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Recover your stolen mobile using IMEI number

Posted Date: 19-Jan-2008  Last Updated:   Category: General    
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Are you looking for ways to recover your lost or stolen mobile phones? Read the tips given in this article to find ways to get your lost phone back.

All the mobiles have a number in-built.

It is written in it by manufacturer and it is a 16 digit number this number is useful when our mobile gets stolen.

We can block the mobile handset by using this number.

With the help of Service provider we can also recover the mobile

Just press *#06# you will get a IMEI number. It works for all kinds of mobile.

Just store that number somewhere it is useful if your mobile gets lost or stolen. If you recently lost your mobile phone and was able to use my tips to find the lost phone, please share your experience by posting a response below.

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Responses to "Recover your stolen mobile using IMEI number"
Author: Avdhut Sonpethkar    20 Jan 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 2
hi ruchi,

One thing you can do is to register a complaint at police station, give them your IMEI number this might give you your mobile back.

Author: SATENDRA CHAUDHARY    24 Jan 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 3
Hey Avdhut, I m sorry to say that, but do u think that INDIA POLICE Dept. is willing to be involved in such things(searching for a lost mobile). Just be Practical buddy. I know that this is the right way to get back the mobile...but this doesnt work for common people.

Author: Avdhut Sonpethkar    24 Jan 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 3
Well dont lose the complete hope man I know our police depts woring style but it may work sometime. When I lost my mobile the and I approched to police they asked me 100 questions but finally i got my mobile back thats enough for me.

Author: syam s kurup    15 Feb 2008Member Level: Silver   Points : 2
By using *#92702689# you can get more details about your mobile like purchasing date,and serial number

Author: sushant ambekar    19 Feb 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
good information

Author: Althaf    21 Feb 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 4
Hi ,
I have lost Sony Ericssion W810i mobile on sunday. I have IMEI number of that.
I have approach the police also. I have given IMEI number to them. I was using Airtel post paid number.Actually the guy who stolen my mobile is doing out going calls. But he is not amswering. Can u please help me or suggest me wat to do in this.
need help very badly...

Author: Avdhut Sonpethkar    21 Feb 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 3
If someone is still calling from your mobile ask your service provider for last calls made from your number and also ask them to block your mobile simcard and you can trace the theif by getting the information about the last calls he made.

Author: vinay    26 Feb 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Hi ,
I have lost Sony Ericssion W810i mobile on tuesday.

I dont know my IMEI no can i get it frm the retailer.

can i recover my mobile with that IMEI no

Author: Cheriyan    29 Feb 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
I lost my PDA : Dopod D600 while travelling in Kerala.
I do know my IMEI no.
But I doubt whether anyone can help me get it back...

Author: Avdhut Sonpethkar    03 Mar 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 4
yes if you can get that IMEI no then you can find out your mobile vinay.
Ask your service provider for IMEI no. because most of the times the service providers have the IMEI no when ever we are calling from our mobile . Check it out this service is availabel or not because the BSNL provides this service.

Author: Avdhut Sonpethkar    26 May 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 2
Hey thats a cool information i was looking for that kind of information for a long time thanks

Author: Kaustubh    30 Jul 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
I have lost my Nokia N70. I am having its IMEI no. Now can I block it, so as to make it useless to the thief?

Author: Avdhut Sonpethkar    30 Jul 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
hi Kaustubh ,
One thing you can do is to register a complaint at police station, give them your IMEI number this might give you your mobile back.

Author: Kaustubh    31 Jul 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
Well, Thanks for quick reply.Yes, I'll do that. But I asked some mobile shop owners that can we block mobile by using IMEI no., They said no, we cant. Is it true that in India we cant track mobile by its IMEI no.?Tell me if u know it.

Author: Avdhut Sonpethkar    31 Jul 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
no I have tracked my own no. But sometimes people around either dont know or dont want to help because it is bit complicated

Author: Kaustubh    31 Jul 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
ok. Means if i put efforts then i can track my mobile.can u tell me what steps u followed to track it. Is there anything like black list? If i give muy mobile IMEI no. , will service providers put it in black list making it useless for theif? sorry I am asking too many questions but u know it how one feels whn mobile gets stolen

Author: Amarjit Aluna    21 Aug 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
Hi Avdhut,
Can you help me in tracing my mobile using the IMEI number. Can you tell me the steps you followed to trace your mobile. I want to block my cell so that no body else can use it.

