Dhanurasana : Yoga for urinary problems

Dhanurasana literally means a bow pose as dhanush in Sanskrit means a bow. The actual posture of dhanurasana looks like an archer's bow. This asana apart from increasing flexibility of spine is ver good for all types of urinary and kidney problems. Dhanurasana is basically an exercise involving muscles of groins, belly,
chest, spine, shoulders and neck. Thus is increases the strretchebility of almost entire body.

How to perform Dhanurasana

For performing Dhanurasana one should lie on the belly and fold the legs keeping the ankles on the hip. The knees and toes should be touching each other. Now with both hands both the legs from the ankle should be holded.

Now while inhaling the knees should be lifted and thighs should be stretched upwards, keeping the hands straight. After lifting the lower portion, the upper part of the stomach, chest, neck, and head should also be lifted. The only portion which should touch the ground surface ideally is the naval and abdominal portion around naval area.

Duration for Dhanurasana

One should try to maintain this pose for 10 to 30 seconds, and then while exhaling one should come back to original position in the same order.

The yoga should be repeated again when the breath normalizes. Ideally one should perform 3 to 4 times.

For the beginners, a help can be taken to raise the body and one should stretch only upto that level which they can do without any problem, but should try to remain for 10 to 30 seconds in theat pose.

Benefits of Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana is very much helpful in patients suffering from cervical spondylitis and backache as it makes the spines more flexible and healthy. It is also helpful in diseases related to stomach like constipation.

In some person there may be shifting of naval and this yoga helps in preventing that. Shifting of naval is usually seen in obese person with accumulation of fats in the abdomen. Thus it also prevents fatty deposits on abdomen.

In women dhanurasana is helpful to cure menstrual irregularities and also reduces fats after childbirth, but it should not be performed after caeserean section.

Dhanurasana is though helpful in majority of abdominal problem, but it has a special therapeutic role in kidney diseases. In strengthen the kidney and curbs all urinary problems. It has been beneficial for prostate enlargement as well. Many persons suffer from various incontinence may be strress incontinence or urge incontinence. Dhanurasana is effective in all these conditions.

In bronchial asthama, though this yoga is not the 1st choice as it is a difficult one, but when one get some control by doing pranayamas and other easier yoga , dhanurasana has an additional affect in controlling asthama.

Precautions for Dhanurasana

If any one suffering from serious and chronic back injury should not perform Dhanurasana. It is also contraindicated in person suffering from migraine headache. A person have problem in sleep and suffer from insomnia should perorm dhanurasana cautiously.

Thus Dhanurasana may be considered a yoga of second stage and person suffering from backacke, urinary problems or constipations should cram the process of performing and start practicing as early as possible.

Reference: http://yogaandexercise.blogspot.com

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