This article describes about how trees can be our best friends and save the earth from further damage.


They are the most noticeable living object which can be found everywhere except in dry and cold places.They have been called the structural elements of the ecosystem and are attached to each and every type of organism available in some or the other way.Most of the botanist define trees as woody plants having a single stem and having a capacity to grow up to a height of 300 feet and live longer than 4,000 years.

Different kinds or species of trees can be told in many ways.The feel of the leaves, twigs and bark varies from species to species.Some are differentiated by the color of the leaves.Some trees have different odors, even the sounds the wind makes in the trees can be different depending on the kind of tree.

Trees as friend:

A friend always does a good to us even though we do harm to him. Similarly, trees gives us fruits when we throw stones on it.Hence, tree is a good friend to us and it's our responsibility to do the same with our friends.Are we doing it? let us just have a look on the things which our friend tree provides us without asking anything in return.
1. All our food comes directly or indirectly from trees.Food grains, cereals, vegetables and fruits are supplied by trees.Even the non vegetarian food comes from trees, because animals(herbivorous) depend on grass and other parts of trees.

2. Besides food, trees are the main supplier of raw materials to many industries.They provide us wood, cotton, jute, wood pulp to make paper, rubber.

3. The best cure for many diseases comes from Ayurveda which comes from trees only.They provide us with valuable medicines and oils which have the capacity to cure any skin diseases and other illness.Forest are therefore known as green gold.

4. They provide shelter to many birds and insects and also provides shade to many travelers and animals.

5. They keep the environment clean and makes it appear fresh and active.They take in carbon dioxide from air and gives out oxygen.Therefore they reduce the air pollution, they increase the humidity of forest and attracts rain.The major cause for rains are trees.

6. They stop the strong currents of winds and water and prevent soil erosion and thus helps in preserving the fertility of the soil.They prevent floods and stores the excess water beneath the soil and roots of trees keeps it clean.

7.Even when they die they give us coal and other important fuels by burying themselves under the surface of earth for many years.

8. To conclude life without trees would be just unthinkable.

So we should understand what a tree does for us for providing us everything, the three basic needs of food, clothing and shelter is also provided by them.Let us now have a look at life without trees - if there were no trees then there would be no rain, land would turn into a desert, mankind will perish due to the non-availability of water, fresh air and sufficient humidity.So there comes an end to the world if there are no trees.So we should be grateful and thankful to trees.

Now as we came to know what a tree - a friend, does for us, accordingly we should also take care of them which is the mere thing we can do for saving our trees.Deforestation should be made a punishable act. Afforestation should be implemented by each and every person in the society so as to make a city, a country, a world clean and green.Plants and small saplings must be planted in each and every roadside and every place possible.Thus by doing so we maintain the relation of friendship with trees and also we help ourselves to live.Doing so we can reduce air pollution, soil erosion, effect of floods and storms and many more.This is the best way to thank trees for giving us the basic needs of life.


Guest Author: siddhi10 Sep 2014

best essay. My wishes

Guest Author: Vivekanand Takawale18 Nov 2014

Very nice essay

Guest Author: Aman raj15 Sep 2015

Most valuable Green Gold renewable resource.

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