STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT:- Syllabus for M.B.A Progamme


Accredited by NAAC at A++ level (

Syllabus for M.B.A Progamme

MGT 402 (3 Credits)

# To Understand the Basic Issues and Concepts related to Strategic Management and
Learn in Detail the most Relevant and Up to date Methodologies and Tools to
Address these Issues.


# Strategy and the Quest for Competitive Advantage.
# Process of Formulation and Executing Strategy.
# Analyzing Company’s External Environment.
# Analyzing Company’s Resources and Competitive Position.
# The Five Generic Competitive Strategies – Low cost, Differentiation, Best-cost,
Focused Strategies.
# Corporate Portfolio Management, Business Portfolio Analysis, Strategies Evalution
for creating shareholder value.
# Diversification Strategies
# Vertical Integration Strategies.
# Mergers, Acquisition & Takeover Strategies.
# Strategic Alliances & Collaborative Partnerships.
# Outsourcing Strategies.
# Facing Global Competition.
# Managing in Times of Great Change, Learning Organization, Agile Organization.
# Innovation and Intrapreneurship.
# Tailoring Strategy to fit specific Industry and Company Situations – Case Studies.
# Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical and Social Considerations in Strategy
# Industrial Sickness and turnaround

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35. John Mills (, Strategy and Performance: Create a Winning Business Formula,
Cambridge University Press, 2002.

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