Sex related issues and solutions

This article discusses about Sex related issues and solutions and discusses about why sexual relationship can get disturbed and the probable solutions.

Sex is an extremely important aspect in a husband – wife’s relationship. This is a natural feeling. Good sex helps in establishing a strong bond between husband and wife. Initial few years after marriage are extremely to establish sexual relationship. Both have to be mature enough to understand each other’s sexual needs and preferences. Both should trust each other. Be your partner's best friend.

Common reasons why sexual relationship gets disturbed?

1. Unable to understand each other’s sexual needs and preferences.

2. Sexual desire of 1 partner may be stronger than the other.

3. One partner may not trust the other. This is really a serious matter and both should sit together and discuss the matter. One should clarify whether one had or has any premarital / extra marital affair. One shouldn’t cheat and lie. Anybody can do mistakes in life and these can be corrected. Don't blame each other. Discuss and solve the problems.

Financial problems and stress

Financial problems and stress may affect sex desire. Males may not get adequate erection and female sex desire may reduce. Remove fear from mind. Reduce the performance anxiety. Once foreplay starts, everything generally progresses naturally.

Ill health

Ill health of any partner will affect his / her performance during sexual act. In such cases, the couple should consult a physician, gynaecologist or urologist ( andrologist) and get guidance. Anybody can have health problems. health problems like heart ( cardiac) disease, extreme obesity, thyroid diseases can affect sexual desire and performance.

How to solve sex related issues?

1. Consult a physician, gynaecologist or urologist and get guidance. Never try to hide anything from the doctor. Remember if you tell the problem properly, you will get solution. Medical science has progressed so much that there is a solution for almost every problem.

2. Don’t visit quacks. Quacks are the people who don’t have any medical degree but they advertise that they will help in solving sex related issues. These quacks will cheat you. They don’t have any scientific knowledge.

3. When you are with partner, don’t think about anything else. Forget about stress at job, other tensions, etc.

4. Discuss your problems with the sex partner. It may be related to sex desire, position, fear of getting pregnant, contraception, etc.

a. Suppose husband doesn't like using condoms, discuss with gynaecologist and go for oral contraceptive pills.

b. Suppose wife is developing side effects from oral contraceptive pills, try condom with spermicidal gel or nonhormonal contraceptive pill like "Saheli" ( centchroman).

5. Don’t go for over the counter medicines. A lot of companies will advertise about their products. Consult the doctor and buy prescribed medicines only.

6. Sexually transmitted diseases ( STD's) should be treated properly. Organisms like chlamydia, treponema pallidum, neisseria gonococcus cause STD's. Common examples are syphilis, gonorrhoea, urethritis. In ladies, one commonly sees trichomoniasis, candiasis.

Leave office work at office

After office working hours are over, go home and don’t think about office work. Be with your wife and family. They want to spend time with you.

Go for a weekend tour

Plan for a weekend tour. Remember your partner’s birthday, marriage anniversary, etc. Arrange trip on such a day. Your partner will be extremely happy. You can plan it in 2 ways. You can ask the partner about preferences for a tourist place or directly present him / her the reservation tickets and present a surprise gift. Though these things appear small, these things help in improving relationships.

Remember important days in your partner’s life

Remember your partner’s birthday, the day when both of you met first, marriage anniversary, etc. Celebrate these days. Females like if their husband celebrate such occasions. Present chocolates, ice-creams, flowers, bouquets, dress materials, jewellery to wife as per your financial capacity. If you present her with diamonds, nothing like it. Females love diamonds and gold jewellery.

Know your limitations

Males and females often ask this question. How frequently can I have sex?
Whatever blue films show is not correct. Blue films misguide the people. One has to understand one’s physical strength and accordingly adjust intercourse frequency, etc.

Don’t take partner for granted

Try to know your partner and understand his / her needs. Respect his / her feelings. Females are more emotional and male has to satisfy their emotional needs. Sex doesn't mean physical relationship only.

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