Author: Avdhut Sonpethkar    21 Aug 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 2
if you have imei no then contact local police and ask them to block it using various operators. If they dont do anything ask your mobile operator to do it. but if no one helps then its really bad luck. One thing you must remember that these police dont even know there is some such facility so try to find right person.

Author: Raghav    07 Sep 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
For details please Click here.


Author: swapnil joshi    19 Sep 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Hi Avdhut

I lost my Sony Ericsson Z550i on Friday, 19th September.
I do not have my IMEI number, please suggest what should I do. Please tell me the procedure of obtaining my phone back. I tried calling my number (Vodafone prepaid) but its engaged or saying that its unavailable.

Author: Kaustubh    24 Sep 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
Hi Swapnil, You will get ur IMEI no. on the receipt that was given to you by the shopkeeper at the time of purchase of cell. Take xerox of your receipt & go to police station in the area, where you have lost your cell phone.

Author: vaibhavi    15 Oct 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Hi Avadhut, Can you tell me the details like, in which city, police helped you in getting back the mobile? Actually I lost my N73 just 2 days back. I have registered FIR. I also mailed NOKIA & they replied with info that, IMEI tracking is not yet possible in India. Is it true? I have heard only from you that you have got the mobile back. So I just want to know little more like, how much duration did it take to get the mobile back in your case. I may sound crazy but I am really feeling restless.

Author: Connie    26 Oct 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
My daughter lost her phone - it was stolen at a school dance program. The IMEI 355767016106796. Please help to find it as she worked hard for this phone.

Author: Umesh Mahajan    27 Oct 2008Member Level: Silver   Points : 2
dear avdhut IMEI tracking as u suggest is not applicable in INDIA
Which police recovered ur phone can u let me know


Even i went for complaining about my lost cell
i contacted almost everyone but their is no such means to recover cell in INDIA.....
hard to say but true......

Author: prakash    07 Nov 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Friends, last week I lost my mobile HTC set. I immediately went to police station to file the FIR. But simply they got an request letter from me and also Rs.500. They didn't take my FIR and to follow they gave one policeman's no. to contact. Whenever I call him he is telling if we get the mobile we will call you otherwise don't disturb us. So what should I do? Is there any way to find my mobile or any website to block that mobile?

Author: Viswa    07 Nov 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
Hi Avdhut

Very useful information to all mobile users.

Thanks for your information

Author: Prasanta Borah    08 Nov 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

To get the IMEI number dial *06# , not the #06#. OK????
Anyway thanks for your information.


Author: Tilak    20 Nov 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
I have lost my mobile on 19th nov 2008
Following is my information:
Phone model: nokia 3500c
IMEI No.: 353080028849391

Author: shashi ranjan kumar    20 Nov 2008Member Level: Silver   Points : 1
This is very good information for all people.I welcome your idea,but this is not suffecient to catch the stolen mobile.In china made mobile this process can not work.

Author: sudha    06 Dec 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
I have lost my mobile today and I gave complaint in the police station along with my imei number, but I want to know is it really useful or not in recovering my mobile back?

Author: ramkishore    26 Dec 2008Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
I lost my nokia N72 phone on 23rd of this month,actually it was stolen. Some one silently took it from my bag in my college. They disposed sim card immediately, but I had locked my phone completely - even keypad was password locked. I immediately complained to nearest police men (who dint take it seriously at all), giving them cell's IMEI number. Suggest me so that how can I proceed further for recovery of my cellphone?

Author: Rajeev Verma    27 Jan 2009Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
I have heard that the Chinese mobiles have been banned as they do not allow the facility for the IMEI number. Is it true?

Author: Jyoti    21 Mar 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Yes, I am agree with Avdhut Sonpethkar. We can track our cell phone within the city.

Police gives IMEI number to different simcard company for tracing i.e. Airtel, BPL, HUCH, Garuda etc. They ask them to provide details related to this IMEI number i.e. any of their user have using the handset of this IMEI number, but if mobile goes out of city it is not possible.

Author: Mohan    24 Mar 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Hi all, My story is worst.

I went to Tirupati with my family last week. While coming back, 2 thieves beaten me and my family and stole my HTC P3300. They were trying to steal some more stuff, but I was screaming for help so they ran away. Of course I couldn't run behind them because I was with my family.

