How to identify fake notes ?

This article helps to describe and find out fake currency notes in India.

Importance Of Money

Everybody knows the "Importance Of Money" in today's life. A lot of fake notes have come into market. Terrorists and criminals are manufacturing such notes very intelligently. Common man should know how to identify a fake note.

Look at all your notes carefully before taking it from the ATM or receiving it from another person, even if he is a trusted person because fake notes are increasing.

Important Signs


How to look for the Watermark?

This is seen on empty portion on the left side of the note. Hold note against the light. One should be able to see a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi in this space, along with multi-directional lines and an electrolyte mark showing the denominational numeral (i.e.100, 500, etc)

What is Micro-lettering?

-Hold the note at eye-level. Look into the gap between the vertical band on the right and the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. In genuine notes, one should be able to see the word RBI and the denominational numeral in this space.

-Hold the bank note horizontally, with the right vertical band facing you. One should be able to see a latent image of the denomination.

-Hold the note up against light. On the left of the portrait and half down the vertical band on the side, one can see a floral design, which appears hollow on the front side and filled up on the opposite side. The denominational numeral can be seen as a whole in this floral design, though the half of the numeral is printed on one side and the other half on the opposite side.

Identification marks – This is to help the visually impaired to identify the denomination

See below the floral design. One can see a dark patch in intaglio print (raised print). The shape of the intaglio print varies according to the denomination of the note. Different shapes for various denominations (Rs 20 - vertical rectangle, Rs 50 - square, Rs 100 - triangle, Rs 500 - circle and Rs 1,000 - diamond) are available.

Other features that appear in intaglio print

1. Seal of the RBI

2. The guarantee and the promise clause

3. RBI Governor's signature

4. The Ashoka pillar emblem

5. Mahatma Gandhi portrait

Intaglio print is absent on a fake note. Features 2,3 will be showing a lot of differences in case of a fake note.

What Is Security thread?

It is 1.4 mm wide. It appears in breaks on the front of the original note. However, from the back, it looks like a complete line. The words RBI and Bharat (in the Devanagari script) inscribed on it. Appears yellow in ultra-violet ( UV) light. This thread will not glow if its a fake note. Continuity of the security thread is not maintained if its a fake note.

Other features seen on Rs 500 or Rs 1,000 note. Look for colour changes

Hold onto a Rs 500 or Rs 1,000 note. The colour of the numeral will change from green (when you hold the note flat) to blue (when it is held at an angle).

What features one can see in UV light?

1. The optical fibres on the bank note make themselves visible when held under ultraviolet light. In case of a fake note, optical fibres are less in number.

2. The year of printing of the original note should also be visible in the middle and the reverse side near the bottom.

3. Genuine note is made of a fibre, which has a "unique feel" and "a crackling sound." These features are seen with the notes that were released after 2005.

What to do if you come across a fake note?

If you get a fake note from an ATM, take it back to the branch from where you initially got it. Provide the time of the transaction, the amounts involved and the denominations . The bank may be able to trace the transaction.

How fake notes destroy a nation’s economy?

Duplicate currency is manufactured in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The fake notes are brought into India through Nepal by Pakistan's ISI and other terrorist groups. The amount of fake Indian currency in existence today is huge. According to one national daily, in UP alone over Rs 40 crore is estimated to be in circulation. This might be the tip of the iceberg. The fake notes generate easy money for terrorists which use it for antisocial activities.
Politicians, experts, retired bureaucrats and media pundits keep quiet on this issue and don’t talk much as financial interests are involved in purchase of Japan made“ Komori” currency printing machines which are inferior to the Swiss made “ Giori” currency printing machines.

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Author: Chitra01 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A very informative article! Fake notes are greatly in circulation now and many poor people are caught for holding fake notes. Anyone can cheat us easily by giving us a fake note, therefore knowing these tips can help us to a great extent. Be sure to check the notes before you keep it in your wallet or purse. Most of the times, the notes of Rs. 1000 has been caught for fake notes. therefore be careful while handling 1000 rupee notes or the notes of bigger denominations.

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