Bombay blood group

What is Bombay blood Group. What it is very important for human life? Here, read the article and know in detail about the Bombay blood group.

Bombay blood group:-

Bombay blood group is a type of blood group which is present in people who are of O+ve blood group. O+ve and Bombay O+ve blood groups are different. Bombay O+ve people are very less in population. There is no A, B, H antigen in the blood of these people. The H antigen present in O+ve group people is not there in the Bombay O+ve ‘s. Instead of H antigen they have H antibody, this is what doctors are saying. People, who are having Bombay O + ve blood group, can donate only to Bombay O+ve people and can only accept from Bombay O+ve blood group people.

It is very difficult to detect Bombay O+ve group people, when blood group test is conducting. There is a serum grouping also called as reverse grouping (accurate test of a person’s ABO group i.e. O group). If this test is conducting then only we can detect the presence of H antibody, which indicate Bombay O+ve blood group. This test is conducted with the help of a reagent called H – Lectin. We can find these people mostly in Maharashtra and some places of Karnataka which is the boarder of Maharashtra.

Dr. Bhende discovered Bombay O+ve blood group in 1952 at Mumbai. This is the reason why this blood group got the name Bombay O+ve blood group.

Things to be taken care of:-

The thing is, people having this blood group are very less in population. It doesn’t mean that these people are having any disease or it’s the symptom of any disease. This thought is absolutely wrong. If you come to know your blood group is Bombay O+ve then you should report to the nearest blood bank. If someone needed Bombay O+ve blood then show a good heart by giving your blood, because Bombay O+ve people are rare. Don’t give your blood in blood donation program because it is not necessary that these Bombay O+ve blood will be used within 45 days. Relatives can have Bombay O+ve blood group, so find out who all have the Bombay O+ve blood group. It is good for each other to know their blood group especially who are having Bombay O+ve blood group.


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