Is there a way I can get my phone back? I have the bill and IMEI number.

Author: rahul    25 Mar 2009Member Level: Gold   Points : 0
Thanx to all for such valuable information.

Author: def    30 Mar 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
Hi.My uncle is very upset of losing his cell. We have lodged FIR, but they did not help. Please help, he needs that mobile back very badly. He cant afford to buy a new one now.
Nokia 7610-RH51
stolen on 25th Feb,09
IMEI No: 3570770001312687

Author: sagar    03 Apr 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
I lost LG KG195. IMEI no.356733018858858. I want to block this phone or trace it - tell me the site to trace that phone?

Author: chaitanya    15 Apr 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Hi all, My story is very pathetic. One fellow told me that he can show me an opportunity in WIPRO and I went to Hyderabad. Over there he stole my mobile and run away.

I cannot afford to buy a new one now. If anybody can help me in getting it, please help me.

Phone model: SGH E250
Make: samsung
IMEI No.: 355365017448851

Author:    06 Jul 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Sub: - Loss of Mobile.
Respected Sir,

While I was traveling by train no 2108 at about 02 30 pm. on 29th May, 2009 between bhopal to itarsi I found that my mobile has been lost in the train.

Mobile details are as follows:-

Mobile Model No.: - NOKIA 3230 Bronze
IMEI No.:- 354553018815225

I therefore request you trace my mobile location as early as possible & kindly reply me.

Author: Rajinder Soni    29 Jul 2009Member Level: Silver   Points : 2
Someone has stolen my motorola mobile just today while traveling from Rajeev Chowk to Kashmiri Gate by metro. I filed an FIR at the Kashmiri Gate Metro Police and also given them my IMEI no. No. is 356453011164663. I know that I will not get my cell back because of police system in India and especially in Delhi but is it possible that I make my cell useless for the thief by blocking my phone via my IMEI no. Please let me know?

Thanks in advance.

Author: sriharsha    14 Aug 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Hello sir, I lost my motorola z6 mobile phone yesterday. Its IMEI no is 353915012264661. Can you please track it down and tell me? I would be really grateful to you. Please consider my request as this mobile is very important to me since it is the first gift given by my mother. Thank you.

model- motorola( motorokr z6 black)

imei no-35391501226466

Author: Dipika Joshi    16 Aug 2009Member Level: Silver   Points : 1
I think you provided a very good information.

Dipika Joshi

Author: Kaushik    16 Aug 2009Member Level: Silver   Points : 1
well friend thanks for the information ,i have mobile tracker facility in my phone so even if it is stolen i can track it back , i have activated it too


Author: Amit Lamba    27 Aug 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
My Mobile, model NOKIA E 51, Grey Steel, has been stolen . Its IMEI NO. is 358997015920684 and WLAN No. is 001E3A0908C4. Please help and trace the IMEI NO.


Author: Smiley    27 Aug 2009Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
It is really very useful information. Thanks for posting such useful info on this forum.

Author: aakash    30 Aug 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0
I lost my Nokia 3110IMEI no is .353183036803820. If there is someone using my phone with other SIM card then give me that sim card no.

Author: Meet    07 Sep 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
My cellphone model:Sigmatel HXD 3600i bearing IMEI no.:352982031616595 was lost. Can you please recover it?

Author: Rajinder Soni    07 Sep 2009Member Level: Silver   Points : 2
I am really upset today because someone stole my motorola phone in Kashmiri Gate metro station around 2 months back. I filed an FIR with the Metro Police at Kashmiri Gate and there is no response up until now.

So I think friends, in India, it is totally not possible to recover your lost or stolen phones. There is no one who can help you out in this concern. Delhi Police is a big shame for us. No one can help, not mobiles phone manufacturing companies and also not your mobile phone network people.

I know that I will never get it back now.

Author: shilpa    08 Sep 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Hi Avadhut,

I lost my mobile on 4th sept. I dont think I can get bill but i have IMEI no.

Phone model: Nokia 1650
Make: Nokia
Last used No.: 09765905578
E-mail for communication:
Missed date: 04-09-2009
IMEI No.: 359564011793538

Could you please help me to recover my mobile as it was very Precious gift from my uncle, and I wont get it again from him.

