Eligibility Qualifications for admission to M.E./M.Tech./M.Arch./M.Plan degree programmes

Eligibility Qualifications for admission to M.E./M.Tech./M.Arch./M.Plan degree programmes in Anna Universities

S.No Name of the P.G. programmes Eligibile Qualifications
1 M.E. Environmental Engineering B.E./B.Tech (Civil/ Chemical/ Geoinformatics / Bio-Technology / Industrial Bio-Technology) (or) B.E./ B.Tech. (any branch) with 3 years of relevant experience
2 M.E. Structural Engineering B.E./B.Tech. (Civil)
3 M.E. Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering B.E./B.Tech. (Civil / Geoinformatics)
4 M.E. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering B.E./ B.Tech. (Civil)
5 M.E. Transportation Engineering B.E./B.Tech. (Civil/ Geoinformatics) /B.Arch
6 M.E. Irrigation Water Management B.E./ B.Tech.(Civil/ Agriculture Engineering/ Geoinformatics)
7 M.E. Construction Engineering & Management B.E./ B.Tech. (Civil)
8 M.Tech Remote Sensing B.E./ B.Tech. (Civil/ Mining/ Agricultural Engineering/ EEE/ ECE/ CSE) (or) Four-year B.Sc. (Agri/ Forestry/ Horticulture/ Fishery) (or) M.Sc. (Geography/ Geology/ Physics) Note: The candidate must have studied at least two courses of Mathematics at the level of UG / PG in the case of B.Sc. (4 years) and M.Sc.
9 M.E. Environmental Management B.E./ B.Tech (Civil/ Chemical/ Geoinformatics) (or) B.E./ B.Tech. (all branches) with 3 years relevant experience
S.No Name of the P.G. programmes Eligibile Qualifications
10 M.E. Geomatics B.E./ B.Tech. (Civil / Geoinformatics) (or) M.Sc. Applied Geology
11 M.E. Integrated Water Resources Management B.E./ B.Tech. (Civil/ Geo Informatics/ Agriculture Engineering)
12 M.Tech. Coastal Management B.E. / B.Tech. Civil / Marine / Geo-informatics / Chemical Engineering / EEE* / ECE* / Bio-Tech.* or 4 years B.Sc. Agriculture/Forestry/ Fishery (or) M.Sc. Geology / Applied Geology / Marine Biology / Oceanography / Environmental Sciences / Oceanography and Coastal area studies. Note: Candidates mentioned under this qualification category (*) for admission to M.Tech. Coastal Management Programme requires a minimum of 2 years experience in the field of coastal management .
1 M.E. Engineering Design B.E./ B.Tech. (Mechanical/ Automobile / Production / Manufacturing/ Industrial Engineering/ Mechatronics / Marine Engineering)
2 M.E. Industrial Engineering B.E/ B.Tech. (All branches)
3 M.E. Computer Integrated Manufacturing B.E/ B.Tech.(Mechanical/ Automobile/ Production / Manufacturing/ Computer Integrated Manufacturing / Metallurgy/ Industrial Engineering / Mechatronics)
4 M.E. Internal Combustion Engineering B.E./ B.Tech. (Mechanical/ Automobile/ Mechatronics / Marine Engineering)
5 M.E. Refrigeration and Air – Conditioning Engineering B.E./ B.Tech. (Mechanical/ Automobile/ Marine Engineering)
6 M.E. Energy Engineering B.E./ B.Tech. (Mechanical/ Automobile/ EEE/ Chemical / Petrochemical / Petroleum Engg. / Petroleum Refineries & PetroChemical Engineering)
S.No Name of the P.G. programmes Eligibile Qualifications
7 M.E. Product Design & Development B.E/ B.Tech (Mechanical/ Automobile/ Manufacturing / Production / Industrial Engineering / Mechatronics)
8 M.E. Computer Aided Design B.E./ B.Tech (Mechanical / Automobile/ Manufacturing/ Production / Industrial/ Marine / Mechatronics/ Aeronautical Engg.)
