25 sample questions for Kerala Entrance.

Here are some of the questions I prepared from old N.C.E.R.T. textbook. I found questions from old NCERT given very much importance and stress for Kerala Entrance exams. I hope it will be useful for you.

1.An example of a cell devoid of nuclear membrane and mitochondira is a
(a) bacterial cell (b) protozoan cell (c) sponge cell (d) spewrm cell

2.Yellow colour of urine is due to?

3..As evident by radio-active isotope experiment the function of the nucleolus is
(a) Formation of spindle (b) Protein synthesis
(c) Gene control (d) Oxidation control

4.Study of animal behaviour is known as
(a) Entomology (b) Ornithology (c) Archeology (d) Ethology

5.Another name for 'Dictyosome':
(a) Golgi body (b) Ribosome (c) Lysosome (d) Mitochondria

6.Which organelle is associated with the digestive activities of the cell or rich in catabolic enzymes
(a) Ribosomes (b) Lysosomes (c) Peroxysomes (d) Kinetosome

7.Who coined the term hormone?
(a) G.W. Harris (b) Bayliss (c) W.M. Stanley (d) E.H. Sterling

8.The suffix "iedae" refers to
(a) Class (b) Order (c) Family (d) Genus

9.Mark the correct sequence
(a) Spermatogonia, spermatocytes, spermatids, sperms
(b) Spermatocytes, spermatogonia, spermatids, sperms
(c) Spermatogonia, spermatocytes, sperms, spermatids
(d) Spermatocytes, spermatids, spermatogonia, sperms

10.What will you call to the study of plant and animal tissue outside the body in a glass

(a) In-vivo (b) In-vitro (c) Ecdysis (d) In-vate

11.The ethnology is the study of
(a) Man kind behaviour (b) Past life of organisms
(c) Conditions of animals (d) Joints

12.Study of preservation of dead organisms in liquid by chemical method at low temperature is known as
(a) Urobiology (b) Chondrobiology (c) Karyobiology (d) Cryobiology

13.In spermatogenesis, the acrosome of the sperm is formed by
(a) Mitochondria (b) Nucleus (c) Golgi complex (d) Lysosomes

14.The diameter of DNA molecule is
(a) 20Å (b) 50Å (c) 100Å (d) 200Å

15.The plasma membrane of an animal cell is composed of
(a) Glycoproteins (b) Phospho-lipo-proteins
(c) Phosphoproteins (d) Lipoproteins

16.Protein synthesis is associated with or centre of protein synthesis is
(a) Ribosomes (b) Cell membrane (c) Nucleus (d) Chromatin

17.Moths and butterflies are closely related insects. Their study is known as
(a) Myremecology (b) Aracology (c) Lepidepteriology (d) Entomology

Number of chromosomes of primary spermatocytes
(a) Is equal to that of spermatogonia
(b) Is equal to that of secondary spermatocyte
(c) Is half to that of spermatogonia
(d) Is half to that of secondary spermatocyte

19.Mitosis results in
(a) Reduction in number of chromosomes (b) duplication of chromosomes
(c) Increase in the cell volume (d) No change in number of chromosomes

20.The study of cause of disease is known as
(a) Pathology (b) Etiology (c) Ethology (d) Zymology

21.Linkage was established by
(a) Morgan (b) Bridges (c) Erick (d) Mendel

22.Which of the following is found only is RNA and not in DNA
(a) Adenine (b) Uracil (c) Cytosine (d) Guanine

23.Louis Pasteur is known for
(a) View for Biogenesis (b) Spontaneous generation
(c) Use and disuse of organs (d) Method of sterilization and germ theory of disease

24.How many types of bases are found in RNA?
(a) 2 kinds (b) 4 kinds (c) 5 kinds (d) 8 kinds

25.The study of development and evolution of animals is
(a) Zoogeny (b) Embrogeny (c) Embryology (d) Morphology

I am preparing the next series which I will try to publish as soon as possible. I hope this content helped you.

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