Author: ghanshyam    19 Sep 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
Today I lost my n82 imei no was 358984012192145. Even I lodged complaint to my nearest police station but I don't think so they will help me because they haven't taken my imei number. My SIM card provider also unable to help.

Author: tej    02 Oct 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
I lost my nokia express music model no. 5220 having imei no. 353662/01/149020/8. Please help me to find my mobile.

Author: amit    05 Oct 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Dear sir, I had lost my mobile samsung samsung mobile imei no is356101020871261.and my mobile no is 9540326835. Please help me to find my mobile.

Author: shyam    02 Dec 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
I lost my Nokia 72 imei no 353089025374642.

Author: Deepak    05 Dec 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
I lost My Nokia 1662.
My lost MOBILE IMEI IS 351945033518144

Author: Sam    05 Dec 2009Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
Has anybody got their mobile back using IMEI number? I have heard that the police does not help and they ask you to contact the releavant operator. What is the procedure to track the lost phone using IMIE?

Author: Avijit    30 Dec 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

IMEI number tracking is possible in INDIA. But there is a way to change it.

I have lost my phone twice,logged police complain with no luck.

IMEI tracking is only possible if the mobile is on and the number is not changed by using unauthorized software.

Author: Arun    30 Dec 2009Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Thanks for this good information.

This information Definitely help in case of expensive phones.

I dont think anyone take pain for low budget cell phones.



Author: JEGAN.M    30 Dec 2009Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
I lost my mobile on 23rd dec.
Phone model: Nokia 1600 Black
Make: Nokia
Last used No.: 9043738753
E-mail for communication:
contact num: 9787012766
Missed date: 23-12-2009
IMEI No.: 359354003540943

Could you please help me to recover my mobile as it was very Precious gift.

Author: sudhir kumar    01 Jan 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
I lost my mobile on 29th december2009
my name is sudhir kumar
IMEI no. of mobile:-354118034776643
contact no. 9953337850
please help me to find my lost mobile

Author: sangita    04 Jan 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
Hi, I have lost my samsung E1410 mobile phone.
IMEI no. is 358441026813000

please help me to find my lost phone.

Author: mohit    11 Jan 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
Hi, My nokia 7210 (supernova) has been stolen and its imei no. is (353180037260083). So please if you can help me.

Author: Animesh Dey    12 Jan 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
Hi, My mobile Nokia Express Music 5800 has been stolen today in Bangalore ( Silk board). The IMEI number is 357988034279039.Can you please help me in tracking. My contact number is : 9241467937. Email id

Author: Avinash Dubey    14 Jan 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
My nokia 7210 (supernova) has been stolen and its imei no. is 359310023485337

Author: shamaileh2010    15 Jan 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0
I lost my N 72. its IMEI no is 354841022856313.

Author: sanjay Nagpur    17 Jan 2010Member Level: Silver   Points : 2
It is better to register the complaint at the concerned police staion mentioning the IMEI number of your lost/stolen mobile phone.With the help of that IMEI number,it can be traced only if anyone uses it by inserting other sim card.As soon as anyone inserts other sim card in stolen mobile,the service provider will inform the details to police and the police can reach up to that person.

Author: ganesh    18 Jan 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
I lost my 3450 HTC. its IMEI no is 35504601656405001. Can you help?

Author: Rajinder Soni    19 Jan 2010Member Level: Silver   Points : 1
Nothing seems to happen with the help of IMEI numbers in India. Lost cell phones never come back. Every person has the same story.

Author: gaurav sirohi    19 Jan 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
I have a lost samsung mobile modle- 1410 imei no-358441020607303. If its recovery is possible than please contact me on 09350511006 or

Author: Vilas    05 Feb 2010Member Level: Gold   Points : 2
Nice information about "IMEI no recovers your stolen mobile".
We can block the lost mobile usin IMEI no.
For that we have to 1st file the FIR of lost mobile.
Then contact with your operator. Ask about mobile Blocking services or any other options.

Other way is using anti-theft mobile or anti-theft softwares. This is also work on the basis of IMEI no. When some one change the sim of your mobile you got the massage which contain new no.

If you knows any friend work in cellphone operating company. He will able to give you a location of your mobile via IMEI no.

