4L + 0T MM : 100 Ex. Hrs. 3

1. N.C. System : Definition, applications, Historical background Role of Computers in Manufacturing.
Numerical control in CAM: Definition, Historical background, basic components of NC system, fundamentals of NC : Procedure, Co-ordinate system, motion control systems, Advantages of NC system; Features of NC Machine tools, Application of NC systems, Economics of NC machining centers.

2. Part Programming : Numerical control part programming : punched tape, tape coding & format, manual part programming, computer aided part programming, NC part programming languages, Automatically programmed, tools programming (APT), Description of compact & NC programming with interactive graphics.

3. Computer Numerical Control : Principle of operation of CNC, Features of CNC, Development in CNC systems, Adaptive Control, Direct Numerical Control (DNC) Standard Communication interfaces, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) Communication networks, Trends *New development in NC.

4. Robot Technology : Introduction, Industrial Robots, Robot physical Configuration, Basic Robot motions, Technical features, such as work volume, precision of movement speed o movement, weight carrying capacity, type of drive systems, Programming of the robot, Introduction to robot languages, End erectors, work cell control and interlocks, Robotic sensors, Robot applications & economics, Intelligent robots, interfacing of a vision system with a Robot.

List of Recommended Books :
1.Automation, Production Systems and Computer Integrated Manufacturing by M.P. Grover, PHI.
2. Principal of Computer integrated manufacturing by S.Kant Vajpayee.
3. Numerical control and computer aided manufacturing, Kundra, Rao & Tiwari, TMH.

Reference: NC,CNC,DNC,Robot


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