9 M.E. Quality Engineering and Management B.E. / B.Tech. (All branches)
10 M.E. Printing and Packaging Technology B.E./B.Tech. (Printing Technology / Mechanical Engineering / Manufacturing Engineering / Production Engineering / Production Technology / Chemical Technology / Chemical Engineering / Polymer Engineering / Polymer Technology / Plastic Technology / Rubber & Plastic Technology / Polymer Science and Engineering / Packaging Technology
11 M.E Mechatronics B.E./ B.Tech.– (Mechanical/ Automobile/ Production/ Electronics/ ECE/ Instrumentation/ EEE/ I&C/ E&I/ Aeronautical/ CSE/ Mechatronics/ Manufacturing)
12 M.E. Aeronautical Engineering B.E./B.Tech. (Aeronautical / Mechanical/ Civil/ Mechatronics)
13 M.E. Manufacturing Engineering B.E./ B.Tech (Production/ Automobile/ Mechanical/ Industrial/ Metallurgy/ Manufacturing/ Mechatronics)
14 M.E. Manufacturing Systems Management B.E./ B.Tech. (Mechanical/ Manufacturing/ Industrial/ Printing/ Automobile/ Production/ Mechatronics/ Metallurgy/ Mining)
15 M.E. Automobile Engineering B.E./ B.Tech (Automobile/ Mechanical/ Production/ Manufacturing / Mechatronics)
16 M.E. CAD/CAM B.E./ B.Tech (Mechanical/ Automobile/ Manufacturing / Production/ Industrial / Mechatronics / Marine / Aeronautical)
S.No Name of the P.G. programmes Eligibile Qualifications
17 M.E. Thermal Engineering B.E./ B.Tech (Mechanical / Production/ Automobile/ Aeronautical / Mechatronics / Marine / Industrial / Manufacturing)
18 M.E (Industrial Safety Engineering) B.E. / B.Tech. (All Branches)
19 M.E. (Welding Technology) B.E. / B.Tech. (Mechanical / Production / Automobile / Metallurgy / Aeronautical / Mechatronics / Marine / Industrial Engineering/ Manufacturing)
1 M.E. Power Systems Engineering B.E./B.Tech. (EEE / E&I / I&C)
2 M.E. High Voltage Engineering B.E./B.Tech. (EEE / I&C / E&I)
3 M.E. Control & Instrumentation Engineering B.E. / B.Tech. (EEE / ECE / E&I/ I&C/ Electronics/ Instrumentation)
4 M.E. Power Electronics & Drives B.E. / B.Tech. (EEE / ECE / E&I/ I&C / Electronics/ Instrumentation)
5 M.E. Electrical Drives and Embedded Controls B.E./B.Tech (EEE / ECE / Electronics / Instrumentation / E&I/ I&C)
6 M.E. Embedded System Technologies B.E. (EEE/ ECE/ CSE/ I&C/ E&I) B.Tech. (IT/ Electronics/ Instrumentation)
7 M.E. Instrumentation Engineering B.E./ B.Tech (Electronics / Instrumentation/ ECE/ EEE/ E&I/ I&C)
S.No Name of the P.G. programmes Eligibile Qualifications
1 M.E. Applied Electronics B.E./ B.Tech. (EEE/ ECE/ Electronics/ E&I/ I&C/ Instrumentation/ Biomedical/ Biomedical Instrumentation)
2 M.E. Medical Electronics B.E/ B.Tech. (ECE/ Electronics/ I&C/ E&I / Instrumentation/ BioMedical/ Biomedical Instrumentation)
3 M.E. Optical Communication B.E./ B.Tech. (ECE / Electronics)
4 M.E. Communication Systems B.E./ B.Tech. (ECE/ Electronics)
5 M.E. Computer Science and Engineering B.E./ B.Tech. (EEE/ ECE/ Electronics/ IT/ CSE/ I&C/ E&I/ Instrumentation) or M.C.A.* or M.Sc. 5 years integrated (IT / CSE / Software Engineering)
6 M.E. Software Engineering B.E./ B.Tech. (CSE / IT) / M.C.A.* or M.Sc. 5 Years integrated (CSE / IT / Software Engineering)
7 M.Tech. Laser & Electro Optical Engineering M.Sc. (Electronics / Physics / Material Science) (or) B.E./ B.Tech. (ECE/ EEE/ Electronics/ E&I/ I&C/ Instrumentation)
8 M.E. VLSI Design B.E./ B.Tech. (ECE / EEE/ Electronics/ Instrumentation/ E&I/ I&C/ CSE/ IT)
9 M.E. Multimedia Technology B.E/ B.Tech (CSE / IT / EEE / ECE / Electronics)
10 M.Tech. Information Technology B.E./ B.Tech. (EEE/ ECE/ IT/ CSE/ Electronics)
(10 + 2 + 3 + 3 years pattern)
S.No Name of the P.G. programmes Eligibile Qualifications
11 M.E. Systems Engineering & Operations Research B.E./B.Tech (All branches) (or) M.Sc. (Maths / Statistics) or M.Sc. 5 years integrated (CS / IT / Software Engineering (or) MCA*
