Television - Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Television is one of the most important miracles of science. It has brought about a revolution in the field of entertainment, education and communication. Indeed mankind should be grateful to its inventor J.L.Baird who has brought the cinema and stage into the houses of the masses. One can now watch moving, talking and living pictures on the screen while sitting in one's home.


Thus, while sitting in our homes, we can watch all kinds of programmes which are televised. Many educative and informative programmes can also be shown on the television which are of great help to the students and the masses. Television is especially very majority of the people are illiterate and live in the villages. The people can be imparted much information and education through the television programmes. Television is a way on improvement on the radio set, because now we can see the face of the speaker, whereas on the radio we could only here the voice of the speaker and could not see his face.

Now, there is no need of going to a cinema house to see the pictures. One can enjoy the films while sitting at one's own house, among the members of the family. Many dramas can also be shown on the television. Through folks, delivered by the eminent scholars the people can be informed about the latest happenings and the current problems. The politicians, scientists, social workers and other eminent persons can talk to the people directly through the medium of television. Thus the benefits of television are numerous. People can hear the point of view of all eminent persons, which can greatly help them in forming their opinions. They can gain a huge fund of information regarding, science, political and social problems.

Television can also help in removing the social and political evils from the society. It can highlight the evils of casteism dowry, drinking, gambling etc and help in their removal. Similarly the government programmes like family planning, afforestation, adult education and cleanliness of the cities can also be propagated through the medium of television very successfully.

The television can also play a very important part in educating the people regarding the corruption, prevailing in the social and political spheres. The people can be taught not to give or take bribes. They can also be advised to help the government in curbing blackmarketing, smuggling, hoarding etc. During the time of election the results of the successful candidates can also be announced through the television. The V.I.Ps like the President, the Prime Minister, etc can also keep a direct contact with the people by addressing them on television.


Of course, with its advantages the television also has certain disadvantages. If a person spends too much time in watching television every day, then he will become lazy and shirk work. He would like to sit idle and waste his time. If one sees pictures from a close distance on the television set, it affects the eye-sight. It is thus very risky for the small children who always sit very close to the television set. The students also get the bad habit of seeing films on the television. During the television time the students do not pay any attention to their studies which will affect their educational career. The use of television set also increases the electricity bill greatly.

The possession of television is also a nuisance, because even if one doesn't want to watch it, there are always guests and children of the neighbours who will crowd your house. The situation becomes quite delicate as you cannot say 'no' to your friends or neighbours, especially on the days when the 'Chitrahaar' programme or Sunday film is being shown. Its repair is very costly and a man with ordinary means may not be able to afford it. It is just like a while elephant for him.

Inspite of all these disadvantages, the advantages are definitely more and the disadvantages are out-weighted. In the field of education and entertainment its vast importance cannot be denied. Of course, the Government should also show purposeful and good programmes on the television to increase its utility. The cost of the television sets should also be reduced so that even ordinary persons can afford to purchase them.


Author: K Mohan09 Sep 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Gone are the days when television was considered as the luxury and affordable only by the rich and affluent class. But over last 10 years the television has played a major role in educating people through media the intricacies of politics and other issues in close quarters. While some channels are giving very true information. Some are going to the extent of over reactions in the name breaking news. Televisions must give authentic information but not created information. So we must chose right channels to watch for right and authentic news to use and cherish.

Guest Author: nivetha murali02 Oct 2014

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