Nature- our friend

Nature is a celebration of the mysterious magnificence of creation.

Man was afraid of the natural forces like rain, storms, floods etc. in the ancient times and worshiped them in order to please them so they do not cause destruction.

They also linked them with different aspects of life like festivals and celebrations. The celebration of nature at the same time made them eco- friendly.

Now-a-days, nature is being destroyed and the trees are being cut in large numbers because of the growing population which leads to the destruction of forests for providing enough land surface for the housing of the growing population.

Even the water bodies are being polluted due to the deposition of garbage from various factories. In the rural areas people wash clothes on the banks of the rivers and rinse them into the river which makes the river dirty.

Due to the rapid destruction of forests for paper, wood, rubber and many other necessities to fulfill our needs, the wild life is decreasing day by day.

The animals are also being killed for their skin, leather, wool etc. The different species of animals are becoming extinct at the rate of ten species per year.

Animals like tiger, whale and vulture are on the verge of being extinct.

Various organisations like Green Peace have been set up to keep a check on the destruction of the forests and the natural environment.

Green Peace is an organisation dedicated to bringing to a halt the ongoing destruction of the natural environment.

Some of the projects it has undertaken worldwide are saving rainwater for have sting, building wells, preventing global warming, opposing exotic pollution and banning nuclear explosions.

I would like to conclude by recommending you all to preserve nature by trying to avoid the wastage of paper, as it would lead to cutting of trees which would result in the destruction of forests.

Mother nature has provided us with oceans, rivers and forests which make our earth favourable for living, making it unique among the nine planets of the solar system.

We should therefore, try our best to preserve nature.


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