12 M.E Biomedical Engineering B.E./ B.Tech (All branches) (or) M.Sc. (Medical Physics)
13 M.E. Avionics B.E./ B.Tech. (Aeronautical / Electronics / Instrumentation / EEE / ECE / E&I / I&C) (or) M.Sc.** (Physics/ Electronics / Computer Science & Engineering (minimum of two years experience in an approved organization)
14 M.E Communication & Networking B.E/ B.Tech (Electronics/ ECE/ CSE / IT)
15 M.E. Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Knowledge Engineering and Computational Linguistics B.E./ B.Tech. (EEE/ ECE/ Electronics/ IT/ CSE/ I&C/ E&I/ Instrumentation) or M.C.A.* or M.Sc. 5 years (IT / Software Engineering / CS)
16 M.E. Computer and Communication B.E./ B.Tech.(CSE / IT / ECE/ Electronics)
17 M.E. (Digital Communication & Network Engineering) B.E. / B.Tech. (ECE / Electronics / CSE / IT)
18 M.E. (Network Engineering) B.E. / B.Tech. (ECE / CSE / IT / Electronics)
19 M.E. (Wireless Technologies) B.E. / B.Tech. (ECE / Tele-communication / Electronics / CSE / IT)
20 M.E. (Space Science & Engineering) B.E. / B.Tech. (Aeronautical / Mechanical / EEE / ECE / E&I ) / M.Sc. (Physics)
* (10+2+3+3 years pattern ** (only for sponsored candidates)
S.No Name of the P.G. programmes Eligibile Qualifications
1 M.Tech. Chemical Engineering B.E./ B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering/ Electro-Chemical Engineering/ Pharmaceutical Technology/ Petroleum Engineering/ Petroleum Technology/ Food Technology / Food Processing Engineering/ Petrochemicals/ Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals)
2 M.Tech. Textile Technology B.E./ B.Tech. (Textile Technology / Textile Chemistry)
3 M.Tech. Ceramic Technology B.E./B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering/ Ceramic Technology/ Metallurgy / Ceramic & Cement Technology/ Petroleum Technology/ Petroleum Engineering/ Petrochemicals/ Petroleum Refining & Petro Chemicals) (or) M.Sc.(Material Science)
4 M.Tech. Petroleum Refining & Petro-Chemicals B.E./ B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering / Petroleum Refining & Petro Chemical / Petroleum Technology/ Petroleum Engineering) (or) M.Sc.(Petroleum Technology)
5 M.Tech. Polymer Science and Engineering M.Sc. (Polymer Science / Material Science / Applied Chemistry / Chemistry) (or) B.E/B.Tech. (Polymer / Chemical / Plastic / Textile)
6 M.Tech. Environmental Science and Technology B.E. (Civil / Geo-Informatics) / B.Tech. ( Chemical Engineering/ Industrial BioTech. / Bio – Technology/ Chemical & Electro Chemical Engineering/ Petroleum Technology/ Petroleum Engineering/ Petrochemicals/ Petroleum Refining & Petro Chemicals) (or) M.Sc (Applied Chemistry / Environmental Chemistry / BioTechnology)
7 M.Tech. Bio-Technology B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering/ Leather Technology/ Bio-Chemical Engineering/ Industrial Bio-Technology / Petroleum Technology / Petroleum Engineering / Bio-Technology / Petrochemicals / Petroleum Refining & Petro Chemicals / Agricultural BioTechnology) (or) B.Pharm./ M.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry/ Micro-Biology/ Bio-Physics/ Bio Technology / Genetics)
S.No Name of the P.G. programmes Eligibile Qualifications
8 M.Tech. Bio- pharmaceutical Technology B.E./ B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering / Bio- Technology/ Industrial Bio -Technology/ Biomedical Engineering/ Bio Engineering / Pharmaceutical / Biochemical Engineering) (or) B.Pharm (or) M.Sc. (Biochemistry/ Microbiology/ Genetic Engineering/ BioTechnology/ Genetics and Molecular Biology)
