Dignity of Labour

All forms of work,manual or intellectual,are called labour.When we till a land or carry a load,we work with our hands,and are said to do manual work.However,when we read a book or write a letter,our tongue or hand is at work but our brain or intellect plays the main part.We are then said to be engaged in intellectual work.Dignity of labour chiefly means respectablilty of manual labour.

Manual labour is very useful to us.The daily affairs of life cannot run without it.Ploughmen supply us with bread by toiling in the field,masons build us houses,carpenters make us furniture,smiths shape our plough materials and other implements by the sweat of their face.

Unfortunately,in our country,the educated youth are generally averse to manual labour under a false sense of dignity.They forget that respectability lies,not in whether a work is done with the hand or with the intellect,but in how well it is done.A sweeper who does his work well is more praiseworthy and hence more honourable than a high-placed official who negelcts his duties.A story is told of a man who once,when angry,thus spoke to person who had risen to high position," Sir,I remember when you were only a drummer boy." - "And didn't I play the drums well enough !" was the reply.This was well said.He knew what his work was and though it was humble,he was not ashamed of it and tried to do it well.In many countries even University students sometimes work on part time basis to meet their expenses.Moreover,where would we have got our food and shelter from if those we look down upon had not worked with the hand ?

Manual labour is beneficial in other respects too.It keeps us physically fit and fosters a spirit of industry,self-help and manliness and thereby helps moral growth.

Moreover,our hands are for work.If we do not use them,we are surely guilty of neglecting one of the highest blessings of God.And nothing can be more shameful than to waste such a blessing.


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