenniumVarun. This is done instantly and you will be able to see the contents of the file. You will also be able to work on the file and can send it back to your friend after processing or putting your remarks.

We have included a comprehensive guide of the converter features. Refer FontSuvidha Manual for details.
To learn more about Fonts, Font Formats, Font Families, keyboard mapping, font standards and how to use the converter, Please refer the FontSuvidha Manual.

Samples of Fonts used in Loksatta FontFreedom
( You will be able to see the following lines if you have these fonts installed on your system. )

BharatBhasha Series

maora Baart mahana Ö iSavaajaI 01 Ö 12
maora Baart mahana Ö iSavaajaI 05 Ö 12
maora Baart mahana Ö sauYaa Ö 12

For a complete list and samples of the fonts supported by Loksatta FontFreedom, please glance through the Font Sample page on the Loksatta FontFreedom CD.

Loksatta FontFreedom Keyboards

Loksatta FontFreedom gives you choice of seven popular keyboards. English phonetic keyboard, Phonetic-86, Phonetic-88, TypeWriter, DOE, BharatBhasha (Shivaji and Shusha fonts) and ITR (dev). The keyboard help is included with the package. The images of these keyboards are included on this CD so that you can print these for your ready reference. These are available in keyboards.htm file in Utilities folder on the CD.


We strongly recommend you to register your copy by sending in the registration form back to us. This will help us in serving you in a better way. You will be intimated about new releases and versions of the software in the time to come. These updates will be made available to you at a nominal special cost.

Registration card can be sent by post or e-mail. If you do not send in your registration card, we may not be able to provide you full support.

The registration card is available in the Loksatta FontFreedom jacket.

Our Other Products

We have a range of application products in Indian Languages. Some of these are-

FontSuvidha – Devnagari Font Converter
FontFreedom DevSuite – Application development toolkit for Devnagari & Gujarati
Devnagari Diary – A Personal Information Manager
DevSearch – A Devnagari Search Engine Interface for the Web
FontKhajana - Collection of over 200 Devnagari fonts for use with FontFreedom & Akruti Products
Document Management System – For managing your letters and other documents digitally.
News Management System – A great Automation utility for regional language Newspapers.
WebVigyl – A handy Utility for Webmasters to keep a Round the Clock watch on their websites.

For More information on these products please visit our web site www.cybershoppee.com or write to us.

Services offered

We offer services in the fields of Web Consultancy, Web Designing and allied fields. We are leaders in Development of Regional Language web sites. We also have solutions for newspaper and magazines to venture into the field of Internet. We offer automated solutions to Newspapers and Magazines to publish their web editions.

We have a web server running in USA as well as in Mumbai. We offer web-hosting services at attractive rates.

As a part of our Web related services, we have developed some special applications for webmasters, who can integrate these on their web sites. For more details on these, please contact us.

Important Note

This software is a licensed material. This software is to be distributed only as per the agreed conditions with IL Infotech Pvt Ltd , CyberShoppee and Loksatta . Unauthorised distribution or copying is strictly prohibited and is an offence.

License Agreement

Opening this package indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions in the License Agreement.
This agreement is between you (THE LICENSEE), & IL Infotech Pvt Ltd, (THE DEVELOPERS & DISTRIBUTORS, Hereinafter called the Vendors).
IL Infotech Pvt Ltd hold the Copyright of this product.
FontFreedom is Exclusively Distributed Worldwide by CyberShoppee.
Loksatta FontFreedom is Exclusively Distributed through the channels of Loksatta.
This License is for use of the product on One PC System at a time.
IL Infotech Pvt Ltd, through CyberShoppee, and its network of channel partners only upon the following terms and conditions provide this product. This is a legal agreement between The Vendors and the licensee. The Vendors reserve the right to take suitable action in case of any violations.


The Vendors makes no warranties or representations with respect to the contents or the performance of Freedom software or this manual.
The Loksatta FontFreedom software is licensed as is with any bugs if present. The diversity of hardware and software used makes it impossible to guarantee that the software is error free. The Vendors will try to provide suitable solutions to the problems depending upon the technical feasibility. No guarantee can be given to that effect.
The user is recommended to check any specific requirements thoroughly before purchasing the software.

General Conditions

The licensee will receive a replacement for the defective media by sending it to The Vendors within One month of Purchase. The proof of purchase is necessary for getting replacement. However the cost of media, packaging and postage will be charged extra. The Vendors reserve the right to charge extra if it is found that defect has come due to negligence or misuse.
The licensee, for getting any support for the software must send the registration card duly filled in within fifteen days of the purchase.

Services rendered by The Vendors or distributors for installation of the package, cleaning virus in the computer etc. will be charged extra.
Please note that the software supplied is meant for one computer only.
For multiple installations, it is recommended to purchase multiple copies or avail of our site licensing scheme.

Support will be provided only to the Original Purchaser & the Warantee is not transferable in any case. The warantee is void if the registration card is not sent back to us within Fifteen days of the purchase, with a xerox copy of the proof of purchase.
All the future updates and support will be provided to the Original purchaser only.

End note

There are many more new and exciting features coming up in the next versions of FontFreedom. Please send us your contact details so that we can contact you for further announcements.

Contact Details
IL Infotech Pvt Ltd
Regd Office :
Chanakya, 2nd Floor, Gokhale Road, Naupada, Thane 400602


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