Good Manners

Good manners in life are very essential for the boys and the girls. Although they do not cost anything, yet they are very valuable possession for social relations with others. They also help a person in winning friends and admiration. A man is judged by his companions by the manners which he possesses. If a man possesses polished and polite manners, he will be definitely creating a good impression on all those who come in contact with him.

Good manners make a person civilized and cultured. A person without refined manners will always remain a savage and uncivilized. Although a person may inherit goods manners from his parents, yet they can also be learnt from others. it is very necessary that the children should be taught good manners from the childhood itself. Ill mannered children bring bad name to their parents.

If children possess good manners, they will be admired by a all. Even strangers will appreciate and love them. Education should mean the all round development of the personality of a student. Therefore, the Public schools generally lay a lot of stress on the cultivation of good manners in their students. It is really correct to say that manners make a complete man, without them he is still an animal.

Sometimes, even very well dressed and good looking boys and girls belonging to affluent families do not posses good manners. Although we may be impressed by their good looks yet the moment they open their mouths we are much shocked to know that they posses no manners. Thus, it is correct to say that appearances are possess no manners. Thus, it is correct to say that appearances are often deceptive in their case. But it is very unfortunate that some parents do not teach their children any good manners. Although they spend a lot of money on their demands, yet they are quite careless about their manners. They thus spoil them but repent later on when they bring bad name to them. But then it becomes very difficult to improve them.

Good manners are based on courtesy and politeness. We can also learn good manners by reading the biographies of great men. Use of polite words like " Thank You"," Please " " Sorry " etc., can create a very good influence on others. These little words spoken at the right moments create a lot of favourable influence on others. Even when we have to sya " No" to the demands of other persons,we should say it in a very polite manner, so that their feeling are not hurt.

Good manners demand that we should always respect the feelings and opinions of other people. We should not criticize their religion or point out their personal defects. There is no need of ridiculing a blind or lame person. It shows bad manners. Similarly at social gatherings heated discussion regarding politics should not be done. These lead to unnecessary ill feelings.

While talking to others we should also be good listeners. We should try to listen to the views of others with interest. On the other hand we should not bore them with our useless talk. While sneezing or coughing we should always put the handkerchief on our nose or mouth. We should not throw the banana skins carelessly on the roads. Similarly, it is a bad habit to write dirty and obscene things on the walls or our books.

We should always show consideration to our elders, ladies and sick persons. if we are traveling in a bus or train, we should office them a seat first, only then we should occupy our seat. If we find an old lady or a blind person on the road, it is our duty to help him or her cross the road safely. In the public places like hospitals and libraries we should not talk very loudly or shout of others, because it will create unnecessary disturbance. Similarly, we should desist from plucking flowers when we visit the public gardens, it spoils their beauty. Flowers are to be admired and not be plucked.

A foreigner is our guest. Whenever he needs our assistance we should readily extend it. Thus he will carry a good impression of our country to his people. We should not jeer at them or look down upon them. It is a bad manner. It brings bad name to our country. But certain crooks try to cheat the foreigners of their money and belongings which spols the image of our nation in the eyes of the world.

We should not harm the public property. Its owners may not be present but it belongs to the whole nation. If we damage the public property we are destroying our own property, as it belongs to all of us. While we stands in the queue we should wait for our turn and not try to break it. Discipline means the convenience of all. Similarly, smoking in the buses, trains or cinema halls is bad manners.

We should not brag about our achievements in the company of others. Great men have always been humble and simple. We should not be jealous of the achievements of others. Nor should we criticize a person in his absence.

A well mannered person always attracts the attention of others and is liked by all. People love him and respect him for his qualities. it also brings joys and success in his life. A good mannered person thus becomes a gem among men. We should all try our best to acquire good manners.


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