Telegram and Confirmations

Telegrams and Confirmations

In business when the messages are supposed to send from one place to another urgently or quickly they are being sent through telegrams or cables. They are one of the most useful means of communication through post and telegraph offices. In this there are special machines to be used where the messages are transmitted in writing and delivered at the other end without delay. In this means of communication, the sender has to fill in the prescribed form called “telegram form” and hand it over to telegram office. They in turn pass on the message to the other station over the machines. Then the message is passed on to the receiver by hand delivery.

Types of Telegrams: The telegrams are generally of two types and they are:

1. Ordinary Telegrams
2. Express Telegrams

Both these types of telegrams can be reply paid telegrams as they are means through which the reply of the receiver of the telegraphic message could be obtained by the original sender only.

1. Ordinary telegrams are the one which go in usual procedure and the messages are delivered to the receiver in the ordinary course.
2. Express Telegrams are the one through which the message is sent on priority basis and the deliver of the message to the receiver is also made on top priority basis. These telegrams are comparatively more costly than the ordinary telegrams.

Language of Telegrams: The messages through telegrams can be passed on the other hand by two ways and they are:

1. Enclair
2. Cypher or code

1. Enclair – It is when the day-to-day conversation is communicated through ordinary clear words through mode of telegrams. These messages are simple to read and easy to write and are easily understood by all. For e.g. - ‘PLEASE MAKE CHANGES IN ORDER DT 10th SEP’. The disadvantages of this are the messages cannot be kept secret or confidential to others. It becomes easy for others to understand the content or matter so it becomes risky to send messages in enclair. It loses its importance in business matters or money matters where privacy has to be maintained between sender and receiver.
2. Cypher or Code – It refers to using private language or codes used for sending messages through telegrams. In this the clear words are converted into code language and these codes should be well reciprocated by sender and receiver of the message. The receiver should be able to respond to these codes and should reply in the same codes or private language to maintain secrecy of the subject or issue. Different types of words are used for different meaning by various business organizations and persons so that these are known to them only and nobody should be able to break them. For e.g. - Clear words like ‘Please pay to’ – can be converted to code words as ‘PEPAY’ etc. the sender prepares messages in code language and send them to telegram office. The receiver decodes them successfully to simple language and can communicate with the sender’s message. On the basis of code words the telegrams are sent successfully. The code words are decided by the organizations on their own and the language is called private cypher code language. The other major advantage is they are short and brief and hence the cost of telegram is also less as compared to the one in clear language.

Drafting of Telegram Message: While sending telegrams it is important to fill in the form in which message is to be send or communicated. It can be either written or typed and can be send through enclair or coded message on the telegram form available with telegram office. While writing message it is important write message in block capital letters and should be neatly written or typed with correct spelling and punctuation marks.

There are important points that are to be followed while drafting or writing telegrams and they are as follows:

1. The written or typed message should be short and brief because every word is charged in the telegram. While writing the message it should be kept in mind that the message does not loose its sense.
2. The message should be neatly and clearly written with correct punctuation marks while maintaining the sense of the message.
3. The figures used in messages should always be written or typed in words and not in digits to avoid any confusion or blunder.
4. The message conveyed through telegram should always be confirmed in writing immediately by a separate confirmation letter in which the message should be repeated as it is.
5. While addressing telegrams, if telegraphic is available then it should be used regularly because it is more accurate and reduces the cost of telegram.
6. The telegrams should be accompanied by the words like ‘ORDINARY’ or ‘EXPRESS’ on its form to depict the mode of communication.

Text of Telegram Message



Sender’s name and address – (Not to be telegraphed)


Telegram Confirmation Letters: - It is important to send a separate confirmation letter with every telegram for three main reasons and they are:

1. The telegram might not reach in time or the telegram might not have reached.
2. The message might not be clearly transmitted
3. It works as authoritative evidence of the telegraphic message.

It is important to take special care while writing telegram confirmations letters that the same message as given in telegram be repeated rather than reproduced in block capital letters. It should be addressed to the receiver of message with complete name and address. It should be dispatched immediately by next post and should always be prepared in duplicate with a carbon copy for personal filing. This letter contains the usual salutation and subscription and should be duly signed by the sender.

Telegram Confirmation Letter


Karol Bagh
New Delhi
Ref. No JEL/P/99/6789 20th June 1999

M/s Star Enterprises
Andheri (West)

Dear Sirs,

We confirm our telegram message of date ……………reading as under:-


Yours Faithfully,



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