Pawan Muktasana : Yoga for gas problem and backache

This article explains about Pawan Muktasana which is a yoga for gas problems and backache troubles.

Pawan muktasana means freedom from air which is related to gaseous distention of stomach and as the name suggests it is beneficial in gas related problems of the stomach. It is also very much useful for persons with spinal problems such as chronic backache, slip disc or sciatica. Pawan muktasana is done is two phases, th entire procedure for pawan muktasana is described below.

How to perform Pawan Muktasana

Lie down on your back, fold your right leg upto the knee and lift the right knee to the chest. Interlock both the hands and keeping them on knee support knee to rest on the chest. Then lift your head and try to touch the knees by your nose. Now hold your breath and remain in this position for 10-20 seconds and then make your leg straight.

In second stage of Pawan muktasanaboth knees should be folded in the same way and the head should be lifted to touch in between the knees by nose as shown in picture below.

Duration and timing of Pawan Muktasana

The postion of pawan muktasana should be holded for 10-20 seconds and the entire procedure should be repeated 2-4 times, then second phase of Pawan muktasana should be done. Complete cycle should then be repeated 3-4 times.

Benefits of Pawan Muktasana

As mentioned above Pawan muktasana yoga is extremely beneficial in gas related problems of stomach, it controls digestive system and helps in secreting digestive juices. This yoga curbs acid reflux, heart diseases and even gout.

Abdomen is a very common place of fat deposition and a very stubborn place too. Pawan muktasana yoga helps in reducing fat from tummy or belly.

In women this yoga is very much helpful in curing uterus related or gynaecological problems and gives releif from scanty and painful mentruation.

Pawan muktasana yoga benefits in slip disc, sciatica and chronic backache but in these cases head should not be lifted.


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