Author: mumexchange    28 Feb 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
Hi Guys

A friend of mine just got a Iphone from an Online Website

We just want to check if its a stolen one or a genuine one

how can we check the same


Author: jameel ahamed    11 Mar 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
i have lost my nokia 5800 mobile plz plz help me to get back my cell the imei num is 358279034391589

Author: Anand    03 Apr 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
dear sir ,
i have lost my mobile while i am sleeping in my room,
in padi chennai.somebody stolen my mobile.

mobile model : F305-sony ericssion
imei no : 356275034192151

please trace my mobile and inform by mail :

or call : 9677266277


Author: Swastika    04 Apr 2010Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
If the person who got that mobile or stolen will never use that phone I think it will be very every difficult to track the situated place of mobile and think this is hope less because we have to keep our receipt no or we have to save our ImEI number some where for future precautions

Author: Hupendra    23 Apr 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Hello dear friends.

The news I am sharing with you is a magic in itself. Now its possible to track your lost mobile and to get the data back, through a software named maverick Secure Mobile.Not only this but you can hang the lost mobile remotely, take a video of the thief, listen his conversation secretly and get the exact location of your mobile. You can also make a loud siren by sending just simple msg (command)to your lost mobile number.
to know more about it go to following website:

I hope that now no one will ever worry about losing a phone. ;)

Author: Rajinder Soni    23 Apr 2010Member Level: Silver   Points : 2
I lost one more phone again. It's a Samsung latest phone. Lost it in Delhi Metro again. Metro Police is of no use. I think I need to purchase a low value mobile phone from now on so that when it gets lost, it does not hurt my pocked. Also expensive cell phones are at a high risk of being stolen than cheap mobile phones.

What do you all say regarding this?

Guest Author: Manoj     04 Jan 2013
How to recover stolen mobile using IMEI number, this article helps me a lot. I got the point you mentioned here for tracing out our mobile. thanks

Guest Author: Joe     04 Jan 2013
Very informative, learn something about for recovering stolen mobile using IMEI number

Guest Author: aasia shaheen     19 Dec 2013
Name:Aasia Shaheen
mobile model:Samsung sDuos
iemi no:35298505436739/2
missed date:18-12-2013(Wednesday)
contact no:7677961006
my mobile phone is stolen,plz if you can do a favour to find my phone plz contact me on the given no as soon as possible.

thanks & regards

Author: Naveed Ahmed    11 Jan 2014Member Level: Gold   Points : 5
IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identification Number. It is a unique number assigned to every mobile device by the manufacturer. It needs to be noted that mobile phones with multiple SIMs (Subscriber Information Modules) have multiple IMEI numbers too. That is to say, a mobile phone with double SIM also has two IMEI numbers and so on. Usually the IMEI numbers are printed on the packaging of the mobile phone, and near the SIM insertion point too of the mobile phone itself. If both of these options are not available, then also we can find the IMEI number of the mobile phone at hand simply by dialing *#06#. This is a universal code that could be dialled to produce / know the IMEI number of any mobile phone regardless of the manufacturer or model.

Guest Author: imran     12 Jan 2014
name: Imran khan
model: Blackberry bold
E-mail id
Missed date:4 jan 14
IMEI No.:351846036668706
mobile sim in that mobile -9845165272
contact no-9743065171

Guest Author: ANUP M PATTANSHETTY     18 Jan 2014
Name:anup Pattanshetty
mobile model:nokia lumia 520
iemi no:358106051762071
missed date:12-01-2014(Wednesday)
contact no:9822243558
my mobile phone is stolen,plz if you can do a favour to find my phone plz contact me on the given no as soon as possible.

thanks & regards

Guest Author: S.RaviTeja     19 Jan 2014
Hi, I have lost my samsung GT-S6102 GALAXY Y DUOS mobile phone.
IMEI no. is 352272052825568

please help me to find my lost phone.

Guest Author: saroj kumar majhi     19 Jan 2014
Delhi police unable to find lost mobile phone.
if you know any tracing agency plz give me detail.
mail me-

Guest Author: Yurana Gudala     20 Jan 2014
MY Name is Yurana
My Sony Xperia L is Stolen
IMEI No : 356605059035762
please help me
i Complent to police but no any help

Guest Author: sukhraj singh     20 Jan 2014
name: sukhraj singh
Phone model: Galaxy ace s- 5830
Make: samsung
Last used No.: 9501080043
E-mail for communication:
Missed date: 11 Jan 2014
IMEI No.: 359160045487609

Guest Author: Basudeb Kundu     24 Jan 2014
Sir, i have lost my Samsung Galaxy S duos 2 (GT-S7582) Mobile on date 23/01/2014 Please find and help me. trace location of this Mobile and given information to my id, my phone 1st IMEI NO. 351602061018196 & 2nd IMEI NO.351603061018194 & my lost mobile phone no is 09800752352
please help me to find my phone.

