Health and Hygiene factors in India

This article discusses about the various health and hygiene factors in India.

Health and Hygiene:

Health is Wealth. Hygiene is two-third of Health. A country's development is measured by not only by its wealth but also by the health of its people. To ensure health, basic hygiene should be taught and provided to the public.

Role of Water and Sewage Management:

Social health requires both environmental and hygienic behaviour on the part of the mass. This can be done by reforming garbage collection, water delivery and sewage disposal. Safe, protected water is a basic need for hygiene; also dispersal of the sewage in a protected system is necessary. Public should be trained to lead a life using basic facilities. We should avoid water stagnation which can cause spread of mosquitoes. All should get safe, protected drinking water. Public should learn to use drinking water without wasting.

Medical Facilities In Our Country:

People should have shelter and medical facilities with adequate hospitals and medical staffs. Contaminated water is the cause of many diseases. Immunization should be done to all children for prevention of Cholera, Typhoid,etc.,

Anyway "Prevention Is Better than Cure". Only by vaccination Grave diseases like Small Pox, Polio and TB have been eradicated in our country.

Hospitals and medical staff should be available in adequate number in small villages, taluks, districts and in state level. Even the poorest of the public should have the ability to get the medical facility without delay in time.

Food Matters a Lot:

Public should get good food grains and essential commodities at a reasonable price through government outlets like "Ration". Nowadays the young generation is attracted towards the junk foods like burgers, Pizzas, etc. The ingredients added to prepare these foods are unhealthy, which can cause diseases like heart attack, etc. So these kinds of foods should be avoided to protect our valuable health. We should eat more vegetables and fruits. Exercise also accounts for the development of our health.

The Invisible Threats:

The contaminated water from the factories is not properly drained. They are mostly drained into the rivers which are not taken into notice by public. This is a type of pollution which affects our health. The smoke produced by the automobiles also cause pollution. Public should take measures to control this.

The Spoilt Society:

Nowadays people are addicted to smoking and liquor which are unhealthy and unhygienic. This causes many serious problems like cancer and kidney failure. Smoking not only causes diseases to one who smokes but also to the people inhaling the smoke. People also have the habit of spitting on the roads and urinating in public which are contagious and unhygienic.

Awareness about health and hygiene can be given to public. And children also can be made aware in schools to swat flies, refrain from spitting, to maintain personal cleanliness, eat balanced meal and abstain from alcohol, tobacco and sex.


To build a powerful nation and to be a developed country, health is a matter of great concern than wealth. Only a healthy nation can become developed and powerful in future. To ensure health, hygiene is the first step. Every human being is the author of his own health and disease. So, We should learn about hygiene and maintain better health to make our country INDIA a developed country in this world.

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