9 M.Tech. Electro-Chemical Engineering B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering / Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering / Petroleum Technology/ Petroleum Engineering/ Petrochemicals/ Petroleum Refining & Petro Chemicals) (or) M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry)
10 M.Tech. Leather Technology B.E./ B.Tech. (Leather Technology)
11 M.Tech. Footwear Science and Engineering B.E./B.Tech. (Leather Technology/ Mechanical Engineering / Textile Technology)
12 M.Tech. Nano-Science and Technology B.E./ B.Tech. (Mech./ ECE/ Ceramic/ Engineering Physics/ BioTechnology/ Industrial Bio-Technology / Chemical/ Biomedical / Agricultural Bio-Technology) (or) B.Pharm. (or) M.Sc. (Physics/ Material Science/ Chemistry/ Applied Chemistry/ Bio Chemistry/ BioTechnology) with Mathematics as one of the subjects at B.Sc. Level
13 M.Tech. Food Technology B.E./B.Tech. (Food Technology, BioTechnology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, Dairy Technology) (or) M.Sc. (Food Science & Nutrition, BioTechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Horticulture, Fisheries Science)
14 M.Tech. Plastic Technology B.E./B.Tech. (Mechanical/ Chemical / Production / Polymer Engineering / Petroleum Technology / Petroleum Engineering / Petro-Chemicals / Petroleum Refining (or) M.Sc. (Polymer Science / Chemistry with polymer specialization)
S.No Name of the P.G. programmes Eligibile Qualifications
15 M.Tech. Textile Technology (Textile Chemistry) B.E. / B.Tech. (Textile Chemistry / Textile Technology / Polymer) (or) M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry / Textile Chemistry / Chemistry)
16 M.Tech. Apparel Technology Management B.E. /B.Tech. (Textile Technology / Textile Engineering / Textile Chemistry / Fashion Technology / Leather Technology)
17 M.Tech. Renewable Energy B.E. / B.Tech. (BioTech. / Industrial Bio-Technology / Electrochemical / Mechanical / Automobile / Manufacturing / Production / Industrial)
18 M.Tech. (Technology Management) B.E. / B.Tech. (All Branches)
19 M.E. (Lean Manufacturing) B.E. / B.Tech. (Mechanical / Production / Automobile / Industrial / Manufacturing / Aeronautical)
20 M.Tech. (Aviation Technology) B.E. / B.Tech. (Mechanical / Aeronautical / Production / Industrial / Manufacturing / ECE / Mechatronics)
21 M.Tech. (Web and Mobile Technology) B.E./ B.Tech. (EEE / ECE/ IT/ CSE/ Electronics)
22 M.Tech. (Satelite Technology) B.E./ B.Tech. (EEE/ ECE/ IT/ CSE/ Electronics)
23 M.Tech. (Quality Engineering) B.E. / B.Tech. (All Branches)
24 M.E. (Pervasive Computing Technologies) B.E. / B.Tech. (EEE/ CSE/ ECE/ E&I / IT / I&C)
S.No Name of the P.G. programmes Eligibile Qualifications
1 M.Arch. B.Arch.
2 M.Arch Landscape Architecture B.Arch.
3 M.Arch Digital Architecture B.Arch.
4 M.Arch. (Real Estate Development) B.Arch. (or) B.E. (Civil Engineering) subject to the condition that they will not be eligible for registration as "Architects" under the Architects' Act 1972 with the COA, on the basis of their M.Arch. (Real Estate Development)
5 M.Plan. B.Arch./ B.E (Civil) (or) M.A./M.Sc. (Geography/ Economics/ Sociology / Social Work with Community development specialization and Rural Development)
Note: Candidates with Section A & B certificate examinations conducted by various professional bodies viz., Institution of Engineers, Aeronautical Society of India etc., recognized by Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India are considered to the relevant B.E. / B.Tech. Degree Programmes for admission to M.E/M.Tech./M.Arch./M.Plan. Programmes offered with the following conditions:
1. Two years Industrial experience in the relevant field after obtaining AMIE or similar certificates.
2. Must have valid GATE / TANCET 2009 scores

Reference: http://www.annauniv.edu/tancet2009/eligiblility.pdf

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