Guest Author: Akshay Kale     27 Jan 2014
Hello Sir,
My lost tablet details are as follow,please help.
I have lodge missing complaint in police station,and also block my number & collected replacement card from service provider.
Your name:Akshay Sudhir Kale
Address:Flat No. 301,Ashtavinayak B,Gadia Estate,Near Kothrud Depot,Pune.
Phone model:Galaxy Tab3 T311
Last used No.:8007726281
E-mail for
Missed date:24th Jan 2014
IMEI No.:357397052978748

Guest Author: keshav     28 Jan 2014
sir i have lost my phone and the thief have took the recipt but i have my imei number what can i do , sir if he doesnt put any sim inside the mobile some month then is it possible to hack it by imei number..

is mobile hacking by imei number is possible in india??

Guest Author: jayesh patel     28 Jan 2014
Sir, i have lost my Micromax Mobile on date 24/01/2014 Please find and help me. trace location of this Mobile and given information to my id, my phone 1st IMEI NO. 911321351642895 & 2nd IMEI NO.911321352147894 & my lost mobile phone no is 09586441525
please help me to find my phone.

Guest Author: Naresh Kumar     30 Jan 2014
Sir I have lost my Nokia E-72 mobile on today please find and help me to trace of this mobile and given information to my ID and its IMEI No.355974043208922 .

If find please call me on phone no.87290-21113 or 9417389178 please help me to find my phone thanks.

Guest Author: RUPENDER SINGH HUNDA     01 Feb 2014
dearsir, i have lost my mobile nokia (asha 202)
my name - rupender singh hundal
contact no.09460980650
mail id
last working no-9413399544
imei no 353264057443405
PIN- 325209

Guest Author: akhilesh     04 Feb 2014
Dear sir I have lost my htc one
please help me get it back
contact no. 9951025940
last working number 9618993483 (airtel AP)

Guest Author: vinay dhuri     03 Mar 2014
Dear Sir I have lost my mobile Samsung Galaxy grand(GT-l9082)
please help me get it back
Name ; Vinay S. Dhuri.
Contact no. 9967659637/9867739416
IMEI NO.-355886059208226 & 355887059208224 (Airtel)
email :
add: gorai -1, Borivali(w)

Guest Author: Mutyala rao     03 Apr 2014
Hi Team,
I lost my mobile and unable to trace it. It is still ringing but no one is lifting it. Its IMEI No.: 356179051914481. It is an Airtal connection. I got the out going calls barred. still waiting to get it back.

Name: Mutyala Rao
Contact No: 8978218315

Guest Author: Swapan Kumar Maity     18 Jun 2014
Hello friend's Ihave lost Nokia X+ Dual sim having IMEI,1-353031060024914, IMEI,2-353031061524914 on 11/6/14. how I get back it?

Guest Author: RAHUL SAHU     23 Jun 2014
Sub:-Loss of mobile.
Respected Sir,
While I was traveling by Bus at about 01:45pm on 17th Jun 2014 between Bhopal (MP)misrod to bhopal I found that my mobile has been loss in the bus.
MOBILE betails are as follows:-
Mobile model name & no:-samsung trand7292
IMEI no:- 359708051396603
I therefore request you trace as possible & kindly reply me.
Contact No:-7898357503

Guest Author: Jaya     25 Jun 2014
I had lost my samsung galaxy grand2 last night. I had registered complaint in police station. I have imei no. But i think mumbai police will not help me out. My phone was stolen in between Vileparle and Andheri from train. Actually he snatched my phone. Please help me out so that i can get my mobile back.


Guest Author: RAHUL KAMBLE     27 Jun 2014
Hi I'm Rahul Kamble .
I lost my mobile on Saturday 7th June 2014. at Dadar central line in Mahalaxmi express. So please suggest me how can get my mobile .

