Here are the lists of temples in and around Salem city.

Here are the lists of temples in and around Salem city.

* amaram (OmalUr) - kAshiliN^gam

* amarAvathi - amareshvarar

* avaNippErUr - pashupathi

* AchchankuTTappaTTi

* AnaiyAmpaTTi - EkAmbarar

* AththUr - kAyanirmalEshvaran

* ARagalUr - kAmanAthar

* beththanAyakkanpALaiyam - ATkoNDIshvarar

* bELUr - thAnthOnRishvarar, on the bank of river vaShiShTa, iluppai tree

* chAththappADi - chithambarEshvarar

Salem Temple

* cheTTimAnkuRichchi - ulagEshvarar

* chEmandhappaTTi - EkAmbarar

* dhasaviLakku - ulagIshvarar

* dhArApuram - sOmEshavarar

* eDappADi - nanychuNDAn

* EththAppUr - sAmbamUrthi

* gengavalli - kailAthanAthar

* kachchuppaTTi - EkAmbarar

Salem Temple

* karuppUr - kailAshanAthar

* kanychamalai - sidhdhEshvarar

* kAvErippaTTi - ananthEshvarar

* kAvirippaTTi - kAvirinAthar

* kollimalai - aRappaLLiuDaiyAr

* kUDalUr - chIyALanAthatswAmi

* mallikuNDam - EkAmbarEshvarar

* mandhirachchuram - OmalUr area, ArththanAthEshvarar, pArvatI, uruttira thIrththam

* mAmAngaththuppaTTi - chOzIshvarar

* mETTUr - pashupathIshvarar

* muththunAyakkanpaTTi - chokkanAthar

* OmalUr - vasanthIshvarar

Temple of Salem

* OmalUr (kAviripuram) - jalakaNTEshvarar

* pazamalai - sidhdhEshvarar

* periyEri - thAnthOnRIshvarar

* punavAsal - thAntOnRIshvarar

* pUlAmpaTTi - kailAyanAthar

* rAsIpuram - EkAmbaranAthar

* sangagiri - sOmEshvarar

* shankaridhurgam - 3 miles from thiruchcheN^kODu

* sElam (salem) - sugavanEshvarar (self manifest), chempon nAyaki

* sElam kOTTai - EkAmbarEshvarar

* sElam chinnakkaDaivIdhi - mAdhEshvarar

* sElam chinnamuththutheru - rAmalingachOlIshvarar

* sElam naththamEDu - chithambarEshavarar

* singapuram - paTTIshvarar

* thalaivAsal - kailAyanAthar

* thAramangalam - OmalUr taluk, 16 miles from sElam,
kailAshanAthar, saramal river

* tAramangalam - iLamIshvarar


* theDAvUr - EkAmbaranAthar

* thiruchchenkODu - ardhdhanArIshvarar

* thiruppaththUr - kALaththIshvarar

* thINDAmangalam - mallikArjunar

* thenkaraikkOTTai

* pAlAkkOT - parameshvarar

* uththamachOzapuram - karapuranAthar

* vanavAsi - thiyAgarAjar

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