Guest Author: mullai vendhan     29 Jun 2014
hi,my sony xperia e dual was stolen.its imei no-355556051916395

Guest Author: NEERAJ     29 Jun 2014
Dear Sir,
My self Neeraj From Faridabad , last night 28.06.2014 i was went for kokalaband sanidev god darshan,theif broke the car glass and theft my phone from my car phone detail is


model Nokia Lumia 920
IEMI No. : 354149059767084
MOBILE NO. : 9899326303




Guest Author: kunal vats     20 Jul 2014
My mobile phone is stolen whose iemi1 no is 911345388783500, iemi2 no is 911345300783518 and serial no is kfra9909130039176. My set is carbon a99 and black in colour , under this phone two sim card whose no are 08705117955 and 08405994979 is also lost. I request you to recover my phone and I am obliged for this work. I hope you recover my phone very soon. My contact no :-08405994964(mother) 08578094600(uncle) and 08676081731( ME)

Guest Author: vivek kumar     31 Jul 2014
sir my Samsung mobile model no. g-313 is stolen, I know IMEI NO. Can I get my mobile. please reply me sir.

Guest Author: Shiv shankar     03 Aug 2014
Dear sir,
I have lost my mobile on the 3rd June, 2014. Please find mobile details bellow.
Xolo q700i, IMEI: 911310451421821, 911310451431929. Can you help me tracking the same using the above IMEI?

Guest Author: akram     06 Aug 2014
hi i lost samsung galaxy coremobile in an auto rickshaw . since it was very less charged it was off and is off even after 10 hrs of being lost . i have registered fir with police ... can anyone suggest me how to track my phone and get it back ..

Guest Author: Neeraj Kishor     06 Aug 2014
Dear sir,
I have lost my mobile on the 25th July 2014 in night after 11.00 PM. Please find mobile details bellow.
Micromax A-77, Canvas Juice, IMEI: 911338250474444 & 911338250676477 . Can you help me tracking the same using the above IMEI?
with regards,
Neeraj Kishor
09990171919, 9891303719

Guest Author: Rakesh kumar     14 Aug 2014
Dear team,

my phone theft 16/05/2014 morning from anjr (GUJARAT)
Phone make : sumsumg
model no. GT-I819o (SIII mini)
IMEI no.358309055147683
serial no. : 514768

Guest Author: Ashok Yadav     16 Aug 2014
Dear Sir,
My name is Ahok Yadav.
My phone Lava park 246 is stolen by any peron.
Mobile name and model no. is-Lava park 246.
Can you help me tracking the same using the above IMEI?
IMEI 1 - 91138303003934.
IMEI 2 - 91138303003934.
My Contact Number Is-9450089575,9415110241.
My Email address

Guest Author: AMIT YADAV     16 Aug 2014
my lost Mobile 02/07/ Surat GUJARAT
Samsung galaxy cor 18262
emi.357090/05/563299/6 Can you help me tracking the same using the above IMEI
Amit yadav

Guest Author: NDBRAJU     16 Aug 2014
posted by:ndbr
IMEI 353448051477655
SERIAL NO.S1-1266-0818.4

Guest Author: Devid     16 Aug 2014
IMEI: 359197052731966
Address: kinaruvila purayidam puthiyathura
Distinct: Trivandrum

Guest Author: shiv shankar     20 Aug 2014
Dear sir,
I have a complain lost mobile please trace imei no. sir my mobile lost 3rd june 2014 immediately complain thane police no neplay NC. 1706 lost mobile details. xolo q700i imei. 911310451421821, 911310451431929, sim network no. 9769356018 vodafone, 9821641592 loop mobile, lost call 9821641572 around 6:40am mobile price. Rs.11000 shankar contact. 7715933711, 9821641592

Guest Author: Naveen     21 Aug 2014
Dear Sir,
My name is Naveen Maroju.
My phone Sony Xperia C is stolen by any peron.
Mobile name and model no. is- C2305/Xperia C .

Can you help me tracking the same using the above IMEI?
IMEI - 358095050078326.

My Contact Number Is-9035002706.
My Email address

Guest Author: idreesjamalikhan     24 Aug 2014
My mobile model Q A4 IMEI No. 357582-05-061625-5 has been lost in train via Rawalpindi to Karachi therefore track my IMEI No and inform me on mobile phone no. 03323275696 thank


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